"City" (A.K.A. "City Song") is an acoustic number written in 1986. A studio version was recorded in early '87. Another version, recorded during an interview for a WB promo, was video taped and included on the Soul Kiss video.

By Jane's in late 1986 / early 1987.

From a WB press release for Kettle Whistle...
"City Song" is another previously unreleased track which had been available only on the band's 1989 home video "SOUL KISS". Perkins explains about a little behind-the-scenes goof that happened at the time of the recording of the track. "The version of 'City Song' is just Dave and Perry recording in a studio -- neither Eric or I were on it. Someone gave me directions to a Sherman Oaks recording studio and then they changed the studio at the last minute and didn't let me know. I got all dressed up, had my bongos, but spent hours driving around looking for this studio while Dave and Perry were recording the song. Eric didn't find the right studio either. It's a great song, though, about living in the city using what's around you as your life support. The lyrics are 'There's a trash can, you can eat. There's a park bench, you can sleep, in the city.'"

"City" was never performed on stage, but I've heard they sometimes played it around late 1988 at radio stations while promoting Nothing's Shocking. A similar performance was included in the Soul Kiss video.

"City" almost didn't make the cut for Kettle Whistle. Before all the mixing was complete, it was worried that a song would need to be left off the album due to time restraints... "City" was first in line. But, as you know, there was enough room for it after all.

In the city there is something to see
In the city there is nothing to breathe
I'm goin' 'bout my business
I'm wondering what I'm missing
And on my way home, I hid in my coat
Wrote my name on the city wall
Being famous
In the city there is a park bench you can sleep out on
The city there is a trash can you can eat out of
I'm goin' 'bout my business
Wondering what I'm missing
And on my way home a cop said "No"
I said, "There is a man with a stick and a gun in his hand"
Being famous
Red man in the city
Poor man in the city
Black man in the city
Fat man in the city
Red man, black man
Fat man, blue man
I don't know the rest of the words
'Cause I made it up just for you

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