Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 19:23:58 EDT
Subject: Jane's Addiction on BBC2

Hi there

Just a quick bit of info that I think you probably have but I remember seeing Jane's Addiction on a show on one of the four network channels that existed in England around 1990. It was called the Late Show and was on BBC2 - it was nothing to do with David Letterman, this was a highly sophisticated arts programme. Usually they would have some music and Jane's Addiction played on it. I didn't see the performance but it was definitely 1990 when they went on and I think it will have been recorded in London, I can't imagine where else. They played Been Caught Stealing. I only remember that Dave Navarro used a yellow guitar and Eric Avery's bass was a blue one - probably a Fender.

Hope this is of interest - I realise you're over there in the USA but this performance took place and I am confident my facts are right.