Often times when I have homework or whatever, I instead choose to waste my time doing something creative, yet pointless like editing Bionic Commando (or "Rad," as his friends call him) into other video games.
Hence: Bionic Commando Invasion!!! Yes, these are all fake, doctored pics. But wouldn't it be cool if...

Evil constantly threatens good throughout the universe. Luckily the Bionic Commando is there!


metroid His mission even takes him to far off planets.



super mario bros




Where others fail, he prevails.





Super C His specialty is blowing up helicopters.




mega man 1




When the heat is on, he puts himself on the line!





zelda The forces of evil don't stand a chance!



Kid Icarus




Sometimes the bad guys rough him up, but they can't keep him down for long.




a boy and his blob He has made some strange allies along the way.








Danger waits at every turn.



paperboy But his skills are second to none.






And his bravery is unparalleled.




He's not afraid to fight dirty if he has to.




Sometimes he gets himself into sticky situations.




Blaster Master Some of his foes are extremely obscene.



Maniac Manion




He helps out his friends when they need a hand.




Bubble Bobble 2 Always fighting for peace, freedom, and all that good stuff!






Who knows where he'll turn up next?!







That's all the surveillance images I have access to at the moment. I'll have more as the transmissions come in from the front lines.