Keep The Last Bullet For Yourself

Released: late 1998, Outlaw Records

1. Slowburn [BBC session]
2. Street Justice [Twisted Sister cover]
3. I Know Where You Sleep
4. Imaginary Lover [Atlanta Rhythm Section cover]
5. 30 Days
6. Surrender [Cheap Trick cover]
7. The Bridge [BBC session]
8. Remora
9. Kid Cotton
10. School [Nirvana cover]

NOTES: A CD of b-sides/covers/rarities the band released themselves. It was sold online for a short time and at their shows. It's now out of print (The best advice I can give to someone looking for a copy is keep an eye on eBay). "Slowburn" and "The Bridge" are from the '93 BBC Radio One session. "Street Justice" is a Twisted Sister cover, recorded July '98, supposedly for the soundtrack to Dee Snider's movie Strangeland (it didn't make the cut, however). "30 Days" (previously unreleased) was recorded during demos for Death To Traitors. "Imaginary Lover" is from the '93 Odor Chair Sessions. "Remora" is a previously unreleased track from '94 that includes a clip of the Allman Brothers.