Another song Perry wrote for his girlfriend at the time, Casey Niccoli.

By Perry and Dave in early 1987.

From BAM Magazine, 11/21/97...
Jane's Addiction's final leg finds them back home in California. Dave says the whole tour has become such a whirlwind that he wants to relish these shows and perhaps his final days in Jane's Addiction. "In 'Classic Girl,' when Perry sings, 'For us, these are the days,' I totally take a moment to look at where we are and what we're doing. That's a time in the set where I really feel gratitude," he says. "As many other projects as there are, this is the one thing that I feel has been my home and will be my home forever."

* Played a few times in '87. Then played at a few Lollapalooza shows in '91.

* The Relapse played "Classic Girl" at most of their shows in 1997. Also played at most 2001 shows. Rarely played in 2002.

From BAM magazine, Issue 347, November 30, 1990...
"While the philosophy behind Ritual De Lo Habitual may be a mite exotic, the ideas behind the songs themselves are thoroughly down to earth . . . 'Classic Girl' is a balladic, moody love song that proudly reclaims cultural revolution for a new generation disappointed they missed out on the halcyon era of peace and love. ('They may say, 'Those were the days...'/But in a way, you know for us, these are the days.') "

4:05; in my neighborhood,
when shots go off, no one bothers.
A "POP," and a reply "POP," and no reply...
Dinosaurs on the quilt I wore with a girl.
Such a classic girl...
Such a classic girl...
Such a classic girl, gives her man great ideas.
Hears you tell your friends,
"Hey man, listen to my great idea!"
It's true I am a villain when you fall ill,
that's probably because men never can be.
Not like a girl.
A classic girl...
Such a classic girl...
They may say,
"Those were the days...,"
but in a way,
you know for us these are the days.
Yes, for us these are the days,
and you know you're my girl!
Such a classic girl...
Such a classic girl...
Yeah for us these are the days...

* In 1987, Perry sang "circus bears" instead of "dinosaurs."

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