DATE: 7/24/00

LOCATION: The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas

SOURCE: audio (Webcast live by

TRACKLIST: 1. Ruby Red 2. One Handed In The Redroom 3. The Bridge 4. Built Low 5. Blow Wind 6. Dragline 7. Naiad 8. Hope I Die Tonight 9. Sleeping Bag 10. Hard Pig 11. Home Is A Strange Place 12. Sunflower 13. Texas 14. Couldn't Know 15. Betty and Mike 16. No Such Luck 17. Jessie

NOTES: "Betty and Mike" is the same song as "Ineguous" (different lyrics) from July 22, 1999 with Steve Tulipana on vocals... "it was one of the last songs Paw did before they broke up the second time. I mean the time before Steve came into the picture. I think there were 2 additional songs (at least on the tape Mark had). They were Betty and Mike, and Amnesia. Both are kick ass songs. Because of my level of intoxication at the time I heard those songs, I had forgotten how they went. When I heard Betty and Mike on the broadcast, I realized it was also the same song that Steve did, with Paw, called Iniguous. Same music, different lyrics. The funny thing is, Steve remarked that they had just written it 3 weeks ago, but in reality, the song was almost a year old at that time. I guess he was just referring to his lyrics." - Sean