1. It's Cool To Stay In School
2. Praise Milk
3. Huggin' Mom (Smile In My Heart)
4. Pity The Fool On The Hill
5. Avé Maria
6. Mr.T Groove Party
7. The Devil & His Drugs
8. I'll Throw You, Baby (disco mix)
9. Love Me Do
10. Mr.T Groove Party (reprise)

Special guests:
James Taylor acoustic guitar on "Praise Milk"
Luciano Pavarotti backing vocals on "I'll Throw You, Baby (disco mix)"
Ringo Starr drums on "Love Me Do"
Richard Nixon kazoo on "Mr.T Groove Party (reprise)"


We're sorry.
Since no companies currently manufacture 8-tracks, Mr.T Groove Party is out of print.

Your only hope is to check eBay and pray some fool is crazy enough to sell their copy.
Last time that happened, it ended up selling for $573.