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10/1/09: I added a new Milon's Secret Castle Walkthrough! It is a pretty good guide to the game and hopefully will help answer any/all questions you may have. On another topic, wow, I can't believe this webpage has been around for over 7 years now!
8/14/08: check out the new Milon Secret Castle message board! Register and post if you want!
8/10/08: the site moved. some minor tweaks here and there.
12/6/06: more mailbag letters, a couple new links added, and a few bits of info added to "other versions" page.
7/25/06: I just noticed that when you google "milon's secret castle" this is the 1st page that comes up. Yay for us! Did some updates: made a real mailbag link.. updated with new emails (btw, that page is sometimes updated without being mentioned here in the updates section). Also added a little to the introduction page.
2/26/06: More messages in Milon's Mailbag Mario's Secret Castle is now linked to the rom, not an isp patch, to make it a little easier for people to get started playing it. By the way, here's the regular rom if you need it: MilonsSecretCastle.NES
4/8/05: Changed some page formatting.. nothing major. Added a couple more letters in Milon's Mailbag.
2/1/05: some mail in Milon's Mailbag.
11/22/04: added a couple tips. Also, got 2 nice emails about this site in the same week again. it even inspired me to make a new section: Milon's Mailbag. Why? why not, this site hasn't gotten a new section in a couple years.
1/1/04: removed the "milon's secret castle" rom. sorry, but i assume most people who visit this site already have the game anyways. But if you need it, search Google or maybe try checking sites in the links section of Zophar's Domain.
12/12/03: More minor alteration and updating.. nothing major.
5/20/03: Some minor clean-up here and there. Changed the name from "Hal's Milon's Secret Castle Website" to the sleeker "Milon's Secret Website". This site is now part of a slightly bigger site called NES Alley.
1/2/03: In the first 5 months of this site's existence, I only received one email about it. But in the past week or so, I've gotten a couple. Cool, maybe that means the site got listed in Yahoo or something. Anyways, both people were asking me for help passing the first floor, so I threw together a little "getting started" walkthrough.
10/28/02: I expanded the info in "other versions" a little. Not long ago I received a big complement on Mario's Secret Castle, with some guy saying something like, "I never cared much for the original version, but you made the game fun to play." so that was very cool to finally get some props on my hack! Nobody requested a new 'download of the moment' yet, so I'll keep it with the NES version for the time being.
9/21/02: added a bunch more helpful pics to the "tips/secrets" section. Also, started emulation "download of the moment" feature where i'll put up a different Milon rom for you to download every month or so. I'll rotate between the NES, GameBoy, Famicom, and Super Famicom games. also maybe a patched rom of Mario's Secret Castle. But first up is the regular NES version. If you'd like to request which game I put up next, email me.
8/4/02: updated some.
7/13/02: did some minor clean-up.
7/10/02: just threw this site together. it's very weak, sorry. i'll try to improve it soon.