9-9-10: Good-bye!

Ok, it's been about 2 years since an update to this fansite, so thought I'd officially post a farewell message. The band is still wonderful and out there getting it done. As of right now, Todd is in the live band of Jenny & Johnny. And Morgan is opening for several stops on their tour. I'm not sure, but I'd expect a new W2K album in a year or two. They've got a good online presence, what with MySpace, Facebook, Whispertown.com. So follow them there and support them in their quest to bring good music to people who want to hear it. Morgan and the rest of the band have always been nice to us at LIAD. Good people! Thanks to Gracie and the other girl who started this site. It'll be kept online till at least March 2012, then will likely fade away into the digital darkness, yet live on in the hearts of our dozens of visitors. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! - Gav

9-25-08: New album and stuff!

Oh my! Lots of W2K stuff going on lately! First of all, the much-anticipated second album is here/near! It's called Swim and is due for release October 21, 2008 and can be purchased at places such as Amazon [buy link]. It includes a bunch of great songs, some new and some that the band's been playing live for the past couple years.

1. 103
2. Done With Love
3. Pushing Oars
4. No Dope
5. Old Times
6. Erase The Lines
7. Atlantis
8. Lock And Key
9. From The Start / Jamboree
10. Ebb And Flow
11. Mountain

The CD is being released on Acony Records, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings' own little label.. and in fact they're the first band (besides Gillian) to be signed. Very cool.

Also, it should be noted that for this release, the band has changed their name slightly. Instead of Whispertown2000, the new official name is The Whispertown 2000 (note the "the" and the space before the number).

They've just been out on the road, doing a few shows on Jenny Lewis' tour for Acid Tongue (where a few advance copies of Swim were available at the merch table), but are now back in LA with a couple local gigs lined up. Maybe some more touring when the album comes out? Let's hope so! Keep an eye on myspace.com/whispertown2000

The band has a new official webpage, too: www.thewhispertown2000.com. There's not much there yet, but maybe it'll get some more content soon.

4-2-08: ¿Dónde está, liad?

Our beloved home at livininadream.com (known to friends as LIAD) has been sucked into the internet abyss, it sadly seems. But the site has found a new home, for now at least, here at sorrylion.com/liad
The big forum and photo gallery sections have been lost, but there are new surrogates for them. And everything else should be good to go. Yay!

3-28-08: exciting shows

Whispertown will open for Rilo Kiley on their West Coast tour in April. And then they've got a show with She & Him coming up in May in SF. Fun times! Hopefully the album is ready soon, too.
Apr 17 2008 San Francisco, The Concourse at SF Design Center w/ Rilo Kiley and Michael Runion
Apr 19 2008 Portland, Roseland Theatre w/Rilo Kiley and Micheal Runion
Apr 20 2008 Seattle, Showbox Sodo w/ Rilo Kiley and Michael Runion
Apr 23 2008 Santa Cruz, Rio Theatre w/Rilo Kiley and Michael Runion
Apr 24 2008 Pomona, The Glass House w/ Rilo Kiley and Michael Runion
May 18 2008 San Francisco, Oysterfest w/ She and Him

12-24-07: band update

Good news! Morgan says, "The record's pretty much finished, aside from some mixing adjustments!!!"
She also said they're thinking about making an ep soon of new versions of old unreleased songs!
And she confirmed that Colt is sadly no longer in the band.
For 21+ fans, they have a couple shows coming up to kick off 2008..starting with Maria Taylor on January 2nd at The Fold @ Tangier in Los Angeles.

10-18-07: Recording!

The Whispertown2000 crew has recently begun recording their next album! Details are sparse right now, but expect it sometime around Spring '08, I'm guessing. It'll probably include most of the new unreleased songs they've played live over the past couple years, I'm also guessing. Yay! Keep an eye out for more info.

7-8-07: mo' shows, disco explosion

Back-to-back jacks for lucky w2k fans in the LA area.

Thu 07/19/07 Los Angeles, CA, Spaceland (w/ Patrick Park, War Paint, Michael Runion)
Fri 07/20/07 Los Angeles, CA, The Echo (w/ Johnathan Rice, Everest)

Also, the discography (a.k.a. music desuka?) of this site has been expanded. So go check it out and make sure you have everything there is to have from them! -Gv

3-27-07: Whispertown2000 dominates the internet

The band now has an official non-myspace website: whispertown2000.net
There you can listen to selections from Livin' In A Dream, plus there are links to buy the album from either iTunes or CD Baby.

Also, their myspace recently got a new look: myspace.com/whispertown2000

So show your w2k love by visiting those fine web addresses. -Gav

2-8-07: this 'n' that
More upcoming shows!
Fri 03.30.07 San Francisco, CA, Bottom of the Hill, w/ Maria Taylor
Sat 03.31.07 Los Angeles, CA, The Echo, w/ Maria Taylor
Sun 04.01.07 San Diego, CA, Che Cafe, w/ Maria Taylor

New section to the site! It's a page with a brief history of the band, plus a somewhat extensive list of past shows. So enjoy that...if you're into that sorta thing.

Don't forget to check the sweet session by Whispertown up now at Daytrotter (article here, songs here).
Sincerely, Mr. Gavin

2-2-07: Daytrotter Session
On Thursday, February 8th, Daytrotter.com will post a session from Whispertown recorded last October 29th. It'll feature "Restless" and some new songs. Yay!

And by the way, we've finally added guitar tabs to the site. Just a few up at the moment (thanks, Heather). If you've got some to send in, please email or pm me.
thanks, Gav
1-24-07: Whispertown to play a show with Bright Eyes!
Yep, at the Bright Eyes show in Los Angeles at the El Rey on March 7, 2007, our own Whispertown2000 will open. Vetiver will also play a set. It'll be sure to sell out fast. (Update: Yep, it's sold out now.)

Also, if you haven't checked out our forum in a while, why not stop in and say "hi"? It's recently been "pimped out" with a bunch of fun smilies plus anti-spam protection that should put an end to those annoying posts about mortgages and dirty videos.

Oh, my name's Gav and I'll be helping Gracie and Erin with the site a little. Stay tuned for more additions to the site, like tabs and stuff.
9-18-06: HELP!!!!!!!
Obviously, I havent updated in a month. I've been insanely busy. So I need your help. I need someone to help me out with things such as these. No html skills required, updating is super easy I'll show you how. Email me at wallofus@livininadream.com. All it requires is that you...compute regularly (who doesn't?) and is up to date with Whispertown (read Morgan's bulletins) okay? Please help!
I love you all!
8-16-06: Through a Hole video!!
Whoa dudes! An awesome person named Noah made Whispertown2000 a music video for Through a Hole! It's really cool you should watch it, and you can watch it...here on myspace.
In other news, some new shows have been announced and you NEED to go if at all possible!

August 22nd at The Independent in San Francisco
8:00 PM
WithLet's Go Sailing and Oh No! Oh My!

August 26th at Spaceland in Los Angeles
8:00 PM
With Oh No! Oh My!

Let's Go Sailing and Oh No! Oh My! are both fantastic and well worth checking out. More information can be found on Whispertown2000's myspace (previously linked) and I'll update when more news becomes available...
Also, I just wanna give a holla to Jamie and Derek from Tilly and The Wall. Those kids finally got hitched! Yay! Congratulations!
8-4-06: News, news, news!!
Sorry it's been a while! The gallery....hmm, soon soon soon! I've been working on it, honestly, like...really hard! I'm making a lot of progress, so I mean really soon. Plus lots of really awesome pictures are coming my way so look out for those!

But anyways, Whispertown needs your help! If you live anywhere between California and Nebraska, holla! Whispertown needs to book shows, and they'll play anywhere you like! Your house, backyard, venue, bar, anywhere you can set up a show! And they'll hang out with you and play for you and be super awesome people and you'll have a totally rad rad time! Yeah? Okay so if you think you can hook something up, give them a shout on myspace!

Also, a full US and Canadian tour has been announced! Around October/November hopefully. Isn't that great!? I'm pumped! You should be too! I bet you are!!

Anywho, hope it's good wherever you are!

7-14-06: New Shows
Being the busy bees they are, Whispertown2000 has booked a few LA shows with different people. They are as follows:

7-18 Hotel Cafe 8P
7-25 El Cid 8P
8-2 Fort Cool II 10P
8-16 The Knitting Factory Hollywood 8P

It is my personal advice that if you can go to any of these go, but especially Hotel Cafe. Stay for Army Navy, your ears will thank you.

7-9-06: Gallery Under Construction
Hello all! With all of the pictures coming in, it's time for an upgrade. So over the next week or so, the gallery will be under construction. No worries, it's still functional, and you can still look at pictures, it'll just be a huge mess, so good luck with that. By the end of the week it will be nice and organized for your viewing pleasure. Remember, you can always submit new pictures in the gallery thread in the forum, or email them to me at wallofus@livininadream.com. Hope everyone's summer is going well!

7-4-06: Partytownnnnnnn
Well, thanks to raindv at the forum, you guys can download the Houston show from Whispertown's Party up your place tour. Go: here and get them the quality is amazing.

6-29-06: Acute/Pierre de Reeder Split
Yay!! Acute (Colt's other band) and Pierre de Reeder(Rilo Kiley) are putting out a split 7" real soon, the only time I heard was around 6 weeks on Pierre's myspace. Isn't that rad?? You can listen to the songs here.
Okay? And go listen to their other music too.
Pierre de Reeder
That is all!

6-26-06: New Shows!
Hey everyone! Sorry this hasn't been updated in a few weeks. Two new shows in LA were announced;
July, 2 2006 at The Mint with The Hearstring Symphony (YAY!!)
July, 7 2006 at Sea Level Records 1716 W. Sunset Blvd., LA, CA 90026 with Brother Reade (DOUBLE YAY!!)
Okay so both of these shows are going to melt faces off with radness. You can get more details on Whispertown2000's myspace here.
Also, you should check out The Heartstring Symphony and Brother Reade because both of them are fucking crunk and they keep it real.
In other news, sorry I've been super lazy about the gallery. I'm uploading right now so check back soon. Or by the time you read this it might already be done :o ! Okay that's it for now kids.

Peace and love,
6-13-06: The Return of RKnet!
Big sister is back, my friends!! Well, so far just the forum, but that's much better than nothing! That magical webboard we all know and love has expanded and grown! It can be reached here and you can also discuss it in our own tiny forum...pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Or on the actual rknet forum obviously...yeah. Have a nice day/night/mid-morning/time wherever you are!

Gracie? Yeah!
6-10-06: LIAD Advertising Campaign, Spread the Word!!
So in an attempt to get the word out, we've started an advertising campaign for livininadream.com (the site you're on now, silly) which consists of hand-made/computer-made-by-hand-on-the-mouse-wtf?/paintshop flyers/banners advertising this site. Post em around town, put them all over the internet to the point where it gets really annoying to everyone, tell yo pals! It doesn't matter, just get the word out, man. We need all the help we can get. Speaking of help, it would also be very helpful (cough cough MORGAN READ THIS) if Whispertown could maybe put a link to the site on their myspace? Perhaps under the Band Website section that is currently empty? Pretty please?
If you have a slogan or want to look at other ones, go look at the discussion in the forum. Yeah...and if you want to show everyone a banner or a flyer that you made (because we like those) or use someone else's...just go there. Uh huh. Well...I believe that is all. I put some new pictures in the gallery, and it was a pain in the ass, so go look at them to show your appreciation. Or not, either way. They're cool though, they're from Cheyenne's house party. Ah, I'm rambling...

6-10-06: Summer '06 Tour Dates! (Sorry I'm a bit late)
Okay so Runion and the Whispers have been on their summer tour for a few weeks now, and they've been playing at various house parties/small venues/crack dens, and...ummmm...here are some dates!
June 10 - One World Cafe - Moscow, ID
June 11 - Sugarhouse - Salt Lake City, UT
June 12 - Old Curtis St. Bar - Denver, CO
June 17 - SOSU Ballroom - Durant, OK
June 18 - Sarah's House - McKinney/Dallas area, TX
June 19 - Bootleg Warehouse - Houston, TX
June 20 - Rio Haus - New Braunfels/near Austin, TX
June 24 - OnePlace - Phoenix, CA
Shows are open to all, please bring money! They need donations so they can get from place to place... If you need addresses/directions/more info, just check either of their myspaces.
Michael Runion
You can also discuss it with the fine, fine people of our forum here.

Word to yo ma,
Gracie de la whale
6-10-06: Morgan featured in the Denver Post!
An article on Morgan was featured in the Denver Post on Thursday! The dude says a bunch of nice things about Morgan and Whispertown2000 and the record and what not, and she talks about the lyrics for "Goodbye Baby" and it's a very nice article that you should read. And you can read, 'cause I have the link. Whoo! Click on the whoo to read the totally awesome article!

Gracie (G-riznal?)
6-03-06: Morgan singing on Jimmy Tamborello's solo album!
Morgan is featured on Jimmy Tamborello's (The Postal Service) new solo album "Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake". She sings and contributes lyrics for "Pretend It's A Race And I'm On Your Side". The album is set to release on July 11th, and also features vocals from Erlend Øye of Kings of Convenience and Whitest Boy Alive; and of course, Miss Jenny Lewis. Read more about it here.

Gracie (G-hoe)
5-29-06: First fix..
For those of you that use Internet Explorer, I fixed the weird white box thing that was showing up. Since I use firefox I didn't see it so, thank you Gracie for telling me about it. The tabs section should be up soon. Gracie has been working on the gallery, so you should check that out as well.

5-28-06: Well here it is..
This is what you've all been waiting for! The sites done, for the most part. There are things being added everyday. Can you keep up? I hope so! Most important news of the moment, Whispertown2000 is on tour! Check their myspace for dates, times, and locations. Having a party? Post it on the forum!