Paw @ MySpace (official) - myspace run by the band themselves

Paw fan yahoogroup - community of Paw fans

Paw @ Wikipedia - more info on the band

Paw @ eBay - good place to find old Paw singles and promos and stuff

Paw @ Amazon - cd store (Dragline, Death to Traitors, Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself, Home Is a Strange Place, Couldn't Know single)

Paw @ MySpace (fan) - unofficial spot on MySpace for the band

old Paw fansite - this site is kinda down now, but still some stuff there - short bio and links to a couple articles with audio clips

Check out Mark Hennessy's post-Paw band, 1950 DA (formerly The Diamond Heart Club)

Check out Grant Fitch's post-Paw band, New Franklin Panthers

Paw [fansite]