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Car Wash Hair -- 1991 UK CD single on Mint Films/Jungle "Stereo Phobic"
1. Car Wash Hair (the bee's chasing me) Full Pull - 6:45
2. Chasing A Bee (4 track demo) - 8:45
3. Coney Island Cyclone (4 track demo) - 3:45
4. (30 Minute hidden track)

Mercury Rev's debut single. Luna's Dean Wareham helped out on the recording of "Car Wash Hair".
The "Chasing a Bee" demo seems to be a virginal version of the song before Baker got to it. A bit slower than the YIS version, and instrumental except for the chorus. The "Coney Island Cyclone" early version presented here is a mellow instrumental with some strings (by Julie Baker, who is David Baker's sister). The hidden track isn't really a "song". It consists of weird loops, noise, and strange dialogue. In their early years, the band sometimes played part of this (the main loop) before/while taking the stage. Rev fan Rick W Derington offers some insight to the hidden track: "The dialogue on the 30 min. untitled track on the car wash hair cd single is taken from a video that I saw in an abnormal psychology several years ago. The video was about schizophrenia and contained a few case studies. I heard that single a few weeks after buying yourself is steam and a few months after seeing that film."

Release info:
There is also a 12'' single that excludes the hidden track. And a 12" promo.. Here's what Rev fan Vegard Bakke Bjerkevik has to say about it: "car wash hair 12" promo (same tracks as the cd except for the hidden track, first coney then chasing). the sleeve is just a big piece of carboard folded around the disc, if you know what i mean. on the back there is a picture of a boy holding a balloon with his teeth, in the top right hand corner there's a picture of a person who might be a movie star or something, i don't know (he looks familiar), and a salamander (i think) in the bottom right hand corner. like yis (rocket/harmony) and boces (push me/pull me) the a-side is "jag" and the b-side is "speed". there is also a picture of what might be the engine of a jaguar."
There is also a 7'' single.. here's info on it [copied from an eBay auction]..
"I was tour manager for Mercury Rev from 1990 to 1995. Liquidating some rare Mercury Rev material from the early Yerself Is Steam days. A side is the classic Car Wash Hair (the bee's chasing me) Full Pull and B side is Coney Island Cyclone (4-track demo). Single was released 1991 on Mint Films, a subsiderary of Jungle; pressed in UK. Mint Films release #5. I believe only 200 of these were pressed as they were even hard for the band to get a personal copy during our visit to the Jungle warehouse in '91 when we were over to play the Reading Festival. Not many in circulation, as I managed to snag a full box (25). Plain black cut-out sleeve with 4 color single label. Jonathan took the image of the Jaguar emblem for the A-side and the Jag speedometer for the B-side."

Car Wash Hair -- 1993 Columbia Records CD single. Promo for radio stations
1. Car Wash Hair (Edit) - 4:43
2. Car Wash Hair (album version) - 6:46

Car Wash Hair -- 1991 Mint Flims 7'' UK single
A. Car Wash Hair
B. Coney Island Cyclone (4 track demo)

The 7'' has no sleeve and has a speedometer on one label and a jaguar car logo on the other. [picture]
There is also a 7'' radio promo with printed written labels which is the same except that it has a radio edit of "car wash hair" while the one above has the full version. [picture]

Rough Trade Singles Club -- March 1992 7'' vinyl (CAT# 45REV6)
A. If You Want Me To Stay
B. The Left-Handed Raygun of Paul Sharits (Retirement Just Like That)

Song Info:
"If You Want Me To Stay" is a Sly & the Family Stone cover. Psychedelic funk! The b-side is basically a short (under 2 minutes) weird noise loop that fades in and out. These 2 tracks were later included on a Japanese compilation from Rough Trade called Rough Diamonds. "If You Want Me To Stay" was later included in Lego My Ego and the Chasing A Bee single.

Yerself is Steam -- 1992 Columbia Records - single disc "Stereo Phobic"
1. Chasing a Bee
2. Syringe Mouth
3. Coney Island Cyclone
4. Blue and Black
5. Sweet Oddysee of a Cancer Cell T' Th' Center of Yer Heart
6. Frittering
7. Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under a Mother’s Smile
8. Very Sleepy Rivers
99. Car Wash Hair (not included on early UK editions)

Mercury Rev's debut LP. Made a bit of a splash in the UK, but didn't get much attention in the US. Originally released by Rough Trade in the UK.. which soon thereafter went bankrupt, causing the album to be out of print until it was later reissued by Sony. Several of these songs evolved from soundtracks the band worked on for student films. The album was recorded during the same time Jonathan Donahue and Dave Fridmann were also working on the Flaming Lips' Hit to Death in the Future Head.

Song info:
On most editions, Very Sleepy Rivers is stretched from track 8 until about 83, with tracks 9-98 being 3 seconds long each. Then "Car Wash Hair" is track 99. I guess it's a hidden track, though my copy had a sticker on the cover with the effect of "includes Car Wash Hair", so it wasn't really a secret.
Paul Etheredge says: "There's apparently a part on Yerself (with 99 tracks) that has a super low tone on it. It's around the same spot as the quiet talking, somewhere in between VSR and Car Wash Hair. Apparently, this tone blew out some machines in the Sony mastering facility when YIS was mastered. I think it is below 20 hertz. You can't really hear it, as far as I remember, but I used to have a stereo that had 15 or 16 inch speakers and when I turned the stereo up for that part, the speakers moved like crazy. It was awesome. My little boombox now doesn't do shit on that section."

Release info:
Check out Jungle's page: Yerself is Steam

Also available on vinyl (BBQ LP 125 and MINT LP4). And there is a white vinyl with light blue splatters (1991 Mint Films Records). There's also a pink swirl vinyl [picture]. Also blue transparent vinyl (also on Mint).

Also released on cassette. Plus there was also a promotional cassette released by Columbia in the US, which has a different picture sleeve to the regular album.

There is a "Limited Whipped Edition" radio promo version that includes a bonus disc containing all the tracks from the Chasing a Bee CD single. In fact, it's the exact same disc, artwork and tracks. It has a sticker with the track listing for both discs on the back cover of the jewel case that says "Radio Whipped Sticker". [picture]

Nicky says... i noticed that my copy of the Mint Yerself cd (the 1st issue) has the date 1990, but if i remember right it didn't get released until quite a few months into 1991. after mint or rough trade went bust and fucked everything up, the rev signed to beggars banquet who re-released it in 92 as the double disc with Lego before making it available as a single disc again. it was then re-released by mint again in 99. these can be told apart by the spine. on the first issue it was green and red writing on a black background, on all the later ones it was black on white. oh yeah, and car wash hair was never an extra track on it in the uk.
[picture- uk disc]

A UK re-issue of Yerself came out in mid-2002 packaged with the Car Wash Hair single as a bonus CD. The discs are both the same as the originals, just packaged in a double cd box with the single sleeve and album sleeve included. Slightly different on the back, though, as it mentions the Car Wash Hair single and has a different catalogue number.

Purchase links:
Re-issule with bonus disc
Regular release

Lego My Ego -- 1992 Beggar's Banquet
CAT# SPV 084-48782 "Stereo Fucked"
1. If You Want Me To Stay
2. Shh/Peaceful/Very Sleep Rivers (Live in London '92)
3. Frittering (Peel Session)
4. Coney Island Cyclone (Peel Session)
5. Car Wash Hair
6. Syringe Mouth (Peel Session)
7. Blood On The Moon (Theme from Moonbuggy)
8. Chasing a Girl (Inside a Car) (Peel Session)

Song info:
The Peel sessions (and "If You Want Me To Stay") are the same as the Chasing A Bee b-side versions, but with weird intros/outros tacked onto them. I believe "Car Wash Hair" is in a similar state, but basically the same version as appears on most copies of Yerself Is Steam. "Blood on the Moon" is written and sung by Grasshopper. "Shh/Peaceful" is a Miles Davis song, but the Rev play so little of it that one wonders why it's even mentioned! (legal reasons, I suppose.)
"Danny moves my fanny in the morning," repeated by Baker in one of the weird intros, is a catchphrase from a radio DJ in Buffalo, NY named Danny Neavereth.

Release info:
This is a bonus disc that came with initial pressings of Yerself is Steam. There are UK, French, and Germany versions. Maybe a very limited US edition? In the mid-to-late 90s, the album was quite hard to find, sought after by fans of the band, at times known to fetch around $80 on eBay. It has since been included with certain reissue editions of Yerself is Steam and is no longer very tough to track down.
[picture - inside]
[picture - uk disc]

It has also been released on cassette.

There is also an abreviated version released as a UK import vinyl bonus LP that was originally given away with purchase of YIS.
1. Shh/Peaceful/Very Sleep Rivers (Live in London '92)
2. Blood On The Moon
3. Frittering (Peel Session)
4. Coney Island Cyclone (Peel Session)
5. Syringe Mouth (Peel Session)
6. Chasing a Girl (Inside a Car) (Peel Session)

Chasing a Bee -- 1992 Columbia Records CD single
1. Chasing a Bee - 7:12
2. If You Want Me To Stay - 3:33
3. Coney Island Cyclone - 2:40 (Peel Session)
4. Frittering - 4:26 (Peel Session)
5. Syringe Mouth - 3:09 (Peel Session)
6. Chasing a Girl (Inside a Car) - 6:56 (Peel Session)

Song Info:
"If You Want Me To Stay" is the same version as on the Rough Trade single. "Coney Island Cyclone" is a bit mellower than the album version. "Frittering" is, as you can see, a shorter version than it's album counterpart. I wouldn't say "Syringe Mouth" differs much. "Chasing a Girl" is "Chasing a Bee" with some different lyrics.

Chasing A Bee -- 1992 Columbia Records promo CD
1. Chasing A Bee (album version)
2. Coney Island Cyclone (peel session)

The cover has a picture of David Baker slumped in a chair staring at the camera. The cd has a picture of a denim label or something on it. Released to promote the double cd. [picture]

The Hum is Comng from Her -- 1993 UK CD single on Beggar's Banquet and 10'' vinyl
cd CAT# BBQ 5 CD
vinyl CAT# 3C74907
1. The Hum is Coming from Her (Mercury Theremin Sextet) - 4:06
2. So There (Robert Creeley and his Mercury Rev Orchestrata) - 5:08

Song info:
"The Hum is Coming from Her" is the same piece of music later released as "Girlfren" on Boces (although the Boces version has about 30 seconds of more weirdness tacked onto the end). In "So There", Mercury Rev provide eclectic backing music for Robert Creeley's spoken word, building to an uplifting rag time ending. Robert Creeley was an accomplished poet and a Professor of Poetry at SUNY Buffalo. I believe Jonathan was once a student of his.

Release info:
There was a time when this was a highly sought after Mercury Rev collectable.. however, you can now often find it online for under $10.
There are two different variations of the vinyl that I know of, the Columbia Records one has a white circle in the upper right hand cover corner that says "Columbia Grafonola". Beggar's Banquet version might be a UK import, but I'm not sure. The fonts vary between the two too. Music is the same though.

Boces -- 1993 Columbia Records - Domestic (USA) release
"Stereo Pathic"
1. Meth of a Rockette's Kick
2. Trickle Down
3. Bronx Cheer
4. Boys Peel Out
5. Downs are Feminine Balloons
6. Something For Joey
7. Snorry Mouth
8. Hi-Speed Boats
9. Continuous Drunks and Blunders
10. Girlfren

Mercury Rev's 2nd LP. Noise-pop at its best, if you wanna call it that. Somewhat of an extension of Yerself, even with another "Space Partol" track (Continuous Drunks and Blunders). David Baker would be asked to leave the band after touring for the record concluded. With the exception of "Boys Peel Out", the band pretty much ceased performing Boces songs live since, noting that drug abuse and feuding at the time have cast a shadow over memories of this era.

The Japanese issue adds the bonus tracks "If You Want Me to Stay" and "Shhh/Peaceful/Very Sleepy Rivers" (live 92, same version as on Lego My Ego). Sony Records SRCS 6852.

There is a promo cassette that had a few different song titles. These are apparently working titles that were changed right before the official release was made up. [picture- advance cassette]

UK LP also available on clear red vinyl (BBQ LP 140).

[picture- promo insert]

Purchase links:
Regular CD release

Bronx Cheer -- 1993 Columbia CD single "Stereo Prophetic"
CAT# 44K 77112
1. Bronx Cheer [from Boces] - 2:48
2. There's Spider Eggs in Bubbla Yhum [recorded for live Swedish radio show, 3/93] - 9:48
3. Suzanne Peels Out - 4:22
4. Pop Rocks + Soda = Kaboom [semi-hidden track] - 6:39

Song info:
From an acoustic radio session, "There's Spider Eggs in Bubbla Yhum" could almost be called "Trickle Down (acoustic)", since most of the lyrics are lifted straight from the Boces song. The music however, isn't really the same at all. It's also rather long, clocking in at just under 10 minutes. "Suzanne Peels Out" is an instrumental demo version of "Boys Peel Out" (instrumental in that there's no Jonathan.. David Baker's backing vocals/scat are there, however). About halfway through, Baker apparently disrupts Suzanne in the studio (tries to get her to scat with him?), and the listener gets to listen in on their confrontation.. and it's not hard to see why Baker would be asked to leave the band a year later. "Pop Rocks + Soda = Kaboom" isn't included in the main tracklisting, but can be found near the bottom of the inside cover. The song is basically just a few minutes of weird loops together, but it's not a total throw-away.

Something for Joey -- 1993 Columbia USA CD single "Stereo Pathetic"
CAT# CSK 5532
1. Something for Joey -- 4:05 from Boces
2. So There (spoken word by Robert Creeley and his Mercury Rev Orchestra) -- 5:09
3. Boys Peel Out -- live Warwick, England '93 -- 4:46
4. Very Sleep Rivers -- live Warwick, England '93 -- 12:47
5. Ron Jeremy Interview -- 7:03

Song info:
"So There" is the same version as on The Hum Is Coming From Her. The two live tracks sound pretty good. An especially good version of "Very Sleepy Rivers", in my opinion. The Ron Jeremy interview was conducted by Rick Hall of Party Line Fever magazine, October '93. Jeremy is a porn star who appeared in the video for "Something For Joey". The interview isn't all that interesting, but worth listening to once.. covering the video shoot, censorship, Joey Buttafuoco, and Mercury Rev's bright future.

Something for Joey -- 1993 Beggar's Banquet 7'' clear blue vinyl. Came with two sleeves, you're supposed to use one as a poster. Vinyl has funny picture of assorted pills on it.
A. Something for Joey
B. There's Spider Eggs in Bubbla Yhum

Something for Joey -- 1993 Beggars Banquet CD single and 12''
This version has the exact same tracks as found on the Bronx Cheer CD single, except for the title track, of course.
1. Something for Joey [from Boces]
2. There's Spider Eggs in Bubbla Yhum [recorded for live Swedish radio show]
3. Suzanne Peels Out
4. Pop Rocks + Soda = Kaboom [semi-hidden track]

There was also a promotional cassette released by Columbia in the US. It's got a card sleeve with stills from the video on the front and back. It's got two tracks, Something for Joey and the Ron Jeremy interview. [picture]

Everlasting Arm -- 1994 CD single "Stereo Propelled"
CAT# UK- Beggars Banquet BBQ 37
1. Everlasting Arm - from See You On The Other Side
2. Deadman - as read by Alan Vega

Song info:
"Deadman" is a track in which Mercury Rev provide backing music to spoken word by Alan Vega (similar to their collaboration with Robert Creeley in "So There"). Alan Vega was in the band Suicide, which came out of New York in the early '70s. The track is about 10 minutes long and rather dark and disturbing. The music sounds like it's out of an old black & white foreign murder mystery film or something. On the CD, shortly after the track ends, there's a 25 minute recording of Jonathan and his parents when he was very young, circa '69-'71. Pretty odd stuff consisting mostly of Jonathan goofing off and singing songs. If you can sit through the whole thing more than once, you may need to seek counseling.
Here's a fan review of Deadman from Mark O.: This is one of my favorite songs of theirs! I'm not just saying that to be weird. Musically, they accomplish more in this song than most bands did in the 20th century. A beautiful sweep across the history of music, incorporating blues, New Orleans funeral marches and the Rev's own style. For the first listens, go ahead and block out Alan Vega's spoke word stuff and thrive on the sound. Eventually, you'll probably be quoting Vega. I was actually disappointed when 'See You On The Other Side' came out and it didn't sound more like this song!

Release info:
notes: "Everlasting Arm Taken from the forthcoming Mercury Rev album due contractually this fall"
The US (big cat) and UK (beggars) CDs are a bit different. They have a different picture of Alan Vega on the inside and the CDs themselves are totally different. The US one has the buffalo/poughkeepsie/kingston logo, the UK one an old fashioned looking painting of a woman.

There is also a 12'' limited edition white vinyl. On the run out track on side A is written: "6 hats 5 snowshoes 4 squeak-squeaks." And in the same place scratched into the vinyl again on side B: "3 angels 2 chop -chops and 1 zenith." Everything else seems to be the same as the cd single.

Young Man's Stride -- 1995 Work/Sony Records -- promo CD single
CAT# OSK 7299
1. Young Man's Stride -- 2:43

See You on the Other Side -- 1995 Work/Sony Records
CAT# US- SNY64362.2
CAT# Japan- SRCS 7884
1. Empire State (Son House In Excelsis)
2. Young Man's Stride
3. Sudden Ray Of Hope
4. Everlasting Arm
5. Racing the Tide
6. Close Encounters of the 3rd Grade
7. A Kiss From an Old Flame (A Trip to the Moon)
8. Peaceful Night

Mercury Rev's 3rd LP. A departure for the band, it marked the first full-length release without original co-lead-singer David Baker. The album been called a modern Dark Side of the Moon. probably.

The UK and Japanese CDs have a lyric insert.

The Japanese import CD includes the bonus track "Cartwheel". It's a nice smooth-flowing seven minute track that fits in well with the rest of album. It's a shame it wasn't included on the regular release, in my opinion. Worth hunting down if you can find it, though unfortunately the CD is one of the most elusive Rev releases out there, so your best bet is finding it on mp3 or CD-R.

This album was also released on vinyl and cassette. There's an advance cassette [picture], and also a promo cassette with green generic type sleeve put out by Work Records [picture].

There's also a UK picture disc vinyl (on Beggars Banquet) with limited edition of 500. It has the sparkling angel from the CD cover on the A side, and a stoplight and the word "signal" on B side. CAT# BBQLP176P [picture- side B]

Purchase links:
Regular CD release
(i believe it's currently out of print, but you can buy it 2nd hand)

Acoustic Session at REV 105 Studios in Minneapolis 10/8/95
-- 1995 Sony Music
1. Carwash Hair
2. Frittering
3. Tears of Rage

One of the rarest Mercury Rev releases, this promo cassette includes 3 songs played by the band at a US radio station. "Tears of Rage" is a cover song by the band called The Band. [picture, bigger.. thanks to Blake]

Deserter's Songs -- 1998 V2 Records
1. Holes
2. Tonite it Shows
3. Endlessly
4. I Collect Coins
5. Opus 40
6. Hudson Line
7. The Happy End (the Drunk Room)
8. Goddess On a Hiway
9. The Funny Bird
10. Pick Up If You're There
11. Delta Sun Bottleneck Swamp
-12. Untitled Hidden Track

Also available on vinyl and cassette.

There is also a numbered limited edition CD that comes in a cardboard sleeve. Looks like a mailed package with a Mercury Rev stamp (official release date on it), postcards and more stamps inside. Limited to like 2,500 or so? There is also a promo only version which is just like the limited edition, but is unnumbered, and does not include the postcards or extra stamps.

The Japanese release includes the bonus track "Rag Tag". A 2:45-long rag time instrumental which, according to the official Mercury Rev site, is an outtake from SYOTOS.

There are also limited edition French and Australian versions that include a bonus disc of live tracks.
1. Holes (+ I Collect Coins, unlisted)
2. Isolation
3. Opus 40
4. Philadelphia
5. Endlessly
These tracks were recorded as part of a live broadcast in Los Angeles on 89.9 KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" hosted by Nic Harcourt and produced by Ariana Morgenstern as part of the station's coverage of the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC from the Museum of Television and Radio on Nov 6, 1998. All the songs are acoustic versions. "Isolation" is a John Lennon cover. "Philadelphia" is a Neil Young cover, from the soundtrack to the movie of the same name.

The French bonus disc was also released as a promo CD-R by V2, with a generic sleeve.

There is also a promo box set of Deserter's Songs which includes the Australian double CD plus a video tape with the "Opus 40" video. [picture]

For a limited time in October '99, Best Buy stores had a 6 track promo cd that was given away free with purchase of Deserter's Songs. Supposedly limited to 10 copies per store and not available on their website.
CAT# V2DJ-27610-2
1. He Was a Friend of Mine
2. Motion Pictures
3. Silver Street
4. Philadelphia
5. I Only Have Eyes For You
6. Caroline Say, Part II
All these songs are previously released on various singles.. although "Caroline Says" is a different version than found on the Australian "Holes" CD single. That version has harmonica on it, while the free Best Buy EP has piano and no harmonica. Both liner notes indicate that the song was "Recorded for 2 Meter Sessions, The Netherlands, by Frank Matthijsen." However, the EP version is actually from a KCRW session on April 6, 1999.

A special edition of the album was released in 2005 with a bonus DVD, featuring an album-length companion film to Deserter's Songs as well as two music videos (directed by Anton Corbijn) and an audio remix track:
1. "Deserter's Songs: The Film" – 44:39
2. "Opus 40" (music video) – 3:36
3. "Goddess on a Hiway" (music video) – 3:44
4. "Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp" (The Chemical Brothers Remix) (audio track) – 6:22
Lestero says: "The deserters song dvd is the complete album used as a soundtrack to a selection of a video to each track, the videos are creative films that complement each track and do not feature the band. It is a beautiful film that I watch again and again."

A 3-track promo CD-R of Deserter's Songs was also put out by V2 at the time All Is Dream was released.

Purchase links:
Regular CD release
Japanese release (w/ bonus track)

Goddess On A Hiway -- 1998 V2 - UK CD single
CAT# VVR5003323
1. Goddess On A Hiway -- from Deserter's Songs
2. Rag Tag
3. I Only Have Eyes for You (BBC 7/95)
There is also a German cd of this in a jewel slim case with a white cover instead of the brown card sleeve of the UK edition. Same picture and tracks though. [picture]

Goddess On A Hiway -- 1998 V2 - vinyl 7'' single
A. Goddess On A Hiway
B. Rag Tag

Goddess On A Hiway + 5 -- 1998 V2 - US promo CD single
1. Goddess on a Hiway
2. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix)
3. Rag Tag
4. I Only Have Eyes For You (BBC 7/95)
5. Vampire Blues (XFM live track)
6. Isolation (KCRW Nov 6, 1998)

Goddess On A Hiway -- 1998 V2 - US promo CD single
1. Goddess on a Hiway
There is also a one-track promo with a brown cover. It differs from the regular CD release as that is a card sleeve whereas the US promo has a plastic case. It resembles the +5 US promo in appearance but has only the one track.

Song info:
The following was snagged off a website: "Goddess On A Highway" adds the frankly bizarre jazz instrumental "Ragtag" (think Ball, Barber and Bilk covering the Super Furry Animals songbook) and a version of the old chestnut "I Only Have Eyes For You", featuring High Llama Sean O’Hagan. Maybe it’s something of an anachronism, being taped by the BBC in 1995 when Mercury Rev were a very different band, but a welcome one nevertheless.

Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp - 1999 V2 - CD singles & 12'' vinyl.

CD-1 (UK)
CAT# VVR5005413
1. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (edit)
2. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix)
3. Vampire Blues (XFM live track)

CD-2 (UK)
CAT# VVR5006163
1. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (edit)
2. Holes (KCRW Nov 6, 1998)
3. Isolation (KCRW Nov 6, 1998)
notes: "I Collect Coins" appears (unlisted) directly after "Holes"

12'' (UK)
A. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix)
B1. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (edit)
B2. Endlessly (instrumental)

CD (Australia)
1. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (edit)
2. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix)
3. Vampire Blues (XFM live track)
4. Holes (KCRW Nov 6, 1998)
5. Isolation (KCRW Nov 6, 1998)

Song info:
"Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix)" is pretty much an instrumental that doesn't sound much like the original version. Snappy number, though. "Vampire Blues" is a Neil Young cover, from his 1974 album, On The Beach, which was finally released on CD in 2003.

Also of note is that all of the V2 singles have been promoted with CD-R's with various track listings and boring generic V2 sleeves. The only one of real interest is the Chemical Brothers remix edit of "Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp" which has not been released commercially. It's about 4 minutes and cuts out most of the start.

Opus 40 -- 1999 V2 -- CD singles and 7''

CD-1 (UK)
CAT# VVR5006963
1. Opus 40
2. Silver Street (Live BBC 15Jan99)
3. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (Live BBC 15Jan99)

CD-2 (UK)
CAT# VVR5006973
1. Opus 40 (edit)
2. Silver Street (Live BBC 15Jan99)
3. Tonite It Shows (Zundfunk Show-Munich 10Feb99)

7'' vinyl (UK)
CAT# VVR5006967
A. Opus 40
B. Motion Pictures (Live BBC 15Jan99)

CD (Australia/Germany)
1. Opus 40
2. He Was A Friend of Mine (Live BBC 15Jan99)
3. Motion Picture (Live BBC 15Jan99)
4. Silver Street (Live BBC 15Jan99)
5. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Live BBC 15Jan99)

CD (Japan)
1. Opus 40 (edit) 3.36
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Live BBC 15Jan99) 3.36
3. Motion Pictures (Live BBC 15Jan99) 3.27
4. Silver Street (Live BBC 15Jan99) 4.40
5. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Live BBC 15Jan99) 2.01
6. Tonite It Shows (Zundfunk Show-Munich 10Feb99) 5.16
7. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix)

Song info:
"He Was A Friend of Mine" was written by Bob Dylan (popularized by the Byrds). "Motion Pictures" by Neil Young (another off the On The Beach album). "Silver Street" by the Jacobites. "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" by Burt Bacharach. The songs from the BBC session are acoustic. "Tonite It Shows" is full-blown electric, live in concert.

Goddess On A Hiway -- [re-release] -- V2 1999

1. Goddess On A Hiway
2. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier (Peel session 5/99)
3. Car Wash Hair (recorded live at the Bowlie Weekender 25April99)

1. Goddess On A Hiway
2. I Dreamt (collaboration with poet Robert Creeley)
3. Very Sleepy Rivers (recorded during their last concert with David Baker, 2Nov93)
x. CD-ROM "Goddess on a Hiway" video

Vinyl 7"
A. Goddess On A Hiway
B. Caroline Says Pt. II (recorded for Dutch radio)

Swedish CD
1. Goddess on a Hiway
2. Car Wash Hair (live 25April99)
3. I Dreamt (with Robert Creeley)
4. Caroline Says Pt. II (recorded for Dutch radio)*
x. CD-ROM "Goddess On A Hiway" video
* apparently, track number 4 is listed as "Caroline Says Pt. II", but is actually "Very Sleepy Rivers" (live).

Japanese CD
1. Goddess On A Hiway
2. Car Wash Hair (live 25April99)
3. Caroline Says Pt.2 (Dutch radio)
4. Vampire Blues (XFM)
5. Holes (KCRW)
6. Isolation (KCRW)
7. Very Sleepy Rivers (live 2Nov93)
8. I Only Have Eyes For You (BBC)

There is also a Japanese cassette promo of the above (same tracks) with a brown cover with a picture of the CD on the front. It calls itself "Mini album/CD Extra", although not sure why, as it isn't a CD, it's a tape!

There is also a UK promo CD with just the title track, as well as a UK cassette promo which just has the title track and a generic V2 sleeve.

Holes -- Australian CD -- V2 1999
CAT# VVR5010143
1. Holes
2. Car Wash Hair (live 25April99)
3. I Dreamt (with Robert Creeley)
4. Caroline Says Pt. II (recorded for Dutch radio)

Song info:
"I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier" is a John Lennon cover, from his Imagine album. Loud and electric. "Car Wash Hair" is live in concert, complete with the extended Allman Brothers' "Jessica" ending. "I Dreamt" is another collaboration with poet Robert Creeley-- similar to "So There"-- with the band providing backing music for a spoken word piece. This one isn't very long, clocking in at under 2 minutes. The live version of "Very Sleepy Rivers" is pretty good, but it seems to be an odd choice for a b-side, especially seeing as how there are already 2 other live versions that have been officially released by the band.

Live Session -- promo CD -- V2 1999
[no offical product number]
1. Goddess On A Hiway
2. Tonite It Shows
3. Holes
4. Chasing A Bee
The cd itself seems to be a cdr, as it has a green underside, but the top has no manufacturer info on it, as one might think a cdr someone made at home would have, but it has 'Live Sessions' printed on it. This could have been a V2 in-house kind of thing. The tracks all seem to be from the same live show, likely Zundfunk Show, Munich 10Feb99, although the disc doesn't say. [thanks to John F. Monroe for this info]


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