The band's debut CD (it's self-titled, but also known as the "Chewing Gum EP"), originally released in May 1997 on Dry Hump Recordings. Out of print.
1. monkey
2. water
3. face
4. gimmee
5. leader


Polar Bear - 12"
Released in November 1996 on Man's Ruin Records, this is the band's first major release: instrumental remixes of 6 of their songs, vinyl only. "A great album to put on when you have friends over and are just chilling out," as one fan put it. A limited edition of 2000 copies, it's long since out of print. Finished, "non-remixed" versions of these songs were later released on CD, except "Nu Flesh" (which is the same version from the '95 demo tape).
1. zulu
2. shafty
3. nu flesh
4. gimmee
5. leader
6. water


POLARBEAR - various rare tracks
Jig  (unreleased studio recording, early '99)
"Mystery Bear" (unreleased studio recording, early '99)
Straw (live 4/23/98 - unreleased song)
Green (live 4/23/98 - unreleased song)
Ordinary (live 10/29/97 - unreleased song)
Being Sucked In Again (Wire cover - Whore tribute cd '96)
Daytime (demo '95 - unreleased song)
Daytime (live 2/1/96)
Leader (demo '95 - extra lyrics)
Flyer (live '97)
Things To Do When I'm Dead (live 2/1/96 - unreleased song)


POLARBEAR - Live at Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA 4/10/99
Decent recording of the band's second-to-last show. Some mic trouble at the beginning of the set, and they need to re-start 'monkey', but aside from that, very nice performance.
shark eye


POLAR BEAR - Live at Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA 9/26/97
A bit too much audience noise and the first song is joined in progress, but otherwise a fine live recording featuring a couple unreleased songs.


other rare tracks with Eric Avery (non-Polarbear)
Deconstruction (1993 demos)
1. Iris
2. America
3. Jealous Song
4. One
5. untitled
notes- Very rough, early versions.. recorded by Eric and Dave with a home recorder and drum machine at Dave's apartment in Westwood, California in early 1993 (or maybe even late 1992). "One" is structured much different and is faster than the finished album version. Dave sings "Jealous Song".. his voice sounds a bit like Perry Farrell, funny enough.

San Francisco (Iris) + Up The Beach + jam 10/22/88 Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL The Deconstruction song "Iris" was written in Jane's Addiction's heyday. It was originally called "San Francisco". Eric, Dave, and Steve would sometimes play it at soundcheck. (The songs in this recording were played at the beginning of a show while the guys waited for Perry who was apparently finishing up some business backstage.)

Flower Quartet (1983 demos)
This is a band Eric was in back in high school. He sings lead vocals on "Rememberance".
Transitive Times

Black Angels Death Song - Shocker
This is the first song Eric wrote, though he doesn't play on this cover version. Instead, it's Jack Gould singing, who was also in Flower Quartet with Eric (he sings "Transitive Times")


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