Looking for old friends

This is a page I made in an attempt to get in contact with various people I used to know.. mostly back before the rise of internet/email.. I just thought it'd be cool to get in touch with them again. There's nobody who I'm compelled to "hunt down" or anything, just a few people it'd be nice to hear from, is all. I figure it's a small world and maybe some of these people, or friends of these people, will come across this page while surfing around the net and say hi. So far, two people have gotten in touch with me through this page, and a few others I've found on myspace or facebook.
So if you are one of these people listed, and you used to know a guy named Gavin who lived in El Cajon, CA, drop me an email! gavin7@gmail.com Be warned that I might ask you a "question only you would know the answer to" just to make sure it's not some joker trying to screw with me. :)

Jeff Mason (Jeffery Mason)
... a friend from Montgomery Middle School.. moved away to AZ. Son of a gun still has my Double Dragon III NES cart.

Nick Matson (Nicholas Matson)
Ben Matson (Benjamin Matson)

... brothers who lived in Tucson, AZ.. our families were close when we were young

Josh Roth (Joshua Roth)
Tiffany Roth

... brother and sister. good friends of mine around 1st/2nd grade at Meridian Elementary