the setlist...
Up The Beach
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

(notice no Mountain or Summertime.. but at least they got Beach and Whores.)

From David DeVere--
Well...what can I say that doesn't sound cliché or corny? That it was the single most exciting concert I've ever seen in my life? That it not only left me in a wonderful, ecstatic mood (and yes, that's with NO designer drugs in my system), but that it touched me on a (dare I say) "spiritual" level?? The $60 that I paid some guy was more than a fair deal for my ticket. Believe it or not, it was the first time I saw Jane's and I've been a fan since Nothing's Shocking. I'm glad they did the Relapse tour, for I was given the chance to see them. Needless to say, no single band can compare to Jane's in style and talent.
Janes played to a sold out crowd at the 4,200 capacity outdoor Mesa Ampitheater. The show sold out in 20 minutes. I was kind of dreading the fact that Jane's were playing here. I saw Rocket from the Crypt and Soundgarden here, and the sound and plain look of the stage was terrible.
Jane's obiviously have roadies that know their shit beause the sound was awsome, from the opening bars of "Up The Beach", the sound was perfect. The stage reminded me of a Hawaiian Lulu. The lighting was colorful and the small secondary stage had a palm tree hulu-girl style look to it. I knew to beeline it to this area when there was a long pause in the music, cause I knew the guys would be making their way over to play Jane Says, Classic Girl, and Chip Away.
Perry was wearing a light yellow or cream colored silk shirt that went almost to his knees. His pants were made from the same material. It looked very earthy/tribe-like. On his arms, he wore long tight black gloves that went up past his elbows. Regular white tennis shoes completed this evening's look. The Coolio style braids were laced with pink glittery bows, but did not stand erect like on the Saturday Night Live performance. -Please pardon my use of the word "erect". :)
For a guy that used to be a heroin addict, Dave sure is ripped! When he finds the energy or time to work out is a mystery to me. Dave lost the shirt after a song or two, exposing twin gold nipple rings. He also wore a frilly black lace skirt (a tutu?) with black lace stockings.
The house lights went down and the crowd roared. Pouring from the speakers was the deep resonanting sound of (I forget what they're called) Austrailian tribal horns. Perry stood atop the drum riser with his arms held high during "Up The Beach." I'm glad they decided to add it to the setlist for the intro, cause when the "3...4..." of "Ocean Size" hit, myself - along with the rest of the crowd - lost it. They went nuts. Crazy. FREAKIN' FUCKING SECTION EIGHT. Jane's was here finally and they took the whole arena with them to their level. (God, that sounds hippie-like! -sorry.) Although I read a few reviews frowning upon the use of topless dancers during the show (that's obviously what they were), the reviews must have been written by some fat-ass miserable female, because the dancers were a nice complement, adding to the flavor and look of the stage. There was a pole on one side of the stage that two of the dancers climbed and hung from. Some of the positions they ending up in on that thing were, say the least, amazing...
Seeing Jane's Addiction in concert clips or videos CANNOT even begin to compare to them live. The whole band seemed to be in the best of spirits. Perry and Dave didn't seem fucked up on anything. They were all over the stage. Though Perry was drinking and waving around a bottle of some kind of wine. (NOTE: see inside CD jewel box of Kettle Whistle for actual drinking shot.) He talked between songs, but did't over do it. I promised myself I'd make sure to remember some of Perry's raps. So much for that idea. I do distinctly recall him saying, "You can have my right eye." ??? I think Perry is the Jim Morrison of our days.
The acoustic part of the set on the secondary stage was very cool, for I was right there up front. On "Jane Says," Perry didn't sing parts of the song. He didn't need too, the crowd took over for that. Perry looked very happy as he leaned down to sing down to the crowd. His voice sounded great. Dave was very energenic, almost like the small stage was a giant crib - he kept climbing up on the railing. During "Chip Away" you could see Perry adjusting the effects on his voice to get the overdriven delay needed for the song. Afterwards he said, "We've got time for one more song and we need to get back up there as quick as we can, so please practice human kindness, kindness, KINDNESS!" He said it sort of sarcastically, probably from saying it night after night, and the crowd got a laugh from it.
"Ted, Just Admit It...", as we now all know, closed the show. I hoped for "I Would For You" as an encore, knowing there was a possibility of Perry and Dave coming back out even after the lights came on. But the lights came up immediately and the roadies started breaking down the stage. We DID get to see Dave shimmy up the dancer's pole. He shot straight up that thing in a blink of an eye.
I left that night feeling good. More than satisfied. Kind of like when you eat a damn good meal at your favorite restaurant that someone else ended up paying for. Well...bad analogy. Like great sex that someone else ended up paying for? (ha!) I was spent!
Contrary to what the band has said, I predict another Jane's album of new material. It's evident people want it.

From A.--
What can I say, the show was awesome. I have been waiting 10 years to see J.A. and now my life is complete. The show was much like the others reviewed. However, our show was cut a little short. Many fans were complaining about the band and how they wanted to get fucked up rather than play more. But, it was not the bands fault, the amphitheater closes at 10 sharp. I must say the highlight of the show was when Perry acknowledged me in the crowd. I took a fat, tasty joint for them and held it up after Three Days. Perry said, "Is that a joint....for me?" Of course it was. He came down, took it from me, thanked me, and KISSED MY HAND. Then they proceeded to the Jane's stage and smoked it. He said, "Thanks for the joint, its delicious, delicious, delicious...." Then right into Jane Says. What a trip for me. Its the least I could do for my favorite band. Now all of Jane's Addiction has a part of me!!!!!
Perry's vocals were on despite his obvious cold. He ate honey and drank red wine throughout the show. Dave was the hottest thing alive. At the start, there were some complications. Dave got caught in the wires and busted ass. He played it off well. Flea was excellent. No Eric A, but a wonderful musician to take his place. It felt right. That's all that matters. Steve beat the skins like never before. The show was excellent. I love J.A. and hope that maybe in six more years they will do it again. Until it happens, I have that special place in my soul where that night will live forever. Like Perry said, "I am giving you it all, even my right eye. You cant take money, clothes [material possessions] with you, only what's inside." He is a very wise man.

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