Links to other Bionic Commando sites...

The Bionic Commando Headquarters
A great place to go for your BC fix. A ton of info and stuff. Can sometimes go quite some time between updates, but hasn't been abandoned. Keep up the good work, sdkess! Plus this is the site where I got the asskickin' "Top Secret" rom so I'm forever in debt to it.

The Bionic Commando Database
Extremely thorough site! Check it out. Great job, thealmightyguru. Warning: you may overload with BC information!! (Update: it has now been converted to Wiki format)

There's a new Bionic Commando game in the works! Check out IGN or Gamespot for details:
Official Bionic Commando Site
IGN's First Look
Gamespot's Coverage

Bionic Commando message board at GameFAQs
Yeah, there's actually a little bit of a BC online community [aka "scene"]!! So go post something if you want.

Bionic Commando walkthrough
This is actually part of the Bionic Commando Headquarters, but since it's done by a different guy (Gricksigger), I'll give it its own link. Very helpful for players who might be having difficulty with the game. And for those who like to speed thru the game, check out the top 10 times section.

Bionic Commando (the band)
That's right, there is (was?) a local band in the Cincinnati area called Bionic Commando. Rock on, fellas.

This is a band that rocks out covers of NES music, including some Bionic Commando tunes. Check them out.

Purchase Links...

Bionic Commando NES game (Amazon)
Bionic Commando GameBoy game (Amazon)
Bionic Commando: Elite Forces GameBoyColor game (Amazon)
Bionic Commando: Worlds of Power book (Amazon)
The Advantage [cd of a NES cover band with a BC song on it] (Amazon)
Bionic Commando (eBay search)