WEEZER tracklists

MTV All Access (live 6/1/01 Washington, DC) (good quality)
Island In The Sun
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
In The Garage
Buddy Holly
Hash Pipe
Weezer - 12/3/96 Roseland Theater, NYC, NY - 36m (incomplete, poor quality)
getchoo (joined in progress)
my name is jonas
pink triangle
no one else
no other one
why bother?
in the garage
you gave your love to me softly
falling for you
say it ain't so
the good life (cut)
bonus TV appearances (good quality)
5/19/01 Saturday Night Live [Hash Pipe & Island in the Sun]
6/5/01 Conan O'Brien [Island in the Sun]
MTV Movie Awards (rec. 6/2/01 NY) [Hash Pipe]
7/27/01 Jay Leno [Island in the Sun]
7-25-02 Letterman [Keep Fishin']

Weezer - early demos cdr 38:18
1. no one else
2. the world has turned and left me here
3. say it ain't so
4. undone - the sweater song
5. only in dreams
6. my name is jonas
7. paperface
8. let's sew our pants together
9. thief, you've taken all that was me
10. jamie
Tracks 1-4 studio demo 11/92 [Cuomo/Bell/Sharp/Wilson]
The guy I got it from says, "These were demo versions of some of our favorite songs recorded in November of 1992 with Brian Bell on guitar. They were recorded before Ric Ocasek did anything to them. You can see how much of a metal band weezer was before Ric tamed the wild hair band solos to a more pop-type sound. A big highlight is the super rare "Undone" with the T.V. intro (Exerpts from various T.V. shows in place of the dialouge on the blue album)"
Tracks 5-9 The Kitchen Tape (venue demo) 5/92 [Cuomo/Cropper/Sharp/Wilson] The band gave this tape to clubs to get gigs in L.A. "It was recorded in May of 1992, two years before the blue album was released. It has Jason Cropper (now of Chopper One) on guitar in place of Brian Bell. It includes 3 now dead songs: "Paperface", "Let's Sew Our Pants Together" (one of Mykel and Carli's favorites), and "Theif, You've Taken All That Was Me" (AKA "Silent Dreams"),and two blue album favorites: "My Name Is Jonas" (written by Jason Cropper), and "Only in Dreams"."
Track 10 from DGC rarities compilation cd
Notes- the quality isn't super on the demos (a bit distorted and hissy), likely a result of crappy recording equipment used by the band, probably in addition to being high generation. could be worse, though.

Weezer - early demos [**] 73m cdr
the Kitchen Tape
1. Only In Dreams (snip)
2. Only In Dreams
3. My Name Is Jonas
4. Paperface
5. Let's Sew Our Pants Together
6. Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me
7. No One Else
8. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
9. Say It Ain't So
10. Undone - the Sweater Song
Chopper One
95' Free Lunch 7" Single
11. Free Lunch (older version)
12. Mr. Waldon (older version)
95' Demo Tape
13. Free Lunch
14. Touch My Fuzz
15. Get Up
16. Cantankerous
17. Mary's Clothes
18. Dynamite
19. intro
20. Mr. Waldon
21. Silver Tongue
22. My Star
23. Find Another Game
24. outro
Notes- this has the same Weezer songs as the above cdr. But these seem to be mixed a tad differently. Also on the disc are songs from Chopper One, which is the band lead by Jason Cropper (an original member of Weezer, and once frontman of 22 Jacks). The cdr was made from a 4th gen tape, so the quality isn't too good.

Weezer + etc - cdr
11/22/94 WFNX 101.7 Boston, MA (interview with acoustic performances)
1. interview..
2. In the Garage
3. ..interview..
4. Buddy Holly
12/3/96 K-ROCK studios, NYC (interview with acoustic performance)
5. interview..
6. The Good Life
7. ..interview
8. Say it Ain't So (Letterman 8/4/95)
9. No One Else (unknown live)
10. The World Has Turned.. (unknown live)
11. Buddy Holly (unknown live)
Suburban Advantage (Pat Wilson's old band) 10m [**+]
12. Let's Go to the Mall
13. New Wave Lullaby
14. If you move away

WEEZER 9/9/94: Minneapolis, MN, at First Avenue (AKA 'rock candy' bootleg CD)
1. No One Else / 2. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here / 3. Buddy Holly / 4. In The Garage / 5. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly / 6. Jamie / 7. Say it Ain't So / 8. Getchoo / 9. Holiday / 10. Undone / 11. Surf Wax America / 12. Only in Dreams / 13. Tired of Sex

Weezer - 7/30/95 Ogden Music Hall, Buffalo, NY
intro music
no one else
the world has turned and left me here
you gave your love to me softly
in the garage
say it ain't so
undone - the sweater song
susanne (tease)
my name is jonas
only in dreams
buddy holly
surf wax america
Notes: not very good quality.

Weezer - b-sides/etc 67:55 cdr
1. jamie [dgc rarities comp]
2. mykel and carli [undone single]
3. susanne [undone single]
4. no one else (live and acoustic) [say it aint so single]
5. jamie (live and acoustic) [say it aint so single]
6. my name is jonas (live) [buddy holly single]
7. surf wax america (live) [buddy holly single]
8. you game your love to me softly [angus soundtrack]
9. susanne (remix) [mallrats soundtrack]
10. devotion [el scorcho single]
11. you gave your love to me softly [el scorcho single]
12. waiting on you [the good life single]
13. i just threw out the love of my dreams (Rachel Haden from that dog sings) [the good life single]
14. the good life (acoustic, recorded live at Shorecrest High School) [the good life single]
15. pink triangle (acoustic, recorded live at Shorecrest High School) [the good life single]
16. pink triangle (remix) [pink triangle radio promo]
17. undone (the sweater song) (live) [120 minutes live comp]
18. velouria [where is my mind pixies tribute]
19. american girls {Homie} [meet the deddles soundtrack]
20. sweet adeline (my evaline) [undone australian single]

WEEZER 8/17/96 Bizarre Festival, Köln, Germany [****] 40:38 cdr
1. Undone (The Sweater Song)
2. My Name Is Jonas
3. Pink Triangle
4. No One Else
5. El Scorcho
6. In The Garage
7. Why Bother?
8. Say It Ain't So
9. Buddy Holly
10. Surfwax America
Notes- nice sounding radio broadcast.

Weezer - 6-20-00 Casbah, San Diego
1. My Name Is Jonas
2. El Scorcho
3. No One Else
4. My Brain
5. Preacher's Son
6. In The Garage
7. Why Bother?
8. O Girl
9. Hash Pipe
10. Tired of Sex
11. Say It Ain't So
12. Undone (The Sweater Song)
13. Buddy Holly
14. Surfwax America
Notes: This was only Weezer's third show in like a couple years. It was a semi-secret (yet very sold-out) show and they played under the name Goat Punishment. They did four new songs
(only one of which, Hash Pipe, made the cut for the album). Some jackass did a few disco calls ("ooh ooh!!") in the first few songs, and some lame girls kept yelling "take off your pants!!" during the last few songs, but other than that the recording came out pretty good (especially during the new songs, because everybody shut up during them).

WEEZER - 'Canes, San Diego 7-17-00
1. [brady bunch stuff / intro]
2. My Name Is Jonas
3. El Scorcho
4. No One Else
5. Mad Cow
6. Preacher's Son
7. In the Garage
8. Why Bother?
9. Say it Ain't So
10. Hash Pipe
11. Slob
12. Tired of Sex
13. Suzanne
14. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
15. Undone (The Sweater Song)
16. Tom Sawyer (short Rush cover with Mikey singing)
17. Holiday
18. Buddy Holly
19. Surf Wax America
20. [one more song?]
21. [nope, they're done]
22. [weezer, weezer, weezer]
23. [bus' that phat beat]
24. [beeach be trippin']
25. [aw yeah, keep it goin' y'all]
26. [take it down a notch]
27. [bring dat beat back]
28. [trip on dis]
29. [chillin' & illin']
30. [gotta get movin']
31. [can i get a setlist?]
Notes: The second Weezer recording I made. I was right by the speaker-- I mean, practically hugging the thing. Doesn't sound too bad, though. Lots of pushing going on, and the stop button got knocked a couple times.. resulting in a few seconds missing from "Why Bother?" and "Say it Ain't So". I checked around on some Weezer message boards and lots of people were saying it was one of the best shows they'd ever seen.
Karl, Weezer's longtime roadie/5th member had this to say, "Anyway yesterday's show in San Diego was excellent, the band debuted another new song, provisionaly titled "Mad Cow". The crowd was wild, chanting along and spazzing out the whole time."
I might be stingy with this recording for a while, and only trade it for other good quality 2000 =W= shows or other rare stuff.

WEEZER Crest Theater, Sacramento, CA 7/28/00 57m
1. my name is jonas
2. el scorcho
3. no one else
4. you gave your love to me softly
5. your sister
6. in the garage
7. why bother
8. say it ain't so
9. too late to try
10. slob
11. tired of sex
12. suzanne
13. undone- the sweater song
14. holiday
15. buddy holly
16. surf wax america

Notes- fine audience recording. Sounds like it's probably DAT sourced. I'm a little suspicious that it might have been in mp3 at one time, judging by the sound. The band had some technical difficulties at times, but this resulted in some extra jamming between songs. This show was the first time "your sister" was played live.
..filler.. (making total disc length 73:22)
17. Christmas Song (remix) [mp3 source]
18. Christmas Celebration [mp3 source]
19. Aneurysm (Goat Punishment covering Nirvana) live@The Garage, L.A. 10/98 [mp3 source]
20. Blew (Goat Pumishment covering Nirvana) live@The Garage, L.A. 10/98 [mp3 source]
21. Christmas Song (original KROQ cd version) [cd source]

Weezer - Summer Sonic, Japan 8/00 13m cdr (md>cdr)
too late to try, superstar, say it ain't so, tired of sex
(note to self: this is filler on that Radiohead cdr)

Weezer - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 9/6/00 - 37m cdr
1. My Name Is Jonas
2. El Scorcho
3. No One Else (w/intro)
4. In The Garage
5. Why Bother?
6. Mad Cow
7. Too Late To Try
8. Peace & Quiet
9. Superstar
10. No Other One
11. Say It Ain't So
Notes: This recording is incomplete.. missing the last few songs. That's the way the master is.. I got this cdr from the guy who recorded the show (he put the backup battery pack on backwards, so it ran out early). But it has the 4 new songs that were played (plus No Other One which was seldom played in 2000).

Weezer 9/10/00 Auditorium Shores Austin, TX 40:09 cdr
1. my name is jonas
2. el scorcho
3. no one else (w/intro)
4. undone, the sweater song
5. too late to try
6. mad kow
7. superstar
8. in the garage
9. tired of sex
10.say it ain't so
11.why bother?
12.only in dreams
13.buddy holly (w/intro)
14.surf wax america
Notes: nice sound (source: DM 48k DSM-6S>PA-6LC3>M1 *50ft FOB*) but a little too much crowd noise at times.
Karl's Corner wrap-up: "Austin, TX. A big outdoor festival show today at the Auditorium Shores dust bowl. Also appearing were such hip-hoppy acts as Everlast, the Kottonmouth Kings, and Cypress Hill. Weezer held their own against these aggro groups, pulling in at least as much crowd noise if not more! Also, the guys went to an autograph signing booth after their set. A huge line of over 1500 kids quickly lined up for autographs! The guys stayed and signed EVERY ONE, signing through the entirety of Everlast's and Cypress Hill's sets! after 3 hours of writing their names and greeting happy fans, the guys scoured the town in search of much needed food."

Weezer - RIMAC Arena, San Diego, CA - March 18, 2001 [66:28]
1. -crowd noise-
2. I Do

3. My Name Is Jonas
4. El Scorcho
5. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
6. The Good Life
7. The Christmas Song
8. Don't Let Go
9. Island In The Sun
10. Hash Pipe
11. In The Garage
12. Tired of Sex
13. Say It Ain't So
14. Buddy Holly (w/intro)
15. Undone, The Sweater Song
16. Why Bother
17. Only In Dreams
18. Surf Wax America
19. Say It Ain't So (live on David Letterman 8/4/95)
20. Tired of Sex (unsexy mix)
21. Only In Dreams (nightmare mix)
Notes: the 3rd weezer show i taped; the first in a big arena (first time i'd been in to big arena show in several years, in fact). this was the last show of their Yahoo!Outloud US tour. i was pretty far from the action.. way in the back. not much, if any, crowd talking or siging along picked up on the recording, but as with most of my masters, the drums and bass are a little distorted. The first couple seconds of the slow Buddy Holly intro are missing from when i flipped the tape. The remixes at the end of the disc are bullshit things i threw together for filler.. kinda kooky and fun, but nothing i should be too proud of.

(WEEZER-related) Space Twins (Brian Bell's side band) [**+]
Live @ Spaceland, Hollywood, CA 11/11/95
1. Take my Place
Live @ Club Cocodrie, San Francisco 11/25/99 35m
2. Osaka aqua Bus
3. Louder than Lies
4. Rings of Saturn
5. Burn in Black
6. Rust colored Sun
7. Goddess of Love
8. Final Voyage
Space Twins 7" songs ('98)
9. Osaka Aqua Bus
10. Goddess of Love
11. TV, music, and candy
12. Headache

The Rentals - rarities cdr
__For The Ladies Sessions__
1. I've Been Had
2. Must Be Wrong
3. The Love I'm Searching For
4. Beautiful Girl
5. Say Goodbye Forever
6. Wake Up
7. Sweetly
8. So Soon [from Friends of P single]
__misc. rarities__
9. Silent Night [KROQ 1995, "How the ___ Stole Christmas"]
10. California [Poop Alley Tapes]
11. Simple Life [Heal the Bay/The Solution] (the cd has a skip on this track)
12. Translator [Maverick promo]
13. The Great Bank Robbery [Maverick promo]
__"Friends of P" promo single__
14. Friends of P [album version]
15. Naive [album version]
16. The Love I'm Searching For [Outtake from "For The Ladies" Sessions, Recorded at Poop Alley]
17. Friends of P [Recorded at Gramercy Park Hotel, Room 1020 on Matt's 4-track]
__Special Goodness (Pat Wilson's sideband) live at Club Cocodrie, S.F. 11/25/99__ [**+]
18. I'm Not Too Proud
19. It's All Here In This Book

(WEEZER-related) Rivers Cuomo - 11/21/97 TT the Bears, Cambridge, Mass
1. Autumn Jane
2. Hey M'Darlin'
3. Sheila Can Do [It]
4. Think About (Sesame Street)
5. the good life
6. Stay There
7. Wanda
8. Sunshine O
9. Fun Time
10. American Girls
11. Hot Tub
12. No one else
Notes- Rivers solo show with a band. Mikey [later to join weezer] on bass, Zeph [from Stompbox] on drums, and Fred [?] on keyboards. This was the 4th of 5 shows he did in the Boston area in late 97 / early 98. The songs are great, but the recording is a little hissy, and there are a couple annoying fans in the crowd.

(WEEZER-related) Rivers Cuomo live show #3 11/5/97, Boston, MA : The Middle East (tracks 1-9)
1 Autumn & Jane
2 Hey M'Darlin'
3 Sheila Can Do [It]
4 Think About
5 No one else
6 Wanda
7 Sunshine O
8 Stay There
9 Hot Tub
10 A Thousand Years (10/7/97 Boston, show #1?)
Rivers Cuomo live show #5 1/14/98, Cambridge, MA : TT the Bears (tracks 11-18)
11 Rosemary
12 Getchoo
13 The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World
14 No one else
15 Baby
16 Say it ain't so
17 Undone - the Sweater song
18 Only in dreams
Notes- Rivers solo shows with a band. Mikey [later to join weezer] on bass, Zeph [from Stompbox] on drums (tracks 1-10), Pat Wilson [Weezer] drums on 1/14/98, and Fred [?] on keyboards. The songs are great, but the recordings are a little hissy. "A Thousand Years" is the only track I have from the 10/7/97 show.
This is what Karl had to say about these shows, "According to various conversations with Rivers, the new material showcased at these shows was both 'in consideration for new weezer songs' and , paradoxically also 'goofy country songs that are not weezer'. While the set lists of the first 2 shows are not available at present, I deduce from the last 3 shows that they were actually a mix of the two ideas. In playing "No One Else" alongside "Hot Tub", surely Rivers was not implying that "Hot Tub" was being considered for weezer! Rather, I conclude that he was simply playing what he felt like playing, some old weezer, some possibly new weezer, and some 'goofy stuff'... which was later named 'Homie', and in the case of one song, was put on a soundtrack CD ("American Girls"). The 5th show, however, was a bit different. As I've learned, the new songs played there, with Pat on drums, were definately under consideration for weezer, and remained so until sometime in the summer of '98, when rehersals started getting a bit confusing and odd, and songs started flying out of the window, never to return to the fold."


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