Death To Traitors demos
DATE: fall 1994
SOURCE: audio (studio)
1. (studio banter, "we're rolling, boys")
2. Remora (take 1)
3. (studio banter, "what is going on?")
4. Remora (take 2)
5. (studio banter, "tape's rolling, ladies")
6. 30 Days (take 1, false start)
7. (studio banter, "seems kinda short that way")
8. 30 Days (take 2)
9. (studio banter, "next")
10. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man* (false start)
11. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man*
12. Glue Mouth Kid
13. Sweet Sally Brown (take 1)
14. Max The Silent
15. Hope I Die Tonight
16. Seasoned Glove
17. Sweet Sally Brown (take 2)
18. Built Low
19. Learn To See*
20. Year of the Locust*
21. Texas (Mark's alternate version)
22. Lost Highway*
23. Death to Traitors
24. Badger
25. Swollen
26. Goodbye Dress*
27. Sunflower
28. Peach

* = unreleased song, unconfirmed title
Here's an informative email I got from a guy who played bass on the demos:

my name is john. my boss made me a copy of the demos for death to traitors, because i didn't have one. i played bass on all tracks. wanna clear up a couple things... the session took place in fall '94, not early '95. i joined the band right after the final dragline tour in summer '94. these demos were recorded almost completely live (save for the random vocal or guitar overdub) by e.j. rose at red house studios in lawrence. i recorded part of the "death..." record with the band, 5 songs, they used my tracks on 4, before i quit the session and left (credited as additional bass john licardello). lotsa tension regarding songwriting splits.. i was brought in by grant to play bass and help with writing and arranging. i wrote all the music for sweet sally brown and year of the locust, both of which were already written for my old band hoarse, who released both of these tracks on our debut on rca in '97, as 'happens twice' (ssb) and '72' (yotl).

hope this helps to shed some light on this rare recording.

john 'speck' liccardello