the setlist...
Up The Beach
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From D.--
About 5 years ago, I went on a road trip with my dad, during which, I got him into Janes Addiction. I never got a chance to see them before they broke up, but I've always maintained that when and if they ever got back together, we'd be there together. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would actually happen. Before I get into the show, I'd like to thank JA for giving me such a great opportunity to bond with my dad in such an incredible environment. My condolences to my friend Dave, whom mied the show because of a chemistry project and a final he had to study for. It was one hell of a show and he is a complete sucker for missing it. I hope it was worth it, because based upon the last time Janes toured, he will be married with children by the time Janes comes around again.
Now to the show. Goldie remained true to all the reviews I've read, and although interesting, he was long, boring, repetetive, annoying, obnoxious, and loud. But not one in the 12,000 of us who were there, was there to see Goldie. Goldies poor set only made Janes bigger and better.
I've seen P4P at the Mercer Arena where the show was origonally scheduled for, and I've seen RHCP at the Key Arena where the show was rescheduled for, so I hade fairly good knowledge of both the preformers and the venue. However, I had yet to see them all together, in the same place, and that made a world of difference. The lights went out, the curtain came down, the band came out, and the crowd went wild. Perry was wearing a blue sequined skirt and bouse, Dave a silver one, and Flea and Stephen both had tan skirts. As they started Up The Beach, a murmer went through the crowd, as if everyone was saying "I can't believe I'm seeing Janes after all these years." They jammed through the song and went right into Ocean size. The crowd went right along with them screaming "Three, Four..." Then the crowd went wild. The surging of people didn't lull for a single second of the show. Flea had an incredible bass solo in the middle of Stop! and not one person in the arena missed a word or note, singing along with Perry at the end of the song. Three Days was, well, it was a religious experience to say the least. I always thought it would be, and I wasn't disappointed. The dancers came out, Perry crooned, Dave and Perry made out with the dancers, Dave and Perry made out with eachother, they all just let the song take them where it wanted, and it was beautiful in all respects. Perry was his usual eccentric self, but he seemed neither high nor out of it. He was in control the whole time and he connected with us during all his between-song raps. He talked about how we should really "live" our lives. He talked about how the world began, quoting a rabbi who told him the world began with the crack of a vessel, like the crack of an egg, and then we all just spilt out. He debated whether God was a man or a woman and based upon crowd response, he decided God must be a woman. The set on the second stage was every bit as powerful as the first stage. Jane Says was beautiful, Classic Girl had some fun twists in it, and the drum circle lit the place up! Back on the main stage, they ended with the all encumpassing Ted Just Admit It. The dancers were as acrobatic as ever, Dave brought out the dildo, Dave did an incredible solo, and all in all, it was a great end to a great show. At the end, they all went around hugging eachother, bringing to a close a fantastic show and a fantastic tour. They got along so well, connected so well, and had such a great time, that I honestly can't see them ending it like this. I see either more studio work or another tour in the works for them (we can only hope). What can I say. Thanks JA.
There were rumors that Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains might show up but they didn't. Also, despite literally everyone staying after, showing no signs of leaving, and cheering like mad, Janes did no encore. But ya know what, it was fine that there were no special guests or encores because Janes put so much energy into the show that not one person in the crowd felt short changed or slighted. We got much more than we hoped for or payed for.

Addicted to Noise's review of the show