Milon's Secret Castle: other versions

In addition to the common NES version that was released in 1987, there are other Milon games...

There's a Famicom (Japanese NES) version which is the same as the US version, except with Japanese text. It was released in 1986. The Japanese title is Meikyū Kumikyoku, literally "The Maze Suite".
Milon's Secret Castle for GameBoy came out in 1993. This is very similar to the NES version, with the rooms being laid out almost identically.. even the hidden items are in the same spots. There are some differences, however, the most obvious being the game is not in color. Also, some of the music is different. The programmers seem to have made some minor improvements here and there, as well. For one thing, the bosses have better-looking graphics. Also, the overall difficulty of the game is a little easier than the NES version. And you can use the Select button to view what items you have collected and how many crystals you have so far. Plus there's a password feature, so you don't have to play the whole game all at once. And the ending is a bit better, too.
The game was also released in Japan under the title Miron no Meikyū Kumikyoku, or "Milon's Maze Suite".
And there's a Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo) game called Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Quest (also known as Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken, translated "Milon's Heart-Pounding, Great Adventure"). It was only released in Japan, so the text is in Japanese. Some people did a ROM translation not too long ago, so if you have a ROM you can use their patch to hack it into (mostly) English. Released in 1996, it's a pretty fun game, and quite different than the original NES game. Sort of like Super Mario World. Many cool looking graphics and creative areas to go through. I'd definitely recommend it.
This sequel was released on Nintendo's Virtual Console download service for the Wii in North America on March 10, 2008. However, unlike other games in the "import" category, there is no English translation; all Japanese text is retained.
Milon also makes a cameo appearance in Saturn Bomberman, a game that came out in 1997 for the Sega Saturn game system. He is one of the characters you can select in battle mode.
A puzzle game based on Milon was developed for the Nintendo DS called Milon's Star Paradise (also known as Milon's Secret Castle DS). It apparently came out in Japan in late 2006, and has yet to see a US release. If you Google around, you can find some screen shots of it. Here is an official site for it (in Japanese).

Milon's Secret Castle (the original NES version) was re-released for Nintendo Wii in 2007 as a downloadable-only release via the Virtual Console service.


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