Originally conceived by Perry and Eric in late '85 / early '86.

Steve in a '97 interview (Details 11/97)...
"The original songs were written in the house on Wilton. I remember showing up when everyone got off work, going into the garage, and writing all those songs-- "Whores," "Pigs In Zen." It's like that moment when you fall in love."

Perry in a '97 interview (Details 11/97)...
"Our first manager (Bianca) was a prostitute. That's where the song 'Whores' came from. She would get the money up for us to do shows. She loved the band and we loved her."

Perry in a '97 interview (Rolling Stone 771) regarding the upcoming relapse tour...
"'Whores' sounds silly now, right? Am I going to still sing 'I love the whores'? Do I still love the whores? Well, aren't I a little older and wiser?"... Finally, he concludes, "Yes, I still love the whores."

Steve from a press release for Kettle Whistle...
"One of my favorites is a board tape of 'Whores' from a show at the Pyramid in 1986 -- it's now called the Crush Bar on Yucca Street in Hollywood. At the time, Dave and I weren't twenty-one, so we weren't allowed into the club until the band was announced. Perry went and got us a six-pack of beer, and we went and drank it in a car outside the club, waiting to get on stage. Then the guy said 'Jane's Addiction!', and the backdoor opened and we came running onstage. We had to vacate the premises right after the show."

Eric in a 1991 issue of Guitar Player...
"Then She Did..." started as a conscious idea to have a song that was stripped bare, without jazz fusion changes all over the place. We found that we could change the song with dynamics and very subtle changes without having to alter the chord progressions. Or take the song "Whores". The bass line stays in B the entire time; we just used dynamics to make he verse different from the chorus. It's more of a primitive thing. No, that's too pretentious--more of a *core* thing. I don't really listen with my left brain. I have to play a line over and over exactly the same way for a good ten minutes before I can decide whether I like it. I'm looking for a feeling rather than a sound. My lines start out with what comes naturally, then I strip away whatever I can, trying to do something interesting. I think "uncomplicated" and "interesting" are almost invariably synonymous.

Jane's also thought about recording a studio version of "Whores" for Nothing's Shocking, but decided not to.

* Played at nearly every Jane's show, '86-'91. In 1989 through 1991 it was played almost always second in the set, directly after "Up The Beach".

* 1997: played at a few shows during the tour.

* Not played in 2001, but played frequently in 2002.

way down low where the streets are littered
i find my fun with the freaks and the niggers
i don't want much man give me a little
or i'm gonna take my chances if i get em
i love them whores they never judge you
what can you say when your a whore?
they cast that pearl and it don't upset em
they take their chances if they get em
hear me go off!
give me some more!
need a little more
goddamn you!
give me some more!
give me some more!
you give me breadcrumb uh - hu
i'm tired of living the bosses' dream
they'll squeeze you dry man if you let em
better take your - take your - take your chances
if you get em
hear me go off!
give me some more!
need a little more
goddamn you!
give me some more!
give me some more

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