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Help Wanted
Released April 8, 2008 on Dangerbird Records, Eric's debut solo album features a dozen quality songs, and notable guests such as Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters (drumming on several selections), Shirley Manson of Garbage (on the duet "Maybe"), and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers (playing trumpet on a song). Also lending a hand were Eric's old bandmates Biff Sanders (from Polarbear) and Mark Pritchard (who briefly played guitar in Jane's Addiction in the early days before Dave Navarro). And funny enough, Chris Chaney, who replaced Eric in a reunited incarnation of Jane's Addiction, also appears on a song.
Fans got their first taste of the album's songs when Eric performed an acoustic version of "Sun's Gone" (then under the working title "Animals") on Navarro's Camp Freddy Radio show on February 5, 2005. The first emphasis track was "All Remote and No Control", appearing on the label's website in May 2007, nearly a full year before the album's eventual release date. A music video for the song was also made (YouTube link). In the album's opener, "Belly of an Insect", astute fans may notice some lyrics pulled from an unreleased 1997 Polar Bear song of Eric's called "Nubong".
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1. "Belly Of An Insect" - 4:24
2. "Beside The Fire" - 3:32
3. "All Remote And No Control" - 4:03
4. "Revolution" - 4:22
5. "Maybe" - 4:26
6. "Unexploded" - 3:55
7. "Walk Through Walls (The Man Who Can Fly Pt. 5)" - 4:37
8. "Philo Beddoe" - 4:09
9. "Chicken Bone (The Man Who Can Fly Pt. 2)" - 3:40
10. "Porchlight" - 3:48
11. "Song In The Silence (The Man Who Can Fly Pt. 7)" - 4:35
12. "Sun’s Gone" - 4:28

* Taylor Hawkins - Drums (1, 3, 6-8)
* Jason Orme - Guitar (1, 9)
* Chris McClure - Guitar (2), Backing vocal (4)
* Christian Stone - Guitar (2)
* Eamon Ryland - Guitar (2)
* David Levita - Guitar (3, 5, 7, 10, 11), Marxophone (7)
* Mark Pritchard - Guitar (8)
* Zane Smythe - Guitar (11)
* Kirsten Gottschalk - Backing vocal (3)
* Harold Barefoot Sanders III - Synth (3), Drum sampling, bits and synth (12)
* Shirley Manson - Lyric co-writing and vocal (5)
* Jonathan Larroquette - Synth (6)
* Adam Somers - Modular synth (6)
* Chris Chaney - Bass (7)
* Zac Rae - Keys (7, 11), Wurly (10)
* Matt Tecu - Drums (10)
* Flea - Main horn (11)
* Willie Waldman - Outro horn (11)
A couple different promo versions of the album exist, one an advance cd without artwork (just a back insert), the other a 2cd edition with the second disc being an instrumental version of the album, apparently for film score or tv commercial consideration.

The 11th Hour (Original Motion Picture Score)
Jean Pascal Beintus & Eric Avery
Released Jan 01, 2008
Lakeshore Records

The score to this documentary on the state of the earth's environment features music from Eric Avery. A proper CD was never released (there was, however, a soundtrack CD released which does not feature Eric's tracks). The score was only made available on iTunes, and in addition to 5 tracks from Eric Avery, includes 8 from Jean Pascal Beintus.
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1. Fifteen Before Midnight (3:16) – Eric Avery
2. Separate From Nature – Jean Pascal Beintus
3. What We Face – Jean Pascal Beintus
4. Evidence / Denial – Jean Pascal Beintus
5. Higher Power – Jean Pascal Beintus

6. A Simple Fact (0:34) – Eric Avery
7. Canaries In The Coalmine – Jean Pascal Beintus

8. Consumption (5:26) – Eric Avery
9. Turning – Jean Pascal Beintus

10. City Like A Forest (1:58) – Eric Avery
11. Pixels – Jean Pascal Beintus

12. Important To See (2:07) – Eric Avery
13. Freedom From The Past – Jean Pascal Beintus


Give.Listen.Help #5 (compilation CD)
Give. Listen. Help. Volume 5 is a double-disc, 27-song collection put out by by Urban Outfitters and Filter Magazine with proceeds going to the Pablove Foundation, which assists the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Features the Eric Avery track "All Remote and No Control".
Availability: available at Urban Outfitters from October 15, 2008 through January 31, 2009
Disc 1:
01 Garbage: "Witness to Your Love" *
02 Radiohead: "House of Cards"
03 Of Montreal: "Jimmy" (Parvati Khan/M.I.A. cover)
04 Bat for Lashes: "What's a Girl to Do? (Plaid Remix)"
05 Oasis: "Falling Down (Chemical Brothers Remix)"
06 Rilo Kiley: "Draggin' Around" *
07 Bloc Party: "Flux (JKL remix)"
08 The Faint: "The Geeks Were Right" (DIOYY Remix)"
09 CSS: "Rat Is Dead (Rage)"
10 The Decemberists: "Billy Liar" (live)
11 Ra Ra Riot: "Can You Tell (Little Ones Remix)"
12 Ladytron: "Ghosts (Modwheelmood Mix)"
13 The Little Ones: "I Don't Want to Dance " *
14 Other Lives: "Paper Cities" *
15 Two Sheds: "You"
16 Jack Johnson: "All at Once" (live at Bumbershoot 2008)
                             * previously unreleased
Disc 2:
01 Silversun Pickups: "Table Scraps"
02 Eulogies: "Is There Anyone Here?"
03 Darker My Love: "Blue Day"
04 The Dears: "Crisis 1 & 2"
05 Sea Wolf: "The Promise"
06 The Curse of Company: "All the Mines"
07 The One AM Radio: "Old Men"
08 Ed Laurie: "Albert"

09 Eric Avery: "All Remote and No Control"
10 Dappled Cities: "Vision Bell"
11 La Rocca: "Cross the River"


Dangerbird Spring Sampler '08
A 2-disc promo-only compilation containing the Eric Avery tracks "Belly Of An Insect" and "Maybe". The second disc is basically an instrumental version of the first disc, and features the same 2 tracks from Eric, instrumentally.
Availability: try eBay
Disc 1:
1 Darker My Love - Two Ways Out (3:22)
2 Darker My Love - Blue Day (4:11)
3 Darker My Love - Pale Sun (4:33)

4 Eric Avery - Belly Of An Insect (4:24)
5 Eric Avery - Maybe (4:26)
6 Eulogies - Running In The Rain (2:38)
7 La Rocca - Control (3:07)
8 La Rocca - Half Speed (5:18)
9 La Rocca - Love Under Key (4:21)
10 Sea Wolf - Black Dirt (3:45)
11 Sea Wolf - Middle Distance Runner (3:27)
12 One AM Radio - The Echoing Airports (3:26)
13 One AM Radio - A Brittle Filament (1:45)
14 Silversun Pickups - Three Seed (5:40)
15 Silversun Pickups - Little Lover's So Polite (4:58)
16 Curse Of Company - All The Mines (3:39)
17 Division Day - Littleblood (5:37)
18 Division Day - Reversible (3:33)
19 Steel Train - Firecracker (3:27)
20 Melee - Built To Last (3:42)
Disc 2:
1 Darker My Love - Two Ways Out (Instrumental) (3:21)
2 Darker My Love - Blue Day (Instrumental) (4:09)
3 Darker My Love - Pale Sun (Instrumental) (4:33)

4 Eric Avery - Belly Of An Insect (Instrumental) (4:26)
5 Eric Avery - Maybe (Instrumental) (4:23)
6 Eulogies - Running In The Rain (Instrumental) (1:52)
7 La Rocca - Control (Instrumental) (3:05)
8 La Rocca - Half Speed (Instrumental) (5:18)
9 La Rocca - Love Under Key (Instrumental) (4:21)
10 Sea Wolf -Black Dirt (Instrumental) (3:52)
11 Sea Wolf -Middle Distance Runner (Instrumental) (3:30)
12 One AM Radio - The Echoing Airports (Instrumental) (3:31)
13 One AM Radio - A Brittle Filament (Instrumental) (1:52)
14 Silversun Pickups - Three Seed (Instrumental) (6:06)
15 Silversun Pickups - Little Lover's So Polite (Instrumental) (5:07)
16 Curse Of Company - All The Mines (Instrumental) (3:44)
17 Steel Train - Firecracker (Instrumental) (3:29)
18 Melee - Built To Last (Instrumental) (3:45)


Dangerbird 2007 (sampler)
This CD free with Harp magazine November 2007 (Devendra Banhart on the cover) featured the song "All Remote, No Control" by Eric Avery (note the slightly different title), offering a preview of the album which would come out a few months later.
Availability: try Amazon or eBay

1. Sea Wolf - You're A Wolf
2. Eulogies - One Man
3. Silversun Pickups - Comeback Kid

4. Eric Avery - All Remote, No Control
5. Dappled Cities - Vision Bell
6. All Smiles - Summer Stay
7. The One Am Radio - In The Time We've Got (edit)
8. Darker My Love - Summer Is Here
9. La Rocca - Goodnight
10. Joy Zipper - Dosed And Became Invisible

 bands Eric Avery has been in

Flower Quartet
Eric's first real band, formed when he was still in high school. Eric played bass and sang some songs. They recorded a couple demos in 1983. The first demo is currently lost and uncirculated. The second demo was found and "released" in 2006, currently available to hear on the band's MySpace (with the exception of the last track, which was a sloppy instrumental and not deemed worthy of transferring from the master reel.)
1. Rememberance (written by Jack Gould, sung by Eric Avery)
2. Transitive Times
3. Rainbow Girl (written and sung by Eric Avery)
4. Throw It Away

Yellow Dog Contract
Eric briefly joined this band near the end of their run (Spring 1984). I don't believe he recorded anything with them, but performed with them live a couple times on additional guitar.

Scrunge, like Yellow Dog Contract and Flower Quartet, saw Eric team up with guitarist/singer Jack Gould. Scrunge recorded one demo tape (Summer 1985), which is currently lost and uncirculated. Eric played bass and sang some songs. For more info on these early bands of Eric's, see

Psi Com
Again, Eric joined at the end of their run (Fall 1985), never recorded with them, but may have performed live with them once or twice.

Jane's Addiction (original run)
Eric's most successful band, with Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, and Stephen Perkins. In the band's original run, spanning from Fall 1985 to September 26, 1991, the band toured extensively and put out 3 main albums: Jane's Addiction (a.k.a. "XXX", a live album recorded January 1987), Nothing's Shocking (1988), and Ritual de lo Habitual (1990). For a more detailed Jane's Addiction discography, see

In the aftermath of Jane's Addiction breaking up, Eric formed this band with Dave Navarro, bringing in Michael Murphy to play drums. They recorded a demo circa 1993, and put out a great self-titled CD in 1994 on American Recordings. For more info, see

Polar Bear
Eric's band with Biff Sanders from 1995 through 2000, their main releases were an instrumental 12", a CD EP, and a full-length titled Why Something Instead of Nothing? For a more detailed Polarbear discography, see

Jane's Addiction (reunion)
Eric declined offers for Jane's Addiction reunion tours for years, first in 1997 and again in 2001, with Flea, Martyn LeNoble, and Chris Chaney subsequently filling in on bass along the way. Eric finally got involved for one live Jane's performance at the NME Awards in April 2008, which lead to some LA club shows later that year, and eventually wide-spread touring in 2009.

 guest appearances by Eric Avery in other bands-

Daisy Chamber
After recording Ritual de lo Habitual in early 1990, Eric had some downtime before the album came out and touring began. During this time, he lent a hand to Daisy Chamber, though the extent of his involvement is unclear, as far as recording and performing with them. The band also included Michael Murphy, whom Eric would team with again a few years later in Deconstruction.

Nine Inch Nails
During Lollapalooza '91, Eric would sometimes join NIN onstage on for the song "Head Like A Hole". Years later, Eric did the same during at least one show (June 12, 2009 Charlotte, NC) when the reunited Jane's Addiction toured with Nine Inch Nails. Then on September 8, 2009 at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, during one of NIN's farewell shows, Eric (along with Gary Numan) performed on the songs "Cars" (Gary Numan cover) and "Anthrax" (Gang of Four cover) with the band.

Venice Underground
The 2000 self-titled CD from Peter DiStefano's project Venice Underground features Eric on an instrumental titled "Insane Toy Symphony". The album was also released on DVD and DualDisc editions that feature a video of the track in question, also with Eric (YouTube link).

Eric never actually played with rap-rock band OPM, but they sampled his bass intro from the Jane's Addiction song "Mountain Song" for a song of theirs titled "Stash Up", so Eric sometimes gets credited as performing on the song. It's the first track on their 2000 album Menace to Sobriety.

Peter Murphy
Eric played bass for Peter Murphy on his Spring 2000 tour. He also appears on some tracks on Peter's 2004 album Unshattered, co-writting the track "Blinded Like Saul".

Bicycle Thief
This Bob Forrest fronted band was joined by Eric on bass for a few live shows circa August/September 2001.

Circa 2002, Eric was asked by Metallica to audition after the departure of bassist Jason Newstead. Though not really up his alley, Eric agreed and flew up to the band's San Francisco studio to jam with them for a day. Short clips of Eric's audition can be seen in the Metallica DVD release Some Kind of Monster. The gig ultimately went to Robert Trujillo (Suicidal Tendencies).

Alanis Morissette
Eric played bass in Alanis' band from 2002 through 2004, performing on the song "Precious Illusions" on the album Under Rug Swept (February 2002) and playing bass on the tour that year. In December of 2002, a companion CD/DVD of live and rare tracks was released called Feast on Scraps. On the CD, Eric plays on the opening track, "Fear of Bliss". The DVD features a live concert (with Eric on bass) from earlier that year in Rotterdam. Alanis' next album, So-Called Chaos, was released in May 2004 with Eric on some of the tracks. He again played bass in the live band, with performances through September 2004. He's also present in the music video for the song "Everything" (YouTube link).

Culver City Dub Collective
Their 2004 self-titled release includes a nice instrumental called "Eloise" featuring Eric on bass. A remixed version (Baghdad Mix) of the same song appeared on the band's 2007 follow up CD, Dos.

John Frusciante
At John's "Performance 9" on March 24, 2004 at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, he was joined by Eric Avery, Josh Klinghoffer, Flea, Carla Azar, and Jon Brion. John has spoken highly of Eric in interviews, citing his work in Jane's Addiction as a major influence on his own guitar playing.

Eric jammed with Richard Patrick a little in 2004, laying down some basslines, though I'm not sure if these were used for songs and released or not. I guess not, since Eric doesn't seem to be credited in Anthems for the Damned, which was Filter's subsequent album, coming out in 2005.

Eric was touring bass player for Garbage on their run supporting Bleed Like Me, which spanned March-September 2005. A DVD single for the song "Sex Is Not The Enemy" was released featuring a music video and a "making of", both featuring a couple seconds of Eric in the background in clips from an April 21, 2005 concert at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

Smashing Pumpkins
Eric practiced with Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin in Summer 2006 as the Smashing Pumpkins began their comeback run. He ultimately didn't end up sticking with the group, never performed live with them, and any recordings he may have made with them have not been released.

Secretary Bird
Eric plays bass on "Seaward", a sprawling instrumental that closes Secretary Bird's 2007 self-titled album.