updated February 26, 2011


These are DVDs I've put together to help support Some Divers Whistle.
Asking $10 each, US shipping already included. or all 5 dvds for just $45.
(just click below, enter how much, then in the 'note' area, list which dvds you're ordering)

DVD #1
Jane's Addiction - 3/17/91 Amsterdam + more
One of the best live videos from the '91 Ritual tour. It's not pro-shot, but still a very nicely done audience recording. Includes a rare version of "Of Course" with Perry playing a little accordion. DVD also includes bonus features of the full-length video for "Stop!" and more.
(pictures: main menu, screenshot 1, screenshot 2)

DVD #2
Jane's Addiction - 9/28/90 Manchester + 10/11/90 Milan
Two great shows from 1990. Manchester features Perry in a dress and is filmed close from the side of the stage. A great audience recording. Milan is a pro-shot from a TV broadcast and therefore looks and sounds pretty nice.
(pictures: main menu, 9/28/90 screenshot 1, screenshot 2, 10/11/90 screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3)

DVD #3
Jane's Addiction - 12/4/88 Detroit + more
This is probably the best Nothing's Shocking era video. Perry really gets into it and even jacks up his ankle in the middle of the show but doesn't let that slow him down. Special features on the dvd include some videos and other rare TV appearances.
(pictures: main menu, Detroit '88 menu, bonus features menu)

DVD #4
Porno For Pyros - Woodstock '94 + 120 Minutes appearance '96 + Hard Charger '97
A nice collection of P4P stuff including the full pro-shot Woodstock '94 performance, the band's appearance on MTV's 120 Minutes (including interviews, videos, and live performances), and some "Hard Charger" stuff including the MTV premiere and 2 live performances of the song.
(pictures: main menu, 120 Minutes menu, Hard Charger menu)

DVD #5
Porno For Pyros - 14 Below '98 + complete music video collection + more
Another DVD full of cool P4P stuff. This one includes what many consider to be the final true Porno For Pyros performance (featuring Perry, Pete, Perk, Watt, Leo), rocking out a great set in a small club. Also on the dvd is every music video the band made, including the rare "Sadness" video. Plus several rare TV clips are on the dvd.
(pictures: main menu, video collection menu, bonus menu 1, bonus menu 2)

Psi Com original Mohini 12" with insert and glossy promo photo $150
Ritual - regular LP $15
Ritual - 2LP white label promo $25
Nothing's Shocking - white label promo $15
Porno For Pyros - Porno For Pyros - white label promo $15
So What remixes - white label promo $15
Love Junkies ("Love Junkies" printed on label, not more common blank label version) $30
Mephisto Demos $30
P4P Lollapalooza 92 7" - numbered #21 of 1000 $20

Live & Profane - 2cd version with color discs (1 green, 1 yellow) $40
Live & Profane - 2cd version with black discs $40
Live & Profane - 1cd version $30
Paraphernalia - silver disc version with red "Paraphernalia" (not picture disc version) $35
Skin & Bones $45
Pigs In Zen + Psi Com Demos $45
Trip Away [Chicago 88] $30
Song List $10
Abdication $15
Last Fixx $40
Forget The Rumours We're Still Alive $25
Porno For Pyros - Suck on This $25
Porno For Pyros - Woodstock 1994 [octopus] $25

Live 1986 - The First Recording $10
Strays [limited edition bonus dvd version] $15
Polar Bear - Chewing Gum EP [still sealed] $45
Polar Bear - Why Something Instead of Nothing [original white cover, still sealed] $45
Perry Farrell - Rev [promo advance yellow sleeve version] $10
Various - Trademark of Quality [w/ Jane's/Body Count doing Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey] $20
Kristen Vigard - very rare cd featuring John Frusciante & Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chili Peppers {$50}

This stuff comes from my own collection, and all are genuine CDs in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.
Minimum purchase of $15 total, please. US shipping included in prices. If you're not in the US, let me know and we'll work it out.
I prefer PayPal, but check, money order, or cash is fine too. Email gavin7@gmail.com with all inquiries and orders.