the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From Jayson VanZeipel--
Sin City, What a great place to see Janes. The Aladdin Casino was packed with freaks, the bars were full and there was even a convenience store in the casino, it was great to see the kids walking around with six packs. There was so much action in the casino we didn't need to go into the theatre till Goldie was over (but just for the record I heard that he sucked).
The Aladdin Theatre is a real cool place complete with built in seats and a balcony (would have sucked to have been stuck up there). I managed to sneak down to the front section before Janes came on. The security was trying to keep the aisle's clear and get people to their seats, but that wasn't going to happen. Then I heard the opening cords to ocean size, the sound was low and was gradually getting louder, you could just feel the vibes, then... BOOM complete insanity. A mosh pit quickly broke out, the prima donna's with their Gucci watches and Guess jeans didn't stand a chance at keeping their seats. Security vacated onto the stage to keep the stage divers and crowd surfers off the stage. There was not much space between the stage and the crowd, and the stage wasn't very high, but I was. I was on my seat in the third row and was at eye level with the band members, I could of dove onto the stage, but then I would of lost my great position.
The band was incredible, you could feel the adrenaline flowing, Perry was going off, slapping hands with anyone in reach. Dave was flailing around like a rock star in black nylons and a mini skirt, but he sure can play guitar (more on dave later), Flea was way into it, and perkins was just plain kicking ass! The set list was the same as most of the previous shows. They ripped through aint no right, and Perry had to talk to the crowd about throwing stuff, he said, "Why don't you people just throw me joints." everybody cheered and Perry got his joint and they went into Then she did... It was awesome. Perry then mentioned to the crowd "Eddie Vedder is in the house...Dennis Rodman is in the House," but we never saw them. The girl who does the intro for stop was the only guest. They then went right into Three Days with no Perry intro, it was pure bliss, and Mt. Song was the nut buster.
Perry was into teasing us tonight, inbetween songs we heard a little "Sweet Home Alabama," Zepplin's "Tangerine" and Bob Segars "Night Moves." But the highlight of the evening was when they brought out the acoustic set and started playing this groovy acoustic version of Pigs in Zen, it was so fucking cool, Perry sang the first verse then cut it off and apologized for even going there with no intentions of playing the song completly. It didn't matter, Summer Time Rolls, Jane Says, Classic Girl were simply beautiful. They finished up with Chip Away and Ted...Just Admit it, which like all the previous songs were amazing. No encore on this night, but it was one of the best expirences of my life.
Oh yeah, back to Dave. At one point during the show one of the dancing girls was on all fours and Dave was sliding this dildo between her legs then would play some rifs then back to the girl then he started sucking on the dildo then play some more rifs then tossed the dildo into the crowd. What a souvenier that would be? I found a sexy pair of black panties on the floor, but I left them for someone else to enjoy. I ripped off a section of fabric from one of the seat cushions instead. (about 15-20 seats didn't make it through the evening).