Mario's Secret Castle

An unreleased Super Mario Bros. game? Perhaps a rare prototype of SMB4 for NES?!

Nope. It's a hack I made in June / July 2002 that turns the NES game Milon's Secret Castle into a Mario game. I think it came out pretty good, so give it a try if you want...
Milon's Secret Castle (Mario Secret Castle hack).zip
Download, unzip, and play using an NES emulator.
Not familiar with emulation? It's basically just playing video games on your computer that weren't originally meant to be played on computer. You'll need a program called a NES emulator to play this game. You can find emulators, as well as a bunch more info on this kinda stuff at Probably the most poplular NES emulator out there is NESticle.. however, FCE Ultra might be a bit better. (Mac users, try RockNES.) Open the emulator, configure your input/controller (use your keyboard if you don't have a gamepad/joystick.).. and then you're ready to go.

..Here's the manual for the game..
Mario's Secret Castle manual


{Milon's Secret Website}