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All The Days Run Together EP
01 - The Last Ones
02 - And Lor Says
03 - Eye Contact
04 - Little Perfect
05 - Mouth Cancer

  Miranda Blanton and the Kickaround Kids

The Door EP
01 - Shame Stick
02 - Black River
03 - Kickaround Kids
04 - I Dance in the Rain
05 - Basement Sounds
06 - Be My Friend

Beehive State (Randy Newman cover)

Songs For the Not Nervous vol. 1

Love Not Mine
You, My Love

Sad News Bears

Heather Merritt

Original compositions.
(Together) It's Not Too Late

Loretta Ann - take one

M Versus N

Meagan's Song

MvN v. 2

No Cure for Boredom

Only I

Sick Sense

Things I Learned In English 35A - take one

Things I Learned In English 35A

Together, It's Not Too Late (slow)

Watching Me

Reimaginings of songs written by others.
A Century of Fakers
A Warm Bed Is Something - take one

Anthems For A 17-Year-Old Girl

Don't Deconstruct (featuring Becca Pieters)
Don't Hold Your Breath (with echo)

Don't Hold Your Breath (less echo)

Girls' Room

Good Woman

Maybe Not


Paradise - take one

The Soldiering Life (featuring K-Den)

Two Characters In Search Of A Country Song

You Are What You Love

You Send Me

You You You You You

Eleanor Rigby
Jesus, Etc.
Pictures of Success
American Wife

Original Sidelines Recordings (a.k.a. "unorignal ep")
(featuring the bassing of kristiana schmidt)

An Attempt to Tip the Scales
Poor Song
Be My Angel
Spectacular Views
You're Only King Once
The End
Rise Up With Fists!!


When You Dream (Dream of Me)
Another Day
Miranda and the Omahotties Put on a Play
Adjust The Waves
temp filler new song ending
My Penis
Mix for Beth (Overture)
Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)
Worms In The Wind (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
The Empty Streets of Alpine
The Creeping Terror
Ode to Sonny
All Along The Watchtown2000
Headful of Bullets
A Better Son/Daughter (Rilo Kiley cover)
I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Hometown (Whispertown2000 cover)
The Scene of Your Crimes
Wet Match
Salvation 1
Salvation 2
Salvation 3
Salvation X
Close To Me (Cure cover)
all my dreams are dead and gone


Daydream Song
So Far Away (Take Two)
The Drinks We Drank Last Night
ode to kenny baumann

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