Runt (EP)
label: wasteland
originally released: June 1992
re-released: January 29, 1993

1. I'll Stay High
2. Groundhead
3. We Don't Care
4. Mothership

Notes: This EP was the band's first release. It was available on CD and cassette. The song "I'll Stay High" was later re-recorded for the first LP; the rest of the songs are exclusive to this EP.

Produced by dig, mixed by dig and Trent Slatton. Recorded by Trent Slatton at Red Zone Studios, all songs written by Scott Hackwith.

label: wasteland / radioactive
#wsld-9201 / #RARD-10916
originally released on Wasteland Records: August 13, 1993
re-released on Radioactive Records: October 26, 1993

1. Let Me Know
2. I'll Stay High
3. Unlucky Friend
4. Anymore
5. Conversation
6. Believe
7. Feet Don't Touch the Ground
8. Ride the Wave
9. Green Room
10. Tight Brain
11. Fuck You
12. Decide
[hidden track]. Tahoe Hoes

Notes: This is the band's first LP, considered by many fans of the band to be their best work. Producer Dave Jerden is most noted for his work with Jane's Addiction and Alice In Chains, among others. Originally released 1993 Wasteland Records [wsld-9201] and distributed by Caroline Records, it was soon bought and re-distributed by Radioactive. "Believe" and "Unlucky Friend" both got decent radio airplay, and the video for "Believe" was in MTV's rotation for a while.
This album is often mistakenly called "Radioactive" because on the spine "radioactive" (the record company) is printed right after the band name instead of near the right side where it should be. The album is actually self-titled ("dig").
It was also released on vinyl and cassette.

Produced by Dave Jerden and dig, executive producer Gary Kurfirst, recorded at Stagg Street Studios.
All songs written by Scott Hackwith, except "Feet Don't Touch the Ground" written by Scott Hackwith and Brent Rademaker.

Scott Hackwith (guitars, vocals)
Jon Morris (guitars, background vocals)
Johnny Cornwell (guitars)
Phil Friedmann (bass)
Anthony Smedile (drums)

Quick Reviews...
"A fine mainstream alternative pop debut from a band that takes its cues from the twisted melodic pop of Pixies and Nirvana and the grinding guitars of Jane's Addiction, creating an easily accessible, catchy pop noise for the post-Nirvana crowd." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

"...Scott Hackwith has a clear, strong voice that consistently brings his tweaked songwriting to life....one of [DIG's] appealing strengths is a steady, album-length flow..." ~ Musician (1/94, p.94)

Defenders of the Universe
label: radioactive
released: July 16, 1996

1. Whose Side You On?
2. Detune
3. Song for Liars
4. Little Pill
5. Stop Holding Your Breath
6. E.L.O.
7. Mood Elevator
8. Electric Cord
9. Wall Socket
10. White Sabbath
11. Bashing in Your Head
12. Opus

Notes: The band's second full-length album. An ambitious collection of songs, while met with positive fan reception, it wasn't as commercially successful as the first album, though "Whose Side You On?" did get some radio airplay.
Produced by Scott Hackwith, executive producer Gary Kurfirst. All songs written by Scott Hackwith, musical arrangements by Dig.
Notice from the CD itself, the full title appears to be Defenders of the Fucking Universe. The album was also released on cassette.

Scott Hackwith (vocals, guitar, Moog & Roland Juno 6 synthesizers)
Jon Morris (guitar, background vocals, E-bow, banjo, slide guitar)
Phil Freidmann (bass, background vocals, baritone guitar)
Matt Tecu (drums, percussion, background vocals)
Dix Denney (guitar, ukulele, Theremin)

Quick Review...
"...these guys pull it off musically. Rollicking chord progressions, catchy melodies, energetic vocals....If these guys get huge, I'll dig listening to the crowd chant along with that first song ('Whose Side You On')." ~ Musician (10/96, p.86)

Life Like
released: January 12, 1999

1. Live In Sound
2. Coming Down
3. The Fuzz
4. Life Like
5. Stay On The Grass
6. Bumpkin
7. All Over You
8. Busstopping
9. Situation
10. I Don't Mind
11. Possibilities
12. Comfortable

Notes: The band's third full-length album. Didn't make much of a commercial splash, though "Live In Sound" got limited radio play, and fans were pleased with the musical evolution while not losing dig's signature sound. Label issues caused the band to be dropped and eventually split up not long after the album's release.

Producers: Scott Hackwith, Trent Slatten, Neil Perry, Jay Nicholas. Recorded at Sound City. Art & Design Concepts by Casey Niccoli.
All songs by Scott Hackwith, except "Live In Sound" and "All Over You" written by Hackwith/Rademaker and "Busstopping" written by Hackwith/Nichols

Scott Hackwith (vocals, guitar, programming)
Jon Morris (guitar)
Jay Nicholas (bass)
Gene Trautmann (drums)

Additional personnel:
Neil Perry (programming)
Joel Graves (guitar)

click here for some Life Like reviews

MINOR RELEASES (singles, promos, etc.)

Fuck You (Single)
label: wasteland

1. Fuck You

Notes: this is a promo-only white vinyl 7''. Both sides feature "Fuck You" album version.
There is also a one-sided 12" clear vinyl promo with no artwork but just a black sleeve (cat# PRAXT 7A).


Believe (Single)
label: radioactive

1. Believe (radio edit)
2. Believe (album version)
3. Conversation (album version)
4. Fearless

Notes: The "Believe" radio edit is the same as the album version except it fades out about 30 seconds earlier. "Fearless" is a Pink Floyd cover.
Other versions of this single:
- UK vinyl 7" (b/w Conversation and Fearless)
- cassette single - includes Believe (album version), Conversation, and Fearless.
- one-track Believe radio promo cd (Wasteland #2864) - cover pic

Unlucky Friend (promo)
label: radioactive

1. Unlucky Friend (radio edit)

Notes: one-track promo CD given to radio stations. The song is shortened and the naughty word is muted.

Unlucky Friend (UK cd single #1)
label: radioactive

1. Unlucky Friend (radio edit)
2. Unlucky Friend (mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94)
3. I'll Stay High (mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94)

Notes: fold out digi pack with space for cd#2. The Radcliffe tracks on both discs appear to be slowed down from their proper speed for some reason.

Unlucky Friend (UK cd single #2)
label: radioactive

1. Unlucky Friend (radio edit)
2. Believe (mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94)
3. Fearless (mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94)


There's also a UK 7" vinyl version of this single (#RAX12).
A. Unlucky Friend (Radio Edit) (4:38)
B1. Unlucky Friend (Mark Radcliffe Radio 1 Session) (3:50)
B2. Believe (Mark Radcliffe Radio 1 Session) (3:55)

And there's a UK 12" vinyl version as well, featuring Unlucky Friend (Album Version) on both sides.

I'll Stay High (Single)
label: radioactive

1. I'll Stay High (album version)
2. King O My World
3. On The Inside

Notes: There's also a cassette single with the same 3 tracks, and there's a 1 track promo cd (cover pic) and vinyl.

Soft Pretzel (EP)
label: radioactive

1. On The Inside
2. Fearless
3. King O My World
4. I'm Around

Notes: This is a promo-only EP that the band gave to college radio stations and sold at shows circa late '94. Three of the songs are available as b-sides on other singles, with "I'm Around" being exclusive to the EP.

Whose Side You On? (promo)
label: radioactive
1. Whose Side You On? (album version)

Notes: one-track promo cd that was given to radio stations right before Defenders of The Universe was released.

Live in Sound / sampler (promo)
label: universal/radio universe
1. Live in Sound
2. Bumpkin
3. Believe

Live in Sound / sampler (promo)
label: universal/radio universe
1. Live in Sound
2. The Fuzz
3. Possibilities

Live in Sound (promo)
label: universal/radio universe
1. Live in Sound (album version)
2. Live in Sound (radio edit)

Notes: The edit is 20 seconds shorter and doesn't have the extended piano intro at the beginning.


In The Name of the Dog
label: Alley Kat Records

1. We Don't Care
2. I'll Stay High
3. Let Me Know
4. On The Inside
5. Groundhead
6. Unlucky Friend
7. Believe
8. Tight Brain
9. Fuck You
10. Fearless
11. Mothership
12. I'll Stay High [demo]
13. Groundhead [demo]
14. We Don't Care [demo]

Notes: This is a live recording of a dig show from Slim's in San Francisco on 2/5/94 (actually, it turns out the recording is really from 2/3/94 La Luna, Portland). The sound is a little too light on the bass, but the overall quality is pretty good (it's a DAT audience recording). Cool show.
The CD says the last 3 tracks are demo versions, but they sound exactly the same as the versions on Runt to me.
On a personal note, if anybody has any other live/rare dig stuff to trade and wants a copy of this, please let me know and maybe we can work out something. (i also have some other live dig stuff to trade.)
By the way, if you're noticing that the guy on the cover doesn't really look like anybody from Dig.. that's because it isn't. It's Tommy Prong from Prong. Dig toured with Prong for a while, so apparently someone at the bootleg company got confused somewhere along the line.


-commercial releases-

Airheads (Soundtrack), 1994
Includes the dig track "Curious George Blues" (unavailable elsewhere)

Virtuosity (Soundtrack), 1995
Includes the dig track "Hu Hu Hu" (unavailable elsewhere)

Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits (Compilation), 1995
Includes the dig track "Fat Albert Theme" (unavailable elsewhere)

Road To Nowhere (Compilation), 2007
Includes the dig track "No One's There" (unavailable elsewhere)

-promo/special releases-

No Safe Haven (Compilation), 1992 Radioactive cd sampler
Includes the dig track "Green Room" (from the self-titled album)

The 4th Dimension (3-D snowboarding video), 1994
Includes 2 or 3 live dig tracks, apparently. If anyone has more info on this video, or has a copy of it, please let me know.

Rock Video Monthly (Compilation video), May 1994
Includes the video for the dig track "Believe"

Rock Video Monthly (Compilation video), July 1994
Includes the video for the dig track "Unlucky Friend"

Volume 11 (Compilation), Autumn 1994 Reading Festival special sampler cd
Includes the dig track "Curious George Blues" (also available on the Airheads soundtrack)

Exposed (Compilation), 1995 Radioactive cd sampler
Includes the dig track "Fearless" (also available on the Believe single and Soft Pretzel)

Velour (Compilation), 1995(?) various artist cd
Includes the dig track "Unlucky Friend" (from the self-titled album)

Radioactive - We're Glowing (Compilation), 1995 Radioactive cd sampler
Includes the dig track "Opus" (the CD claims it's a demo version, but it seems to be the exact same as the Defenders version. Case is made of black sand-papery type material for the cardboard sleeve, and all the writing glows in the dark.)

Sem Limites (Compilation), 1996 2cd MCA Music Entertainment
Includes the dig track "Believe" (from the self-titled album)

Danger Zone (Compilation), 1996
Includes the dig track "Ride the Wave" (from the self-titled album)

Radioactive - We're Glowing (Compilation), 1996 Radioactive cd sampler
Includes the dig track "Whose Side You On" (from Defenders of the Universe)

CMJ New Music July - Volume 35 (Compilation), July 1996 cd sampler
Includes the dig track "Whose Side You On" (from Defenders of the Universe)

Radioactive Waste (Compilation), 1997 Radioactive cd sampler (#RAR3P-4067)
Includes the dig track "Down" (unavailable elsewhere)
Claims track is "from the forthcoming dig album." This is one of my personal favorite dig songs.. too bad it was never properly released.

Radioactive Waste (Compilation), 1998 Radioactive cd sampler (#RAR5P-4177)
Includes the dig track "The Fuzz" [rough mix] (unavailable elsewhere)
Sounds noticably, but not drastically, different than the album version. Claims track is "from the forthcoming album The Fuzz"

Universal Records Rock Sampler (Compilation), 1999 cd sampler (#1468)
Includes the dig track "Live in Sound" (from Life Like)

Love & Sex (Film), 2000 Inkpen Film Distribution Ltd
Includes the dig track "Bumpkin"
No soundtrack cd was released, but this movie features "Bumpkin" playing in a scene. Seems to be a rough mix or demo of the song.

Love Is The Drug (Film), 2006
Includes the dig track "Overhead"
I don't have much info on this, but apparently a dig song is featured in this film. I don't believe a soundtrack CD was released.

Scott Hackwith
Here are some albums Scott has worked on (not performed on, but helped out in the studio)

Beachwood Sparks - Make the Cowboy Robots Cry (2002) {Engineer, Mixing}
Lost at Last - Lost at Last (2001) {Producer, Mixing}
The Ramones - Acid Eaters (1993) {Producer, Mixing}
The Ramones - Ramones Mania, Vol. 2 (2000) {Producer}
Only Son - Drop to the Top (2006) {Producer, bass, backing vocals}