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2008.10.08 - again, long time without an update. minor updates and stuff here and there.
2005.19.4 - wow, first update in over 2 years. new pics:. area map (06), stupid (helicoper), invasion (south park).
2003.17.1 - finally an update! new name! new invasion pics! hacks back up + Bionic Metroid!
2002.13.7 - this site is in a coma, but i got a new one i've been working on: milon's secret castle
2002.1.6 - no update, just wanted to mention i threw a no-hitter in Bases Loaded 2 today. sweet!
2002.1.4 - new section! rom hacks.
2002.26.3 - a few of us at the BC board have started a project mapping the game. my parts here
2002.16.3 - fuckn-a! a new BC site kicks ass. as if my site wasn't irrelevant enough already!
2002.2.2 - moved site.. notice the new URL. also made several more minor changes and updates.
2002.29.1 - more minor alterations.
2002.28.1 - updated links page a little. also added two pathetic new "invasion!!!" pics.
2001.7.12 - added a couple new "invasion" pics.
2001.6.11 - added dumb "where is super joe now?" page.
2001.1.10 - added more "invasion!!!" pics. (they're fun to make, damn it!)
2001.30.9- added "invasion!!!" page and made a few small edits to "ramblings".
2001.25.9 - kinda re-did the main page (that's right, this page) layout to help it look a little better.
2001.24.9 - added the stupid "bionic commando is rad" page and some links.
2001.23.9 - added the intro page and some other unimportant little things.
2001.22.9 - finally got around to working on it some more, and then uploaded it for the 1st time.
2000.27.11 - first began working on this page.

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"The Neo-nazis have located Nazi plans to create the ultimate weapon, the Albatross. They cannot complete the plans without reviving the man who created them, Adolf Hitler! Rather than waging an all out war, the U.N. decides to send in their best man, Super Joe to infiltrate and destroy the Albatross and prevent Hitler's revival. But he gets captured. There is one soldier who has perfected the use of the prototype bionic arm. This is Rad. He is sent in to rescue Joe and complete the mission."

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