Palomar -World Without Horses

self-released CD (Outlaw Records)

TRACKS: Beggars Love Thieves, Deer Park Road, Pocketknife, Substance of the Saints, World Without My Soul, Walk Into The Sky, Watermark, Birds of Prey, On the Hoof, I Live In Darkness

NOTES: A side project fronted by Grant Fitch, basically three quarters of Paw with Grant joined by his brother, drummer Peter Fitch, and bassist Dan Hines. Described as "Paw minus the lead singer(Mark Hennessy). Has a very Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt kinda sound to it." Has also been compared to Bob Mould and Sugar. Though it doesn't have the edge of Mark's gruff vocals, this CD is still a good bet for any Paw fan, especially if you dig the Paw songs that Grant sings on, obviously. The CD was sold online and at shows circa '98, but is now out of print.