the setlist...
Up The Beach
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Stop! (first part)
Stop! (conclusion)
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From Lainie--
I remember a comedian making fun of the whole enchor concept, like "the band pretends to go away and waits and acts like they're giving people something extra..." and I certainly felt I saw a full show with more specialness and variation (like the second stage) than usual without any enchor being necessary. As much as I would have loved to hear I Would for You, I don't blame them for wanting to just do it all in one great burst, and when it's's over. I believe they did play longer than they used to in the 'old days.' They certainly did at the 2hr+ second LA Universal show, and it was smashing. Perry spoke an awful lot which accounts for the extra time. I found him engaging, thoughtful, sober and witty. Two kind of unusual things he said, he loved Jesus, and he had Laker's season tickets. Meaning people shouldn't dislike others over religion (his grandmother used to tell him not to tell people he was Jewish since they killed Jews) (and basketball was fun but shooting a basket in a hoop wasn't art)...paraphrasing wildly.
Dave was in a very charming manic (up) state that had him constantly on the move (jumping into the audience, climbing up down and all around, running, fishing around in his cK's, singing along to all the words, saying "I love you" to girlies in the audience, saying "I love you" to the roadie who brought him a cigerette....) Glancing back and forth, perry - dave - dave - perry....They both seemed to be savoring every moment and in no hurry to leave the stage. Flea was more stationairy but seemed thrilled if a little antsy about the pauses between playing janes tunes. The overall theme was very sexual. Perry kept pulling his drawers down. Early on in the show, Perry alluded to Dave's obvious eye candy appeal with "I want some of that" and proceeded to lick him like a lollipop. Later Dave returned the stage flirting with some fondling&thrusting&etc. They did their regularly schedualed kiss during Aint no right or 3 days rather than the instrumental break in Stop. All in all they were 'very familar' with each other and obviously enjoyed bouncing sexual energy off one another throughout the cozy hometown performance.
Whores was played but Perry didn't seem too eager to sing it properly, he just roared through it. I think he had an insurrection from the set list. At one point before or after mountain song Perry did seem quite upset and Dave was very quick to huddle with him near the drum riser and kept his arm around Perry the whole time til he seemed over it. I read a report saying Dave looked annoyed with Perry during this show but I saw no such thing (I was up front). Dave had no guitar sound during the opening of Summertime and was a little hot about that so that may have been it. I sense Flea loves Mt Song. On it's opening, Dave ran up to him in time for them to stand nose to nose screaming "mountain!" to each other. During Ted, Flea, Dave and Perry were bodies careening and wilding spinning too close together onstage.
As far as jerks in the crowd, there were a few : repeatedly yelling "Take it off, baby" (directed at guess who- like he has to be asked...) and "Shut up and sing!" (at perry) but it wouldn't be a public gathering without that element and most people were wonderful. A guy who has no business looking so much like Perry was up on stage moving and grooving in a completely unobtrusive way. I just assumed it was Perry's brother, and when Dave gave him a hug that kind of confirmed my suspicion he was family.
While on the second stage they were told the show was way overtime. Dave said "I say we keep going" and Perry asked if the guy who owns the place was there-since he wasn't the park's curfew was irrelevent and they did go back to the main stage to do Ted... After it finished, Perry did the introductions but Flea had already fled the stage as they all had been doing at past shows. Perry then requested another pole dance from Dave since he missed the earlier climb up the tower and he spurred him on by remarking how Dave's improved at pole dancing. So Dave did a "risque" (perry's word) saunter up the pole, bumping and grinding. When he reached the top he removed his black mini, whipped it around then let it fly. It landed on Stephen 'birkenstocks' Perkins who feigned a squeal of delight then laughed and chucked it away. It was a fitting end to a crazy, searing and memorable night. Hopefully they (especially dave & perry) will play together a lot more often.


The following was taken from a 9/01 LA Weekly article..
The [Relapse '97 tour] shows were generally well-received, especially by the fans who hadn't seen the band in its heyday, but on their second of two evenings at the Universal Amphitheater a repellent, not-right vibe emanated from the stage. As a hyper, ill-at-ease Navarro roamed the stage in a topless black dress and garters, Perry's barely coherent lectures went on for small eternities. Flea and Perkins appeared embarrassed. Some epic hard-drug use -- later acknowledged by both Perry and Navarro -- was definitely going on, and it wasn't pretty.