From December '98, some online interview zine type thing. The guy who did this interview did all of his "research" on my dig site, then didn't even give me a link or a mention anywhere. what a jerk. so i snagged it off his site and present it here, uncredited:

Scott Hackwith, lead singer/songwriter of Dig

??) How have things been different for you since moving from Radioactive
Records to RadioUniverse?

SH) Radioactive and Radiouniverse are the same staff. The difference is the
company that they run through. Radioactive goes through MCA, while
Radiouniverse is through Universal Records. We are very excited about our
new association with Universal. It is a very artist friendly company.

??) How has the change of the band's line-up affected the music?

SH) Jon Morris and I have played most of the guitar parts on all of the
records, and being a guitar band, the core sound has not changed. Playing
with the new line-up live is amazing. The band is better than it has ever been.

??) Scott, since you are the principal songwriter, I need to ask what your
songwriting process is.

SH) I start with an acoustic guitar, a riff or maybe a vocal melody. From
there, I put together the rough structure. Then either demo it or bring the
idea in to the band and work it out live.

??) What made you want to cover the Fat Albert theme?

SH) The song was part of the Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits
record. It has been a favorite of both Jon and me. It was a show we both
grew up on and loved.

??) How did you get started in music?

SH) I moved back to San Diego when I was 14, and I didn't have any
friends, so my mom bought me an acoustic guitar for something to do. Little
did she know that four years later I would be dressing like a woman and
playing in my first band.

??) You seem to have an almost cult-ish following, with people trading
your bootlegs like bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish. Does the fans'
reaction ever surprise you?

SH) I write songs from a personal standpoint, so when someone can
connect with my music, it is always a good feeling for me.

??) Where was your favorite gig?

SH) We played a radio festival in Dallas. There were about 15,000 people
standing on the outskirts of the seated area. Up in front, where the seated
area was obviously reserved for the elite, was empty, so as a joke I went on
the mic and said, "It's OK if you come up front, security said it was OK."
And before I knew it, people were pouring into the front like water.
Security couldn't stop them. They ripped out all the seats and they were
throwing them everywhere. We had to duck to avoid serious injury. It was a
good day!

??) I read that you recently made the Guiness Book of World records for
a 3-d film that you played the soundtrack to? Is this true? What's the story
behind it?

SH) I heard the same story; I haven't checked yet.

??) What kind of music did you listen to as a child?

SH) I had an older sister, and I listened to whatever she had on her
turntable. It started with the Osmonds, the Jackson 5, and progressed to
Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Now she listens to Hanson. Full circle?

??) What is the story behind the song "Believe"?

SH) "Believe" was written during the riots in Los Angeles. It was a very
intense time in the city. It affected everyone. People were starting to
separate and go into their own groups, a true segregation. I thought people
were searching for something to believe in, to find their own God.