JOHN FRUSCIANTE Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt (uncut / cassette version) {75:51 cdr}
Notes: John Frusciante's first solo album is an amazing record. Unfortunately, the version most people are familiar with is incomplete. When American Recordings released it on CD, they removed 2 excellent tracks. The cassette release included the full recording, but was quite rare and not many people could find it. Luckily for me, my good friend Doug was one of the lucky few to buy the tape back in 1994. Just recently, I talked him into trading me the original tape, which I transferred to cdr.
The recording has not been compressed or equalized, keeping it true to the original sound. Yes, there is some tape hiss, but most of that is from John's original recordings (and is also present the regular CD version). The two tracks that can't be found on the cd are "Ants" and "Usually Just a T-shirt". These tracks have been known to pop up online and in various collections sold on eBay, however the vast majority of these have been sourced from compressed mp3 versions, so sound quality is sacrificed. Additionally, they are "out of context" in such instances. In this version, you get to hear the complete uncut album, in proper sequence, as John intended it to be heard. (Well, to get technical, it's actually two albums: Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt were separate albums John recorded, and they just happened to be released together as one.)
1. As Can Be
2. My Smile is a Rifle
3. Head (Beach Arab)
4. Big Takeover
5. Curtains
6. Running Away Into You
7. Ants
8. Mascara
9. Been Insane
10. Skin Blues
11. Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire
12. Blood on my Neck From Success
13. Ten to Butter Blood Voodoo
14. Untitled #1
15. Usually Just a T-shirt
16-27. Untitled #2-#13

John Frusciante - VPRO DutchTV Special 1994 20m video
John talks about death, drugs, life, River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain and Rock N' Roll from his house in Hollywood. John looks awful.
I have 2 different versions (edits) of this video. One is poor quality and includes "Stuff" at the end (see below) and one acoustic song. The other version doesn't have "Stuff", but it has 2 acoustic songs, and is better quality.

John Frusciante - "Stuff" video 10m
This is a film produced by Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), and contains a cameo by Timothy Leary. It's basically an abstract tour of Johns house (that later burned down) with Johns music and poetry playing. John introduces the film.

John Frusciante - 1/20/97 Viper Room 40m cdr
This was the first time John was at the Viper Room after River Phoenix died, so he seems a bit emotional about it. He gets in an arguement with someone in the crowd who says he's got the "magic touch" like Jimmy Page and asks why he's doing this "shit". John and the rest of the crowd tells this guy to "shut the fuck up". "Landslide" is a Stevie Nicks song.
Setlist: Untitled #9 / Life's A Bath / Estress / Head (Beach Arab) / My Smile Is A Rifle / (Unknown John song) / (heckler interruption) / Been Insane / Untitled #11 / Landslide / Smile From The Streets You Hold / Circles Of You / Untitled #12

John Frusciante - 3/28/97 Hollywood Moguls 25m cdr
Setlist: Untitled #10 / Lifes A Bath / Estress / As Can Be / Mascara / Circles Of You / Metro / Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire / Unknown / Untitled #12 / Freedom

John Frusciante - 2/6/97 Smalls In Hollywood 25m cdr
This show was with Bob Forrest of Thelonius Monster and features various Thelonius Monster songs and covers. Landslide is a Stevie Nicks cover (John sings backup vocals on it). Angelo Moore from Fishbone sings the Beatles cover of Helter Skelter.
Setlist: Try / Anymore / Micheal Jordan / Landslide / My Lover / Under The Bridge / ...And The Rest Of The Band / See That My Graves Kept Clean / Helter Skelter

John Frusciante - Kentucky 4/?/97 15m video
This is a superb quality video from the Nuttstalk tour. The performance is shot by a camera sitting on stage 10 ft. away from John. Contains an acoustic set and an electric one with Norwood on bass and a drummer.
Setlist: Unknown / Life's A Bath / Untitled track from Niandra ("blind yer head in catastrophies") / Unknown / Moist Vagina

John Frusciante - Unknown Nuttstalk Tour 97 15m video
Excellent performance and video shot by an audience member right in front of the stage and by a camera on stage. Only contains the electric set with Norwood Fisher. In the first jam, John does some great solo work and plays with the end of his patchcord on the bridge of his guitar with a wah pedal like Tom Morello does. Contains some great closeups.
Setlist: rage styley jam / My Smile Is A Rifle / Moist Vagina (snippet) / jam

John Frusciante - Texas 5/24/97 15m cdr From Nuttstalk tour.
Setlist: Pen Cap Chew (cover of an unreleased Nirvana song) / unknown / unknown / Your Smile Is A Rifle

John Frusciante - Anchor Inn, Omaha 4/26/97 10m cdr
Nuttstalk tour. Norwood Fisher from Fishbone plays bass and a drummer also plays with John. Setlist: Unknown / My Smile Is A Rifle / Moist Vagina

John Frusciante - Bottlekneck, Lawrence KS 4/28/97 20m cdr
This is an excellent John show from the Nuttstalk tour. "My Smile Is A Rifle" is really great, it's a more "coherent" version for a lack of a better word. The solo is brilliant, it's remeniscent of his RHCP era playing. Norwood Fisher and a drummer play for most of the show.
Setlist: Smile From The Streets You Hold / I Can't See Until I See Your Eyes / Unknown / Moist Vagina / My Smile Is A Rifle / Jam (sounds like it's based on the Foxy Lady riff)

JOHN FRUSCIANTE 6/25/98 Moguls, L.A. [**] 10m (2 songs at Iggy Pop tribute show) cdr
1. Neighborhood Threat
2. China Girl

John Frusciante - 2/3/01 La Scene, Paris, France
Disc One:
01. Been Insane
02. So Would've I
03. The First Season
04. Life's A Bath
05. Someone's
06. New Dawn Fades
07. Representing
08. Modern Love (aborted)
09. echo [John playing with the echo machine]
10. Modern Love
11. Beatdown
12. With No One
13. Lucky
14. Untitled #11
15. In Relief
16. Jugband Blues
17. Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire
18. Saturation
19. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo
20. Country Feedback
21. Resolution
22. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
23. Going Inside
24. instrumental
25. Neighborhood Threat
26. Fallout
Disc 2
1. Mascara
2. Smile From The Streets You Hold
3. Song For Toni
4. Beginning Again
Notes- some recorder problems in the first track and a few other places. but pretty good overall. i think it's from minidisc.

02/08/2001 - Live At The Paradiso Small Room; Amsterdam, Holland
Disc 1
01. Been Insane
02. Going Inside
03. The First Season
04. Jugband Blues {Syd Barrett}
05. Modern Love {Bowie}
06. So Would've I
07. Beat Down
08. Untitled #11
09. New Dawn Fades {Joy Division}
10. Saturation
11. Country Feedback {REM}
12. Someone's
13. Fallout
14. Life's A Bath
15. My Smile Is A Rifle
16. Under The Bridge tease / Andy Warhol {Bowie}
17. Under The Bridge tease / Rip Off {T-Rex }
18. Representing
19. Well, I've Been / Golden Hair {Syd Barrett}/ Well, I've Been
20. Perfect Day {Lou Reed}
21. Runaway {Del Shannon}
22. Tiny Dancer {Elton John}
23. Mascara
24. Resolution
25. Big Takeover {Bad Brains}
Disc 2
01. Neighborhood Threat {Iggy Pop}
02. The Last Hymn
03. Water Music / improvisation (?)
04. In Relief
05. Rock'n'Roll Suicide {Bowie}
Notes: pretty cool show with John taking some request and identifying some songs he ripped off. I think this show is supposed to include "Lucky" and "Your Pussy's Glued.." but they aren't on this recording.

JOHN FRUSCIANTE - March 19, 2001 The Roxy, LA, CA
Disc 1
01. Been Insane
02. So Would've I
03. Going Inside
04. Neighborhood Threat / I just want to have something to do
05. I just want to have something to do / Representing
06. The First Season
07. Saturation
08. Beat Down
09. In Relief
10. I Was Afraid
11. New Dawn Fades
12. With No One
13. Secret Side
14. Well, I've Been
15. Strange Love (aborted)
16. Runaway
17. Fallout
18. Life's A Bath
19. Country Feedback
20. Moments Have You (aborted) / Mascara (aborted)
21. Mascara
22. Beginning Again
23. Modern Love
24. Jugband Blues
Disc 2
1. Jugband Blues (End)
2. Moments Have You (aborted)
3. Smile From The Streets You Hold
4. unknown
5. new song
6. Bitch
7. Strange Love
Notes: recorded with a Sony MiniDisc Player and an ECM-MS907. Rick Rubin and the Chili Peppers were in attendance.

05/01/2001 - Live At The Viper Room; Hollywood, CA
01. Intro / Been Insane
02. Andy Warhol (Bowie)
03. Femininity
04. Fallout
05. Letter To Hermione (Bowie)
06. Compression Problem On Stage
07. Someone's
08. The First Season
09. After All (Bowie)
10. I Just Want To Have Something To Do (Ramones)
11. In Relief
12. I Was Afraid
13. Curtains
14. Beat Down
15. Representing
16. Modern Love
17. Tiny Dancer
18. Smile From The Streets You Hold
19. So Would've I / Rock'n'Roll Suicide (Bowie)

other assorted John Frusciante rarities
-"Fall Out Of Love" (radio version) [A] 2m
-"So Would've I'" (6/8/00 99X Radio in Atlanta, GA) [B] 2m
-"Usually Just A T-Shirt" (omitted track from 1st album) [A] 4m
-"Ants" (omitted track from 1st album) [A] 3m
-"Outside Space" ("Estress" b-side) [A] 7m
-"Inca Roads" (live) [A] 1m
-"Sailin' On" fanclub tape 89 [A] 0.5m
To Record Only Water For Ten Days b-sides:
-Time Is Nothing - 3m
-The Last Hymn - 2m
-So Would've I - 2m
-Begin Again - 2m
-Resolution (japanese bonustrack) - 3m


MORE FRUSCIANTE TRACKLISTS .. i'm feeling lazy right now, so i'll just toss these in..

JOHN FRUSCIANTE - 6/8/97 House of Blues, L.A. + more
1. intro jam
2. Circles Of You
3. unknown
4. unknown
5. My Smile Is A Rifle
6. unknown
-other stuff-
7. Mascara/Outside Space
8. neeB ev'I lleW (Well I've Been backwards)
9. New Age [Velvet Underground] (11/30/91 Minneapolis, MN)
10. Slave To My Emotions (w/ Kristen Vigard)
11. Girls (w/ Tricky)
12. 1 Da Woman (w/ Tricky)
13. Stuff P.1
14. Stuff P.2
15. Stuff P.3
16. Stuff P.4
17. Untitled #3 [a dove is a glove] (8/18/01)
18. World Full of Nothing [Depeche Mode cover] (7/8/00)
19. Your Pussy Is Glued to a Building on Fire (8/26/99 Paris)
20. Your Song [Elton John cover] (4/2/00 Amherst)
21. Good to be Back [Gary Glitter cover] (1/24/01 Argentina)
22. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (hidden track from Ramones tribute)
23. Ants (Gift Version)
24. Mascara (Gavin Bachner remix) / Outside Space
25. Breaking The Girl (Gavin Bachner remix)
notes- a few of the filler tracks are from mp3s (17-21). the remixes are just little homemade things made for the heck of it. most of the covers are short things John did live at RHCP shows.

-4/97 Kentucky-
1. Unknown (Elemental)
2. Life's A Bath
3. Untitled #12 (blind yer head)
4. Unknown
5. Moist Vagina
-? 97-
6. jam
7. my smile is a rifle
8. mv (clip)
9. jam
-5/8/97 Rochester, NY-
10. unknown (what it tastes like)
11. unknown
12. my smile is a rifle
13. unknown
14. mv
-5/13/97 Wetlands, NYC-
15. unknown
16. unknown
17. my smile is a rifle
18. unknown
19. unknown (what it tastes like)
20. unknown
21. mv

-4/28/97 Bottleneck, Lawrence, Kansas-
1. Smile From The Streets You Hold
2. I Can't See Until I See Your Eyes
3. unknown [What It Tastes Like]
4. Moist Vagina
5. My Smile Is A Rifle
6. Jam
-5/24/97 White Rabbit, San Antonio, Texas-
7. Pen Cap Chew
8. unknown [What It Tastes Like]
9. unknown [Water Falls Through]
10. unknown [Elemental]
11. My Smile Is A Rifle
-3/29/97 Moguls, L.A.-
12. untitled #22
13. life's a bath
14. estress
15. as can be
16. mascara
17. circles of you
18. metro
19. your pussy's glued to a building on fire/unknown
20. untitled #24
21. freedom
-4/27/97 Anchor Inn, Omaha, Nebraska-
22. unknown [Dust Bin]
23. My Smile Is A Rifle
24. Moist Vagina

-2/3/01 La Scene, Paris - part 2
1. Mascara
2. Smile From The Streets You Hold
3. Song For Toni
4. Beginning Again
- 3/19/01 The Roxy - part 2
5. Jugband Blues (End)
6. Moments Have You (aborted)
7. Smile From The Streets You Hold
8. unknown
9. new song
10. Bitch
11. Strange Love
-1/29/01 XFM-
12. intro
13. in relief
14. so would've i
15. going inside
16. outro
-2/2/01 OUI-FM-
17. interview
18. going inside
19. interview
20. so would've i [6/8/00 99X Atlanta]
21. sailin' on (bad brains cover) [89 fanclub tape]
22. begining again [going inside b-side]
23. so would've i [going inside b-side]
24. the last hymn [going inside b-side]
25. time is nothing [going inside b-side]
26. resolution [japanese bonus track]
27. waiting room (fugazi cover) [RHCP Paris 96]

Borderline, London, England / Jan. 27, 2001
1. Been Insane
2. Going Inside
3. Jugband Blues (Syd Barrett cover)
4. The First Season
5. So Would've I
6. With No One
7. Neighborhood Threat (Bowie & Iggy Pop cover)
8. Bought Her Soul (Well I've Been)
9. Saturation
10. Representing
11. New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover)
12. Fallout
13. Modern Love (David Bowie cover)
14. Someone's / Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo
15. My Smile Is A Rifle
16. Resolution
17. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Bauhaus cover)
18. Life's A Bath
19. Beat Down


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