Milon's Secret Castle: Game Genie Codes

Cripes, this game can really pull some cheap crap on you! Most similar games give you a few seconds of invincibility after you get hit, but not MSC.. they just keep kicking you when you're down. Plus most enemies come back to life just a few seconds after you kill em. And the bosses move so damn fast! Luckily, there are some good Game Genie codes you can use. After all, as Mr. Burns says, "Cheating is the gift man gives himself."

If you're not familiar with the Game Genie, it's a device that you attach to games before you put them into the Nintendo console. You can buy an old Game Genie for about $5-10 on Amazon or eBay. If you're playing the game on an emulator (not an original NES cartridge), look for somewhere in the file menu like "add cheat" or read the emulator's documentation and see if it supports Genie codes.


----sweet codes---- (big-time help)
Does the game frustrate the hell out of you? Ready to give in and use codes to help you beat it? Try these...

SZNSLZSA - Infinite energy
This is a great code. Your life meter will never be drained. You can plough through the game in about a half-hour with this code. Of course, that's not very rewarding or challenging, so you should try it regularly at first.

NPSSZX - Unkillable
Similar effect as above, only with this code your life meter does get drained, but even when it reaches zero, you don't die. A little glitchy. Above code is better.

TZZZXV - Infinite money
big pimpin'. $weet. Buy everything you want.

----helping hand codes---- (help out a little)
If you don't want to totally give in and cheat hardcore, these codes might be what you're looking for. They'll give you an edge, but without destroying the challenge of the game completely.

AGSEEZAZ - Start with more energy

AISAOXAL - Start with a bigger energy bar

AOKGNXAE - More energy picked up

ASNPVZLA - Floating Milon
Kinda neat at first, but gets annoying.

ZZZXYY - Mega fire power when facing right
Again, kinda neat at first, but gets annoying.

----challenge codes---- (make the game harder)
Are you a Milon master? Want to make the game tougher for you? Well, you must be insane! Good luck, chief..

AEKGNXAA - No energy picked up

IPSSZX - One hit and you die

PEEPPZ - Lightning comes out fast


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