...old updates...
1Jan2014: After 7 years on somediverswhistle.com, I'm giving up on paying the $10 annual domain fee, so that URL is dead. Now we're at defgav.com/sdw/ Thanks for stopping by.
10 Year Anniversary of SDW! Updated "before Jane's" section.

after nearly a decade online and 5 or 6 different URLs, SDW finally has its own domain: somediverswhistle.com. Nice. Also a new look. Do you hate it as much as me? Please check out the store for some new DVDs I'm offering to help support the site. Oh, and the mp3s got deleted, but I'm slowly adding them + more as I can. Also working on broken links. So have patience while I get settled here.

It's SDW's 9 year anniversary today. Nothing special today.. but next year I think I'll make a big deal about the decade mark. That'll give me ample time to finish up some things I've had sitting in limbo for a while. So I'll see you back here 7/24/07. Mark your calendar!
a couple little updates to the JA concert chronology. minor updates to "pre-jane's / early days" page (including more info on Yellow Dog Contract.. a band Eric was in briefly before Jane's).
12NOV2005: check out the store section, where I'm offering a lot of my collection and trying to make a couple bucks for the site. Also, stay tuned for a big surprise download (hopefully) coming to SDW around the new year.. something very old that's never been made available anywhere.
happy holidays, everybody. here's a little mp3 gift from me to you: Porno For Pyros - Pete's Dad ('95 mix)
2DEC2004: Hey, an old friend of Gavin Murphy is trying to find him. Mr. Murphy has helped out here in the past (his reviews of several old school Jane's shows).. If you, or someone you know, are him, please let me know. thanks! defgav [at] yahoo [dot] com
24July2004: no substancial update to mention, but hey, today's SDW's 7 year anniversary. yippee!
15May2004: little update to pre-Jane's page that finally clears up a little mystery surrounding the Mephisto Demos (in particular, the origin of the song "all white people look alike"). BTW, thanks to Chase for the link at www.one-percent.com after my last whiney update. :)
wintertime (early) 2004: The Annual SDW Greeting: hello and welcome to Some Divers Whistle. Back in the late '90s, this place was jumping. But now we've faded into the background. Not updated much anymore. In fact, below you can see that there were really only a couple updates all of 2003. And don't expect much better in 2004! haha.
I've noticed that SDW is not even linked anymore at xiola.org or one-percent.com (recently revived by Chase of notfornothing.net), a couple of today's more popular Jane's fan sites, so I imagine our traffic is quite minimal these days. But I don't mean to whine. I'm glad you've found your way here and hope you enjoy the site.
So what updates were done this time? Let's see... nothing big.. mostly just attempts at "catching up" and getting some sections "current". Added some Psi Com info, tweeked the links page a bit, made note of the recently cancelled Jane's shows in the concert chronology, and mentioned a couple things about Strays in the recording history. What about the Song Index? Nope. the Jane's Song Index is pretty much done/frozen/archived.. I don't plan to add the songs from Strays to it anytime soon. But who knows, I might be bored one afternoon and decide to do it. Well anyways, thanks again and enjoy! --Gavin
summertime 2003: little updates to recording history and concert chronology.
2Feb2003: Minor updates to chronologies (a couple Aussie 91 dates; 10/24/96 review).
14Nov2002: Added some nice '96 show reviews to the P4P Concert Chronology (6/19, 10/21).
3Nov2002: Added some nice '92 show reviews to the P4P Concert Chronology.
20Oct2002: The Song Index is finally back up! Thanks go to Chase for buggin me to get around to it. And thanks also to Jamie and Kentaro who sent me encouraging emails after my last whiney update. ...Did a few minor updates to other sections while I was at it.
14Sept2002: So one-percent.com is really going away for real this time? That's too bad. Erik should at least just let his site sit dormant, like me. :) Well, I seem to sneak in a minor update (very minor) ever month or two. Hey, with 1% gone, I believe that makes SDW the longest running active Jane's site (if you can call this active). Anyway.. Still haven't gotten around to getting the 'song index' back up.. as I expect it to be a lot of work and nobody will care about it anyway. But I'm not bitter!
By the way, has anybody read the "pre-janes/early days" section? I bust my ass on that a couple years ago and never got a single ounce of feedback or acknowledgment. See, if I got shown some love from time to time maybe I'd bother to work on this site more. :) Actually, no, probably not. But it'd be nice anyway.
5APR2002: The Jane's Addiction Concert Chronology is back up. right on. also PBR show mp3s.
2MAR2002: The Porno For Pyros concert chronology (aka 'live show list') is back up (with a few minor additions). Now I just have the 2 biggies to worry about: the Jane's song index and show list.
1MAR2002: OK, the old URLs have officially died. So it might be hard for fans to find this site now. Consider yourself lucky, i guess. :) I've sent the new address to 3 friendly Jane's sites (xiola, 1%, suffer some), but since I'm not very active in the JA Comminity these days (i'm not on any mailing lists and i don't frequent any message boards), it's hard for me to get the word out. So if anyone is feeling nice enough to give the new URL ( http://members.cox.net/g12241/ ) a shoutout somewhere and let fans know, that'd be real cool.
26FEB2002: Welcome to the new SDW. We've been around since July '97. But unfortunately we've been thru many different URLs over the years. You are at the latest one! Congrats! Enjoy the site. In addition to our usual highly appreciated and respected information and insight, [what? why are you laughing?], the mp3s are back up [thanks Jon!], including some new ones.
[this is as far back as i've been saving updates], but as mentioned, the site has been functioning since '97.. In fact, it coincidentally was born just a few weeks before the Relapse tour was announced, and since this was the only Jane's site that featured an updated "news" section at the time, we were quite popular and got heavy traffic, with hundreds of people checking in daily looking for info on upcoming shows and tickets, as well as reviews of recent shows and other various info on the band and related bands. As the 90s came to a close, with other fansites such as xiola.org and one-percent.com picking up the slack, SDW got updated less and less. But I'm proud of all the info I've been able to compile over my years working on the site, so I never considered taking it down. Now (with the exception of the Polar Bear section, which still gets periodic news updates) it's more of a museum than an active site. But still, there's some good stuff here, so enjoy!