Hal's Bionic Commando Hacks
This is a section for ROM hacks I've made. They are pretty bad, but big fans of Bionic Commando might enjoy a fresh spin on the game.

These are PATCHES not ROMS.. you'll need to already have the regular version of the ROM to apply the patch to. More info on this is in the text file included in each zip file.

: Bionic Metroid
Date created: well, I started it around April 2002, then abandoned it until finally finishing the graphics near the end of the year. Then changed the text in January 2003.
Info: This is a hack that turns the NES game Metroid into a Bionic Commando-themed game by changing some graphics and text.
Storyline: Mother Brain and the Space Pirates have stolen the Bionic Arm technology! They intend to develop an army of bionic creatures to take over the universe. Oh, and they also kidnapped Samus. So Rad has to travel to their planet to set things right before it's too late. Since they stole his bionic arm, he'll have to learn to get around without it.. but at least now he can jump freely. So go for it! If you quickly rescue Samus (beat the game in a certain ammount of time), she might reward you by doing a strip-tease! :)
Download: BionicMetroid.zip


Title: Bionic Hippy Commando
Date created: April 2002
Info: My second hack attempt, Bionic Hippy Commando is still very sloppy. Lots of graphic changes. Lowercased the text.
(note: the text hasn't been changed.. this storyline is just for fun.. use your imagination.) The year is 2001. Much time has past since the first adventure. Rad has left the battlefield and become a commanding general. There is now a new Bionic Commando, he is Starbeam Moonchild: the Bionic Hippy Commando. His groovy ways may not jive with his fellow soldiers, but damn it-- he gets results! He's got a turbo charged gun [thanks to state-of-the-art TAG engineering], and a hi-tech new bionic arm. He's gonna have his work cut out for him, however, because the Nazis are attempting another comeback. Things are a little different this time around. And something's very wrong with Super Joe. Can he be trusted?? No time to worry about that now, the free world needs saving!
Download: BionicHippy.zip


: Bionic Commando: Hal Hack 1
Date created: March 31, 2002
Info: Easter 2002, my first day ever trying my hand at hacking. This is the result. I was just messing around so it's real lame and sloppy. Some trucks on the map slide off the screen (sometimes your helicopter too!) (thanks to The Almighty Guru for this trick). Apart from that, some of the graphics are screwed with.
(note: the text hasn't been changed.. this storyline is just for fun.. use your imagination.) After blowing up the Nazi base and just barely escaping, there was much rejoicing on the good guys' side. Unfortunately, the blast from the explosion hideously disfigured many soldiers. Even our hero, Rad, was horribly burned on his face. Now more bad news, as the Nazis have regrouped and are trying the whole project over again! Plus, military spending cutbacks are hurting our heroes. For instance, instead of high-tech communicators, they have to use old telephones! Instead of top-of-the-line flares, they have to use a candle! But one good thing they have is their new Helijet, a helicopter that has the ability to turn itself into a jet! Not all of the bugs have been worked out yet, however. Also, some of the Nazi truck drivers have become alcoholics, so their driving is often erratic.
If you are up to the horrors that await you, play the game!
Download: BC-halhack1.zip


Links to Other Bionic Commando Hacks (not by me)
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Bionic Commando 99 - Makes the game more like the original/Japanese version.
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