Death To Traitors

1995 CD A & M Records 3145403702 (USA); CD A & M Records 3145403912 (UK); POCM-1138 (Japan)
12" (double LP) A & M Records 69712 4070 1

TRACKS: No Such Luck, Seasoned Glove, Hope I Die Tonight, Swollen, Last One, Death to Traitors, Built Low, Glue Mouth Kid, Texas, Max the Silent, Sweet Sally Brown, Badger, Peach, Sunflower

NOTES: Paw's second album. The UK import CD includes "Cowpoke" as a bonus track. The US vinyl includes "I Know Where You Sleep" as a bonus track. The Japanese import CD includes both "Surrender" and "I Know Where You Sleep" as bonus tracks.
Sean says, "There was actually a video made for one of the songs off DTT. I think it was Hope I Die Tonight. I am not 100% on that being the track though. It was just live footage compiled together. It wasn't ever released over here, but I think it may have been seen in the UK."
There is a rare CD sampler (Ref pawcd1, for promotional use only not for resale). [picture]
TRACKS: 1. Hope I Die Tonight 2. No Such Luck 3. Texas 4. Sweet Sally Brown 5. Sunflower