who is this "whispertown" you speak of?
"Once upon a time, in a far away land, where the rivers and creeks begin, above the clouds where the sun doesnt burn, and the snow doesnt freeze, where the stories you hear are easy to believe, where nothing is thought and everything just is, and all of the takes turn into gives, and at night with the moon through the trees you can see, an Irish lad, a man of the sea, a Mexican princess, an then theres me. The Irishman, Colt Maloney, on melodic bass, high and then low and keeping the pace; the man from the ocean, Tod Adrien Wisenbaker, twisting and pulling his guitar and his harp, as if all the notes were there from the start; and born in Tijuana, a voice so pure it can haunt, Vanesa Corbala, in harmonic taunt; and me I came from the Oregon coast, Morgan Nagler they called me as I followed the road, past the buildings and the lights, past the signs and the pavement, till everything was dirt, it was brown, blue and green, and the songs they were born living in a dream. And we put them on tape and we cant hardly wait, to play them and sing them we cant hardly wait."

Thanks to Morgan for sending this in!