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Site Exclusives
Shady Crady (a little piece I wrote about pre-Rev, the early days of the band and the Buffalo/Fredonia music scene they came from.)
Interview with Squid (a mid '02 interview I did with James "Squid" Shaw, tour manager and sound engineer for Mercury Rev.)

Mercury Revelations
Mercury Rev feature (Melody Maker June '91)
David Baker and Grasshopper interview (Independent Catalogue May '93)
Jonathan Donahue interview (Filler April '96)
Jonathan Donahue's 'My First Gig' (Melody Maker Oct '98)
Jonathan and Grasshopper interview (NME '98)
Mercury Rev feature (NME Nov '98)
Real Lives in Rock - on the road with Mercury Rev (NME)
Part of a Flaming Lips article where Wayne talks about Jonathan (NME May '99)

(these above few articles are [to my knowledge] 'exclusive' to this site.. that is, were typed up and submitted to this site by friendly folks.)

More stuff
A few various things from 1999
A few various fan-sumbitted tidbits from 1999
Transcription of a chat with Grasshopper at the Bizarre Festival, August 1999
Transcription of a chat with Mercury Rev on David Bowie's website, Bowienet, in December 2001

Links (Harmony Of The Spheres: Mercury Rev - Magnet '99) (article/interview with Grasshopper. 1999) (Mercury Rev - 'Break On Through' Exclaim. 2001) (Jonathan interview. 2002) (Grasshopper interview. 2002) (pics from a record store signing. 2005)

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