Taken from a Jane's article in Rip magazine, May 1991...

November 23, 1990: It must be this same courage that enables Perry Farrell to tell a capacity crowd that screams fanatically at his first swig of wine, "Ahh, shut up. You only heard of us recently." Or that prompts him to playfully deride hometown hoop-gods the Celtics before a sold out Orpheum Theater in Boston. "They're almost as good as the Lakers," he taunts. "Seriously, I was pretty good at basketball up until junior high. Then one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, 'You don't look like a basketball player. You look like you can sing. You don't sound like you can sing, but you look like you can sing.' That's a true story."
Boston is a strange city. A city where interracial busing is an issue that haunts the natives recent past; where students are so obviously student; where strident laws regulate late-night alcohol sale and prevent the use of in concert pyrotechnics. Small wonder then that tonight's show begins surprisingly early, seems hindered by lack of volume and is concluded with a meager one encore, a poignant "Jane Says". Must be blue laws.