Ted, Just Admit It...

By Jane's in early 1987.

Taken from an interview from late 1988 (on the Words and Music promo)...
Interviewer: "We've said before, 'Ted, Just Admit It...' is not about Ted Bundy the mass killer, but you did use..."
Perry: "It was just a coincidence. We found a piece of tape that had a voice on it and it just happened to be his voice too. Which is another real, real big coincidence. And then I found out that he was a killer so that really threw me."
Interviewer: "Now, the big line in that song is the repetition 'sex is violent, sex is violent.' Is that the way you feel?"
Perry: "Yeah. And love is like hate. It's kind of-- everything is relative. Don't you think?"
Interviewer: "Does every action have its reaction? Does every yin have its yang? Is that part of it?"
Perry: "Yeah, I would say so, but that's not really the angle of thought that I'm thinking of. I'm thinking that there's all these fine lines that separate things; let's say good and evil, right? And sex and violence have a very fine line that sometimes are crossed."

Taken from an article in Kerrang magazine, 9/88...
"Ted's in jail, he killed a lot of women but just won't admit it, hence the title. But we decided to use a photo of him because as he's convicted, guilty, he can't do anything,"
And the talkover in the middle of the song, is that him too?
"That's him. I lifted the stuff from a video, and I don't want to name it as we might get in trouble. We were supposed to get approval on it, but we never did-I guess we just ran out of time."
"He represented himself in court,"
says Perkins.
But not too well.
Perry lights up. "He almost won. The judge said to him 'You're a fine young man and I'm sorry to have to do this to you, but the evidence was so overwhelming.' His teeth marks on the buttocks of the women he'd killed, and he was so casual. The judge almost started crying when he had to convict him-I saw the film clip for it."
"Oh bizarre shit like that goes on every single day. There's a TV programme called 'Current Affair' they show, and it has the most psychotic things, like some 12 year old kid who strangled his friends mother with a dog chain because he saw 'Friday the 13th' and thought he could get away with it because Jason gets away with everything. Just the weirdest, sickest shit you see in America every day."

Perry quote from BAM magazine, issue 297 12/2/88...
"'Ted...' was written without the thought of music," he says. "It was written right at the moment I was frying on acid and watching a video called MURDER: NO APPARENT MOTIVE. And it was just interviews with murderers. And, of course, you got to relive the dastardly deed through dramatization. And after that I just sat down and put a melody behind it. But it was good because I had a chance to see what the words did and then put music to accompany the words, rather than vice versa, which is the way a lot of let's just say bad rock bands will work. They'll start with the song, then hurry up and throw words down on top of it."

Dave in Guitar Player, 1991...
...Live, I play with a vibrator.
--So does Reeves Gabrels of Tin Machine.
You're kidding--don't tell me someone else does that! Fuck!
--Hope I didn't ruin your day?
No , it was ruined long before I spoke to you. See, I brought a vibrator for my girlfriend in a sex shop in New Orleans on the way to a sound check. I was showing it to somebody--"Look what I bought!"--and I turned it on about a foot away from the pickup. It went "Neeeowrr!" It was the coolest thing I ever heard. I Velcro it to the side of my amp and use it for "Ted, Just Admit It" waving it all over the pickups with the echo and wah going. Electric shavers, eggbeaters, and shears also come off really cool.

* Played frequently from mid '87 through '91, usually around the middle of the set.

* The Relapse closed most of their sets with this song during their 1997 tour.

* Played a lot on the 2001 tour, but has apparently fallen out of favor with the guys and hasn't been played in 2002.

* I've heard that when "Ted" was being written, the other guys in the band were uncomfortable with Perry's lyric "sex is violent." They were afraid it would be mistaken by people as a 'pro-rape' anthem or something. They soon loosened up and the song continued.

* Perry has been know to site "Ted" as his favorite Jane's song.

* Trent Reznor made a song called "Sex Is Violent" by combining parts of "Ted, Just Admit It..." (from Nothing's Shocking) and "I Put A Spell On You" (performed by Diamanda Galas). It was featured in the film Natural Born Killers and also appeared on the soundtrack. "Ted" was remixed a little, plus dialog from the movie was added. The song goes like this... first three minutes of "Ted", then a couple minutes of "I Put A Spell On You", then the last minute of "Ted".

* "Ted" was originally planned to be included on the Kettle Whistle rarities album, but was left off.. mainly due to time constraints. The version Stephen had lined up was from Irvine Meadows 7/24/91 (the same show "Jane Says" was taken from).

"There's gonna be people turning up in canyons, There are gonna be people being shot in Salt Lake City. Because the police there aren't willing to accept, what I think they know. And they know I didn't do these things..."

camera got them images
camera got them all
nothing's shocking...
showed me everybody
naked and disfigured
nothing's shocking...
and then he came
now sister's
not a virgin anymore
her sex is violent...
the t.v.'s got them images
t.v.'s got them all
it's not shocking!
every half an hour
someone's captured and
the cop moves them along...
it's just like the show before
the news is
just another show
with sex and violence...
sex is violent...
sex is violent...
sex is violent...
sex is violent...
sex is violent...
sex is violent...
sex is violent!
i am the killer of people
you look like a meatball
i'll throw away your toothpick
and ask for your giveness
because of this thing!
because of this thing!
because of this thing!
that's in me
is it not in you?
is it not your problem?
a baby to a mother...
you talk too much
to your scapegoat
that's what i say
he tells you everyone is stupid
that's what he thinks!
make a girl look cheap
like a tongue extended
a baby's to a mother
sex is violent!
sex is violent!
sex is violent!
sex is violent!

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