Livin' in a Dream:

Self-released in early 2006, their debut was recorded with help from pals including members of Rilo Kiley. You can buy Livin' In A Dream from either iTunes or CD Baby.
01. Livin In A Dream
02. Good Bye Baby
03. Iron Will
04. (Ghost Track)
05. Hello Wishin' Well
06. Restless
07. House And Home
08. (Ghost Track)
09. Intentions
10. New York Minute
11. On The Move
12. (Ghost Track)
13. Through A Hole
14. I Think You should Know
15. Lean Back

Jenny Lewis / Whispertown2000 split 7":

Vinyl 7" featuring a Whispertown song on one side, and a Jenny Lewis song on the other. Limited edition of 2000 copies. Offered for 99 with purchase of Rabbit Fur Coat from the Team Love Store at Saddle-Creek's website.

SIDE A. Paradise (Jenny Lewis)
SIDE B. Hometown (Whispertown2000)




Whispertown2000 3-track demo:
When Morgan went on tour with Rilo Kiley in Spring 2005, she would sometimes play a brief opening set. She also made a 3-song demo cdr to sell cheap to interested fans. If you have this, please let us know! 1. ?
2. ?
3. ?




There's an obscure South Park Music Festival 2006 Sampler cd that features the Whispertown track "On the Move" (btw, that's the actual city in Colorado called South Park.. not the cartoon.)

Morgan sings backing vocals on the Dntel album Dumb Luck (2007) on the title track.

Morgan sings on the James Figurine album Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake (2006) on the song "Pretend It's A Race And I'm On Your Side"

And there are a few live W2K recordings, some of which are available online. Such as their Daytrotter session from 10/29/06.

Whispertown2000 live at Porter's Pub 11/29/06.

Whispertown2000 live in Houston 6/19/06.

Vagtown2000 live at the Echo 6/10/04. (mirror)

Some video clips on YouTube.