From Chris--
Great site!! I have had it bookmarked for a long time now, since before the Relapse tour. Anyways just wanted to comment real quick that the person who just added the reviews for some of the show he went to stated that Jane's had not played "Obvious" on the Ritual tour at a 91 show but they did play it at the Minneapolis show Dec. 2, 1990 at First Ave. which seats 2000 max! I remember that because it rocked live!! It was a little different set list then I have been seeing in boots and shit, it was something like Up The Beach, Ocean Size, Obvious, Ted, Ain't No Right, Been Caught Stealing, Three Days, Summertime Rolls, Mountain Song, Stop, one or two others that I forgot and NO ENCORE!! I remember a friend commenting that they didn't play anything of thier first album. The reason I remember the show so well is that I have never been blown away at a show like that night.