Home Is A Strange Place early tracks (A.K.A. "Cross The Tracks")

DATE: 99/00?

LOCATION: Sophia's Place, Lecompton and Lawrence, KS

SOURCE: audio (studio)


TRACKLIST: Blow Wind, Two Brothers, Naiad, Home Is Such A Strange Place, One Handed in the Redroom, St. Jude

NOTES: These songs later ended up on the EP, except for "Two Brothers" and "St. Jude." A previous version of "St. Jude" appeared on the Palomar album as "Substance of the Saints." The song is believed to pre-date before Paw's first reunion in early 1998, then later evolved into "St. Jude" with different lyrics and slightly altered music.

Sean adds: There were actually 3 versions of the songs that ended up as Home is a Strange Place. The first ones were all in mono (my fault.. The original recording was stereo. The copy I made from Mark's casette ended up in mono). They included "St. Jude" and "2 Brothers". You can also tell that in "Blow Wind", Grant has no vocal track. The second version of those songs were much closer to the final release. Grant had a vocal track in "Blow Wind". "2brothers" and "St. Jude" were droppped. "Into the Woods" was added. Also, there is a little acoustic outro at the end of "Blow Wind" that was later dropped. These are cd quality. The final release added a lot of lead guitar to "Naiad", and some vocal effects to all the other songs. Drums were also added to "Into the Woods".