The following appeared in BAM magazine, 7/25/97

In the middle of a show at the San Jose Convention Center several years ago, Perry Farrell halted his fellow Jane's Addiction musicians, glaring at an intrusion center-stage: a single sneaker, just thrown from the crowd. (How glaring amid the stage's Santeria-informed decor.) Shoe-tossing was, of course, a fairly rote gesture of affection on the part of the era's metal fans, and far less likely to get you beat up among your brethren than flinging your panties. But Farrell wasn't feeling the love in the room. "If you want to throw sneakers," he said, in that odd SoCal stoner brogue of his, "I can give you a refund. See, we're not really a metal band. I know we look like Stryper, but we're not."