site updates

5/18/13 - This site has moved back in with its parents. Instead of being, it's now, which will save me some money. See latest update for more ranting on that.
3/8/13 - Updated the links page by adding RK's facebook page and deleting the dead links.. many dead links. Kinda sad. RKnet is still around, and us of course, otherwise, there are a few official places and that's it. The official Elected page is dead. Geocities is dead. Rilo Kiley Network is dead. Few amateur webmasters want to spend $10 a year to keep a fansite alive. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Sure, I don't update this site much anymore, but I'm still proud of the work I've put into it and I'm sure at least a couple people per year appreciate it and find it useful. It's hard to believe we've been around for over a decade now! The internet has changed a lot in 10 years. I don't want to come out and say this site is dead/retired, but it's obvious that it doesn't get updated much anymore. Sorry for the ramble.. thanks for visiting!
9/9/08 - Added Acid Tongue and did some other minor updates, like to the FAQ ("has the band broken up?")
9/3/07 - Under The Blacklight is out now. I updated some pages here in an attempt to bring the Place up-to-date. Added info/pix for the various Moneymaker singles. Added the UTB songs to the RK songlist. Minor updates/corrections/additions to other places, too.
12/31/06 - Happy New Year! Lately I've been working hard on the Rilo gigography, clearing up info and adding stuff. Please take a look there and at the special RKnet forum and help out if you can. I also added info for RK appearances in three TV shows to the discography.. Gilmore Girls (thanks, Addie), Six Feet Under, and Weeds.
12/25/06 - Merry Christmas! Added "Butcher's Paper" mp3.
12/10/06 - Thanks to everybody who's alerted me to bits of info I missed and/or said they like the site. I really appreciate it. It seems both The Elected and Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins are done touring and now going on hiatus for a long time (maybe even forever, as both bands have hinted at during their respective final shows of the year). But don't fret too much because that's paving the way for Rilo Kiley to make a triumphant comeback in 2007. So we'll see what happens.
12/1/06 - Ok, here it is! The new site is up! Still some work to do, but good enough. If you find any broken links or missing pictures or typos or whatever, please let me know.
11/26/06 - As you can see, it's been a long time since a significant update. I have been working on re-doing the site for the past month or two here and there. The most notable is the addition of the sections for Jenny Lewis, The Elected, and Postal Service. Updates to the Rilo Kiley sections also. Shooting for a December 1st launch of the new & improved site.
12/24/04 - Merry Christmas. I've been doing some light updating around here. Updated sections include: Song List, Disco Graphy, and a special gift under the site.
10/31/04 - Happy Halloween. Rilo Kiley will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, November 8th.. probably 12:05 at night on ABC.. so watch 'em!
10/13/04 - Sorry the site hasn't been updated much lately. I've been busy with other things. Plus, is such a great fansite that there's not much need for me to work on this site that much. That said, I do have plans of breathing some life back into her soon. So check back. In obvious Rilo Kiley news, the new album More Adventurous is out now. They're in the middle of a big tour for it. It's all doing well and they're getting a lot of attention. Yay for them!
7/30/04 - Things are really heating up in the Rilo world, with the hype over the new album coming to a boil. There's a new official "e-card" for Rilo Kiley here.. .. where you can sample the album in lo-fi, as well as pre-order the CD and enter a contest for RK tix and stuff. The full album is also up for sale already on these digital retailers: iTunes, Napster,,, Rhapsody, Musicmatch.
Site updates: a couple videos added to the music downloads section. Also, minor updates to the FAQ.
7/20/04 - minor updates recently to the discog and show list. I also need to mention that Rilo's new track "It's A Hit" is now available from primary digital providers, such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Musicmatch,,, and Sony Connect. So spread the word.
5/23/04 - sorry so long without an update. i did some minor updating to the disco, including adding preliminary info on the new album More Adventurous and a couple obscure compilation CDs. Other minor updates here and there, but nothing big.
3/5/04 - finally finished up mp3s of that MN 7/20/03 show.
1/24/04 - new mp3 called "Jim".. pretty/sad song. live from Knitting Factory, NYC 1/17/04. full show is up in the FTP. big thanks to raindv!
1/17/04 - more 7/20/03 mp3s up.
1/14/04 - world (wide web) premier! new Rilo Kiley song: "I Never" (live at the Glass House, Pomona 1/9/04)
12/31/03 - happy new year, sir or ma'am! a couple new mp3s are up.. working our way thru the 7/20/03 show. Oh, and some minor updates to the discog.
12/11/03 - a couple new mp3s are up.
And big bunnies!
12/01/03 - it's the one-year anniversary of this site! Happy Anniversary! Notice the breathtaking new redesign of the site? --ok, so the homepage looks a little different. big whooop. Old school fans might recognize some stuff snagged off the old RK official site. Also, check out updates to the disco (album reviews added, plus more stuff in comp section.. like pics of the elusive Undressed cd), three new articles/interviews, some new mp3s uploaded, and other little things here and there. Enjoy!
10/21/03 - the mp3s are down. sorry, i don't know what's up. I emailed the guy who was donating the webspace, but haven't heard back. hmm.. well, if anybody out there has a chunk of available webspace they'd like to contribute for mp3s for this site, please let me know.
9/22/03 - added several old dates from 2000 to the gigo.. including one review.. the oldest live review currently available! thanks to the defunct site showdates for the info.
9/17/03 - added info about the fabled Undressed compilation CD to the disco.. and also the upcoming Christmas comp w/ RK.. and mentioned that US people can now easily buy the Science Vs Romance 7". Over in the FAQ I added a bit about what Dave Rock's been up to lately, from the man himself!
9/6/03 - i can't believe i dated the last 2 updates as '02. One would be bad enough, but then i did it a 2nd time! i'll leave it like that for a while so you can laugh at me. anyway, i just added 4 interviews to the articles. read away!
9/1/02 - added the upcoming new single to the disco. Added the upcoming new European tour dates to the gigo.
8/19/02 - real big update to the Gigo Graphy! - dozens of shows added, hundreds of reviews! Also a few new additions to the interview/article section. And some minor updates to the Song List and FAQ pages.
8/10/03 - finally a new mp3 up.. sorry for the slackin'.. big updates underway.. give me a few more days.
7/19/03 - added a couple recent articles. work continutes on the gigo.
7/8/03 - check out the Gigo Graphy!.. added stuff to it.. with much more coming soon.
6/23/03 - new addition to the Annoying Webpage of Death... Rilo Kiley : The Video Game!
Also a non-rare section added to the mp3 archive.
6/20/03 - i know from here it looks as though i haven't updated in 3 weeks, but i do update, i just don't always bother mentioning it here! there's a new "mp3 of the moment" every week or so. and other minor stuff, like adding dates to the gigography, usually goes without mention. Also, some new articles have recently been added to the "articles 'n' interviews" section.
5/28/03 - added section for articles/interviews
5/25/03 - minor updates to FAQ (music videos), Disco (couple boots added)
5/20/03 - well the message board wasn't in the stars, but there's a nice one at RKNet
5/16/03 - i added a new message board. i guess i'll probably post most updates there from now on.
4/5/03 - here's a little recap of my night at the Postal Service show last night.
3/28/03 - yeah yeah, still doing various little updates. Wow, mp3 archive!
3/14/03 - the past couple days i've been doing a lot of minor additions/corrections here and there.
3/12/03 - uploaded the new site. hope you like it!
3/8/03 - started working on this site's expansion (from just the discog) to what you're looking at now.
12/1/02 - first threw the disco graphy together and got it online.