DATE: 9/5/98

LOCATION: Kansas City Spirit Festival, Lazer New Rock Amphitheater stage

SOURCE: audio


TRACKLIST: Sleeping Bag, One Handed In The Redroom, Couldn't Know, Seasoned Glove, Dragline, Street Justice (Twisted Sister), The Bridge, Lolita, Slowburn, Gasoline, Veronica, No Such Luck, radio show break, Jessie, Pansy (w/ some Public Enemy lyrics), One More Bottle, instrumental/Mother (Pink Floyd), School (Nirvana)

NOTES: "While the quality of the recording is excellent, the quality of the performance leaves a bit to be desired. Mark's voice started giving out pretty bad towards the end. Gasoline is probably the best of all. Ohh, one more thing, Veronica was part of that show. Very hard to find live."
-- Sean Malle, September 16, 2000