the setlist...
Up The Beach
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Mountain Song
Thank You Boys
Three Days
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From Vale--
I'm not going to go into what a "spiritual" experience this was for me but lets just say that Perry and the boys were on, completely into the entire setlist. They began with Up the Beach and the crowd went nuts, then he was saying stuff like "are you loose? I'm getting loose. Its good to be loose." He was also commenting on this being the 2nd to last show and he seemed pretty happy about that.
The first couple of songs blew right on by, but when they got to Mountain Song; Dave, Perry and Flea were jumping all over the stage. They were all so into it. Perry was wearing some tight jean shorts with high black boots and a cut long sleeve shirt that exposed a bear midriff. Right before Three Days Perry commented on people working to hard at those 9-5 jobs and that we needed Three Days break and not two. Anyways, Three Days turned into Summertime.... then they began the Jane Says intro, which actually lasted a pretty long time. Then he was saying stuff like, everyone needs a girl, a Classic Girl. This whole song had amazing acoustic quality in this large arena.
Then came Chip Away, and Flea was having a blast beating away on that big drum. Steve was really into it slapping a bongo drum and helping Dave keep a beat. Perry made these funky car engine noises for the longest time right before he went into "...up from the catacombs....." I've never seen anyone enjoy themselves so much like he can, it was amazing.
They went back to the main stage and closed with "Ted, just...." The whole show seemed surreal. I would highly recommend getting boots for these shows because, although this is a different Jane's then 7 years ago, they still sound awesome.

From Matt--
First of all, IT ROCKED! Wow, these guys freak me out! The chemistry happening on the stage appears to be (I hope) unstoppable. I had the pleasure of seeing the ENIT show in San Francisco and immediately following that show this fear of never seeing them again overwhelmed me so I booked round trip plane tix to Portland... there was no option - I had to see them again.
Anyway, the night was cool. The Rose Garden, while being pretty damn big sounded killer. Goldie was entertaining but the majority of the Portland fans just wanted to see Jane's so he got some boos. After Goldie's set they played some Hendrix through the PA which spun off into a raved up swirl of stuff. This went on for many minutes. The intensity built as the strobe lights seemed to start picking up. Interestingly, the mixing goin on included some Jane's stuff so with all of the lights going and the rave shit pumping you could hear this faint Perry humming in the background. Pretty cool but kind of strange to hear before the show.
Jane's begins... It was awesome to hear UP THE BEACH (they didn't play it at Enit). And then OCEAN SIZE & AIN'T NO RIGHT were ripping. It got pretty serious when they started up THEN SHE DID. With the sound in this place, that one definitely sent chills through several souls! During THANK YOU BOYS Perry disappeared. When he came back he said there were some technical difficulties. I noticed a couple more times throughout the show that they were having some problems, possibly with monitors because it sounded good out front. Perry came out to the right tower for SUMMERTIME ROLLS, another brilliant delivery of that one and then the JANE SAYS groove while the 4 of them made it out to the stage. JANE SAYS was fantastic and CLASSIC GIRL was beautiful, totally outstanding! Acoustic guitar, small stage... the whole deal. The CHIP AWAY thing got started with the full on drum solo, Flea beating the hell out of that massive bass drum. This one went on longer and stronger than at ENIT (and it was good at ENIT) and Perry went off. It was so fun to see him moaning, singing, yelling... all the while tweaking his effects into crushing mayhem! They never really did CHIP AWAY, just the solo portion. Then they made it back up to the main stage to do TED, JUST ADMIT IT. This was great. At one point either Steve dropped out or his kit's mics were screwed up. It sounded good but couldn't tell what happened.
All in all it was another great event, the second greatest rock n roll event I have ever experienced (after ENIT). Perry was more verbose in Portland than he was in San Francisco so that was fun. The only problem: NO ENCORE. Oh well, round trip plane tix weren't that expensive. I wish they had played WHORES but that is ok, I am hoping they'll be back! May Jane's Addiction crush us with their raw power again... soon!