the setlist...
Up The Beach
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Summertime Rolls
Mountain Song

This took place at the Bel Air mansion that gangster Lucky Luciano once lived in, as did Eddie Murphy. It has also served as a setting for X-rated films.

From Matthew K.--
The evening was a trip. You start by going to this parking lot near the Veterans cemetary in West LA. The logistics were poor, in that a huge line was formed to wait for the shuttle busses to take everyone to the mansion. We were in the second group of buses that left, so we arrived at the mansion about 9:30. Since the band started at about 10:30, I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of people missed the beginning, because the number of buses was way under capacity. The house we were shipped to was on Sunset Blvd in Bel Air, not where you expect to see Jane's. After you enter the property, you walk down a hillside to what was basically a tennis court with a festive tent over it. A total party situation. You could walk around the grounds which included a pool with a water fall and jucuzzi. The stage was set up on one end, and an open bar was on the left side. We had no problem getting drinks (open bar), which was really cool. I asked for two beers, and got them!! I was about three people back from the front left of the stage, right in front of Flea. At about 10:20 Perry walked out and breifly tested the mike, and the crowd started surging. Then 15 minutes later the band walked on stage, but Perry didn't come out for like 10 minutes later. Dave was fiddling with little guitar jams which included Sweet Home Alabama, while it seemed nobody could find Perry. Finally all was ready, Perry walked on stage, and they opened up with Up The Beach, which was really cool, since for every show posted, they were opening with Ocean Size. The band was very tight, and the crowd was reasonably under control. A couple of times Perry pleaded with the crowd to back up as it seems the weeker sex, if you will, were getting crushed up front. Several women were carried over the baricade to safety. Perry wore some kind of tiger skin patterned jump suit, with his dear antler hair braids (how else can you describe it) and like 6 inch platform shoes. The show was awsome mainly because the setting was so small and intimate. You could vibe out with JA, and also walk around these incredible hilside grounds and do other activities, if you know what I mean. The crowd was a typical LA freakshow set, with black and sleaze dress predominating. The temperature outside was like 55 degrees, so even in front, you were reasonaby cool. They played for over an hour, and finished with a tear up version of Whores, due to someone in the crowd yelling it. Perry's rambles were actually coherant, and he seemed to be pretty clear minded. His vocals were not strained or off key at all. Flea, as usual, was lock tight jamming, and Dave, although to me seemed bored, was excellent as well. There were lots of video cameras all over the grounds, and on stage too. I was totally regretting not bringing a disposable camera, because there was not even a pat down at arrival. You could have brought your own video camera. Should be lots of boots from this show. All in all, this was a classic hometown show with about one tenth the size of their usual crowd. Not a bad night.....

From B. Michael--
They played for about an hour, but it was an amazing hour. Perry rambled quite a bit. Lots of people video taping it (including Val Kilmer with his camcorder on the side of the stage).
The deal: you drove to a lot over by UCLA and they shuttled people up to the place in buses and vans. It took a long time to get on the bus. We stood there for about an hour. When we got off the bus, a guy said tickets and we kind of flashed them but it was all so laid back. The show was down the hill from the house. You had to walk down around the swimming pool to where the tennis court was. They had a tarp set up over top. Here they provided an open bar with vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, and Bud. Everyone was getting there groove on. It truly was amazing, the love. It made ENIT seem like a joke to me. The band went on about ten for a pretty stripped down show. They did have a few dancers during three days, but not the same stuff. It was all mixed up and beatiful. Perry shared and apple and water with the crowd. During one song, Dave bent down and started licking/kissing Perry's balls. They were all dressed casually, no big expensive suits. After the show, there was a party in the house for about an hour. We ended up cruising in the house, but it was just one big mess of drunk people.

From Nathan Burdick--
First off let me extend an enormus thank you for the info on the Bel-Air party. [editor's note: you're welcome. but I think I'll be kicking myself for the rest of my life for missing this show!] I knew that it was going down but I thought it was a VIP only. I learned through this page that tixs were available at the Opium Den so I drove 130 miles and scored 3.
I don't know what to say, what a night, perhaps one of the best of my life! The shuttle situation was a little sketchy, but well worth the 2 hour wait. The party took place at a private estate off Sunset Blvd. in Bel-Air. The house itself required a pass, or $20 for the doorman, to get in. The show took place on what appeared to be the tennis courts turned rave tent. There was a kind pool w/ jacuuzi and waterfall next to the tent where several people mostly male skinny-dipped. There were 3 bars set-up on the grounds serving a choice of budweiser, vodka, or red wine, all free. Perry strolled the grounds being bombarded with fans and seemed a little too looped to deal. I spoke w/ him a little thanking him for another beautiful night got a picture and gave him a fat joint of sticky green, he was definatly out of it but kind none the less.
Dave was the first onstage, a good 5- 10 minutes before anyone else, and he just started jamming, it was hot. They opened w/ Up The Beach. 6 years waiting and the moment was finally back. I was covered in goose bumps. I stood about 10 yards from the stage, daves side, next to Anthony Keidis and Rick Rubin. Next was Ocean Size, Perry was on, his voice does things to me that I can't even begain to explain. Then Aint No Right, Perry was going off like a madman and the crowd of around maybe 2000 was there w/ him. People in the front were starting to get smashed and several morans in the crowd started throwing cups and bullshit at the stage. Perry was starting to get upset and went off on the crowd to chill out. He spoke alot between songs but I was to mesmerized to fully grasp all of his words. Then She Did was next and the crowd began to chill and take notice. Perry was beautiful his grin shined as he danced around in a trance. The crowd started getting rowdy again towards the end. Perry responded by saying somthing like, " You know 99 percent of you are doing good having a good time......" I knew what was next and just about shit my pants! Thats right 1%!!! I'm getting goose bumps again just thinking about how bad ass this was!! The song was worth the $50 tixs alone!!! Then to follow it with Three Days. I'm surprised I wasn't weeping like a child by now. Out came the dancers. Dave spent the entire song macking on one, while Perry seduced two. During the solo Perry kissed the two women simultaneously for nearly 10 minutes. I found this show very erotic like the Janes shows of old, and not demeaning in any way! After the spectacle both Perry and Dave seemed very horny and eager to to continue the orgy privatly. Perry called for Mountain Song, the rest of the band didn't seem as eager to skip ahead but Perry looked at them and said, "Mountain Song, yes! Yes!" Then came a beautiful Summertime Rolls which Perry dedicated to the cops??? Perry anounced that they only had 15 minutes left and when the crowd complained, he turned auctioneer subtracting minute by minute. He asked what can we do in 13 minutes, TED... NO... how bout WHORES!!! God Damn... what a set. To end with Whores blew my mind. There were a few songs I wanted to hear like classic girl but I'll hear those friday I'm sure. To be honest I would have been happy if the had just played 1% and Whores and nothing else!
After the set the party started up again. It was very easy to sneak in to the house and if you did get caught $20 got you free. There was a second DJ tent set up backstage w/ a better bar. After about an hour Perry emerged wearing a pair of angel wings that flapped when he danced. Stephen made a quick appearence as did Flea but quickly disappeared. Dave was nowhere to be seen. I did sneak back to a room where three of the dancers were waiting in a line. I thought it was for the bathroom but discovered the door led to a bedroom where Dave and the selected females were, "making movies" At about 1am the cops raided and cleared a large portion of the party out. Those who remained raged on for another hour or so. Perry and co. split around 2am and the party started to die out. Thats when I left.
In all this was truly a party not a concert, and by far the best party I have ever raged!!!!!!

From James Hartley--
It was not one of their originally scheduled shows. On Wed. Nov. 26 at about 3:00pm I heard Perkins announce it on the radio. The show was that night and tickets were on sale immediately. Needless to say I freaked out and went directly to ticket master. It was billed as a benefit for the homeless and was to be held at a mansion in Bel-Air. only 2000 tickets were available. I went to where the shuttle was to pick up all the guests and luckily one of the shuttles took me and a few other early arrivals up to this mansion before they were actually supposed to. It was a fluke because security had'nt even shown up yet. So I walk into the door of this house and there is nobody in the room except me and Perry. What does one say? I said hi and asked where I could get a beer. The $50 I spent for the ticket suddenly meant nothing to me. Any way I hung out for about an hour and a half talking to various camera and lighting people as well as Val Kilmer of all people.
Finally it was time to start the show. It was on a covered tennis court down at the base of the property on which this house stood. I got right down front and center before everybody else was shuttled up to the place. Dave and Perkins came out and did a little warm-up jamming for about 15 min. and left. Then the crowd came. Finally the show started. Flea struck the first note of the evening when they began with Up the Beach(just like the old shows).
Perry was not wearing the red outfit he wore for the rest of the tour, that night he was clad in leopard-skin pants and a Mona Lisa form fitter. He was amazing! As the crowd began to sway I was pushed onto the stage where I was told by security to stay. Fine by me! So there I sat, on the edge of the stage, the best fucking seat in the house. I've been to a lot of shows man, but none of them rivalled the explosion of sound and energy that I experienced that night! It was, hands down, the best show I have ever seen. An religous experience for the non-religous.