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Part 1 : officially released

Under The Blacklight
Country-ish song about a 15 year old girl and an older dude meeting on the internet. Played live a lot.

Rilo Kiley / Initial Friend EP
Quiet, wistful song off Rilo's first CD, currently out of print.
The song was also featured in the movie Desert Blue and on the soundtrack CD.. this version is an "early mix" that has a slightly different vocal mix.
They often played the song live in their early days, then stopped playing it for a few years, then dusted it off and started playing it again occassionally in 2005.

A Better Son/Daughter
The Execution of All Things
Motivational anthem and fan favorite off Execution. Played live often.

A Man/Me/Then Jim
More Adventurous
The title refers to the perspective from which the lyrics are sung (ie, the first verse is being said by a man, the second verse by Jenny, and the last by Jim.)
The vinyl edition of More Adventurous has a different version of this song than the CD. Nothing too drastic, but features an extended ending.

A Town Called Luckey
Portions For Foxes CD single
An outtake from More Adventurous. Released as a b-side. No known live performances.

About The Moon
Science Vs. Romance 7" single
Released as a b-side to a vinyl-only single that's now out-of-print, it's one of the rarer Rilo tracks, though the mp3 can be found if you search around for it. The vinyl turns up on eBay from time to time. Fan opinion of the song varies greatly, with some loving it, and others ranking it as one of the band's worst tunes. The track features backing vocals by The Watson Twins, who have since also worked with Jenny Lewis on some of her solo stuff. "About The Moon" is sometimes also unofficially called "The Moonlight." The band used to play it live in their early days, but haven't for many years.

Absence of God
More Adventurous
Though not released until More Adventurous came out in late 2004, the band had been playing this song live since '02 (first known performance: KEXP radio, Seattle 10/15/02). It was called simply "Untitled" for a year or so before being properly named.

Accidntel Deth
More Adventurous
That's no typo.. the title is a nod to the electronic band Dntel, whose mastermind Jimmy Tamborello helped produce the track.
It was the last track from More Adventurous to have been played live, with its live debut not happening until 4/28/05 in San Diego.

After Hours
Devil In The Woods 4.3 compilation 7" / The Execution of All Things UK single
This is a Velvet Underground song (originally written by Lou Reed and sung by Mo Tucker, released on VU's self-titled 3rd album in 1969). Rilo's cover version was first released on a 7" only available to subscribers of Devil In The Woods, a indie music magazine. It was later included as a b-side to the UK single for the track "The Execution of All Things." It has never been played live by RK, as far as I know.

American Wife
Portions For Foxes single
An outtake from More Adventurous. In fact, initial tracklists published for the album listed "American Wife" as being included, but it was bumped in favor of "Does He Love You?" just before the album went to press. Later released as a b-side. No known live performances.

The Angels Hung Around
Under The Blacklight
This song gets compared to Fleetwood Mac sometimes. Not played live much, if ever.

Rilo Kiley (2nd pressing) / Initial Friend EP
Take Offs And Landings

There are 2 very different versions of this song. The first was released on the band's first CD (though not on the original pressing), and is rather sparce and "electronic" sounding, while the version released on Take Offs and Landings is more "rock" with a big build-up intro. The song has been played live throughout the band's existance, though somewhat sparingly, almost like a "special occasions" number for the band. In 2003, the band would often play the big intro to the song, but then stop and play a different song. What a tease!

And That's How I Choose to Remember It (Parts 1, 2, and 3)
The Execution of All Things
Hidden track trilogy between songs on Execution.

The Annoying Noise of Death
Rilo Kiley (2nd pressing)
Hidden track found at the end of the 2nd pressing of Rilo's first CD. At over 20 minutes, it's easily the band's longest song... that is, if you can consider it a song... it's mostly just several minutes of a keyboard note hitting over and over and over. Sort of a medley with "Troubadours".

Rilo Kiley / Initial Friend EP
Great song on the band's first album featuring Blake on lead vocals. Has been played live a few times, but not often.

Take Offs And Landings
Another Blake tune. Has been played live several times.

Big Break
The Moneymaker UK 7" single
Under The Blacklight outtake.

Breakin' Up
Under The Blacklight
Disco-y track featuring some crazy backup singers. Played live a lot.

Take Offs And Landings
Quaint little song. Jenny and Blake performed it live during their 2004 acoustic tour. A music video was made for the song by Liam Lynch, using computer animation. The video was available on their official site circa 2001.

Capturing Moods
The Execution of All Things
Played live frequently during Execution-era shows, and even in the year prior to the album's release.

Close Call
Under The Blacklight
Track from UTB, sometimes compared to the band Heart. Has been played live a lot.

Under The Blacklight
The Spanish chorus means pretty much "Leave it alone, it's our thing". Johnathan Rice co-wrote the song with Jenny. Played live a lot.

Does He Love You?
More Adventurous
Some disagreement between fans as to from whose perspective this song is sung. Has been played live.

Don't Deconstruct
Take Offs And Landings
Played live, but not that often.

Draggin' Around
The Moneymaker UK cd single and US promo 7"
Outtake from Under The Blacklight.

Under The Blacklight
The only song on UTB featuring Blake on vocals. Morgan Nagler (from Whispertown2000) co-wrote the song with him. Played live a lot.

Emotional (Until Crickets Guide You Back)
The Execution of All Things UK single
Outtake from The Execution of All Things (the album). Released as a b-side to the UK Execution of All Things (the song) single. Was played live a few times around 2001. They played it again a few times during their Summer '03 tour.

The Execution of All Things
The Execution of All Things
Title track from the band's 2002 album. Has been played live many times.

The Frug
Rilo Kiley / Initial Friend EP
One of the band's most popular early songs. It's been used in a few movies and TV shows (Desert Blue, Once & Again, Dawson's Creek). The version on the Desert Blue soundtrack CD is an early mix that sounds pretty close to the regular version, but without the "do-wa-do" backing vocals. The band used to play this song a lot live in their early days, but then got sick of it and stopped playing it for a few years, until finally indulging fans with it again at a few shows in 2005.

Give a Little Love
Under The Blacklight
Final track on UTB. Kind of an 80s pop feel to it. Written by Jenny about Blake. Played live, often with a backing track.

Rilo Kiley (1st and 2nd pressings)
A somewhat infamous song in the Rilo Kiley catalog. A lot of fans love it, and can be very vocal about requesting it at shows. However, the band doesn't care much for the song anymore, and hasn't played it live since 2001. Perhaps it'll make a return to the band's live set someday, much like "The Frug" did.

Go Ahead
Take Offs And Landings
Played live from time to time.

The Good That Won't Come Out
The Execution of All Things
Drum machine driven song that kicks off Execution. The band often refers to it by the alternate title "Frozen Lake." Played live from time to time.

Rilo Kiley (2nd pressing) / Initial Friend EP
When the topic of "least favorite Rilo song" comes up among fans of the band, this one is usually at the head of the pack. But hey, a little yodeling never killed nobody. It was played live in the band's early years.

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You
The Execution of All Things
And the award for longest Rilo song title goes to...! Often referred to by the abbreviated alternate title "Hail To" or "Hail to Whatever." Played live many times.

I Never
More Adventurous
This song was debuted live 1/9/04 in Pomona, where it was performed solo by Jenny. As many articles have noted, when recording the song in the studio, she sang the song naked in an effort to achieve the perfect vulnerable vibe.

It Just Is
More Adventurous
First played live at an Elliott Smith tribute/benefit show in Los Angeles on 11/3/03. It was written specially for Elliott, who had passed away months earlier. It has also been played live many times since. The song is sometimes referred to as "Everybody Dies."

It's A Hit
More Adventurous
First played by Jenny acoustically at an in-store 2/21/03.. then the band played it 3/6/03 Columbus and 3/10/03 Lincoln, where she called it her "protest song." Fans referred to it as "Holiday For Hanging" until the official title was revealed in 2004. It became the first radio single off More Adventurous and had a video made for it around September 2004. It was released as a single in the UK (again) in July 2005.

Jenny, You're Barely Alive
Saddle Creek 50 compilation
Apparently an outtake from the Execution sessions, this track was released on a Saddle Creek compilation in 2003. The band also played it live a few times that year.

Love and War (11/11/46)
More Adventurous
The hardest "rocker" on More Adventurous. An early version of this song was played at least once or twice in early 2003. Also frequently played at More Adventurous-era shows. The significance of the date in the subtitle is a mystery, but it has been noted that November 11th is Veterans Day.

My Slumbering Heart
The Execution of All Things
 This song was one of the first written for Execution, and was a fan favorite at Rilo shows as far back as 2001. The original title for it was "Chemical Stress" (or the more abbreviated "Chem Stress").

The Moneymaker
Under The Blacklight
First single off UTB. Has a video for it. Been played live a lot.

More Adventurous
More Adventurous
Title track of the band's 2004 album.

Paint's Peeling
The Execution of All Things
Nothing to say about this one!

Rilo Kiley / Initial Friend EP
Fan favorite from their first CD that features vocals from both Jenny and Blake. They played it live in their early days, but not much in recent years. Blake and Jenny apparently rehearsed it for their acoustic tour in early 2004, but couldn't get it to sound good, so they didn't play it at any of the shows.

It's a Hit single
An outtake from Execution of All Things, "Patiently" was finally released a few years later as a b-side. It was played live around early 2002, and also on the More Aventerous tour, but not very often.

Pictures of Success
Take Offs And Landings
Yet another fan favorite. This song was played a lot up through the Execution-era, and is still played live, but less frequently. The song has the distinction of being played in an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The band sometimes refer to it by the alternate title "Build Your Own."

Plane Crash in C
Take Offs And Landings
Played live occassionally around 2001-2002, but rarely since.

Portions For Foxes
More Adventurous
This song originated as a jam done live at the end of "Spectacular Views," developing over tours in '02 and '03, until the band arrived at the finished version which they would record for More Adventurous. It was known to fans as "Baby, I'm Bad News" prior to the official title being revealed. The song was released as a single, had a video made for it, and became a modest hit for the band in 2005.

Rest of My Life
Take Offs And Landings
Sweet little song written by Blake. Has been played live in the band's early days, but not very often.

More Adventurous
Another Blake-penned number, it's the only song on More Adventurous featuring Blake on lead vocals. Rumors say it was written about Elliott Smith, though I don't know if Blake has ever confirmed or denied that. Played live frequently, often with a horn solo.

Salute MY Shorts / Spectacular Views (Take Offs & Landings)
Take Offs And Landings
Written by Jenny, sung by Blake. It was originally called "Spectacular Views", then pseudo-officially changed to "Salute MY Shorts!", which was actually a fan-given title to the track (a refference to the TV show Blake was on as a kid, called Salute Your Shorts). It's a hidden track at the end of Take Offs And Landings, therefore it was released without a title. Then, when the band released another song called "Spectacular Views" (on The Execution of All Things), that only confused matters further. They've played it live occassionally, often with Jenny on lead vocals.

Science Vs. Romance
Take Offs And Landings
A standout track on the band's first LP, "Science Vs Romance" was also released as a 7" single. They've played it live many times.. probably more times than any other track on Take Offs and Landings.

Silver Lining
Under The Blacklight
2nd single off UTB. Video made for it. Played live a lot.

Small Figures in a Vast Expanse
Take Offs And Landings
Written by Blake, also known as "Let's Try a New Change". Played live occassionally up through 2002, but seldom since.

Smoke Detector
Under The Blacklight
Song based on a dance Jenny made up. Played live a lot.

So Long
The Execution of All Things
In addition to the "rocking" album version, the band often does a mellower version of this song live. It's perhaps the most-played Blake song.

Somebody Else's Clothes
Live at Fingerprints EP
This was apparently going to be a solo Jenny song, but it somehow worked its way to becoming a Rilo Kiley song. It was performed many times on the Jenny+Blake acoustic tour of early 2004, and at an in-store at a place called Fingerprints in August 2004, which was later officially released on cd.

Spectacular Views
The Execution of All Things
This song shares the same title as the hidden track on Take Offs And Landings (aka "Salute My Shorts"), but it's a totally different song. In addition to the "rocking" album version, the band often does a mellower version of this song live, often with Blake on lead vocals. When the band rocks it out, however, they frequently jam out with an extended ending, and in fact the song "Portions For Foxes" developed out of such jamming.

Rilo Kiley (1st pressing)
One of Rilo Kiley's rarer tracks, only appearing on the first pressing of their first EP. It's a short song wherein Blake laments his mother's asshole boyfriend. Though the band gets many requests for it, they virtually never play it live, at least not anymore. In the early days, Jenny was known to sing it sometimes, leading to speculation that perhaps she wrote it. Blake indulged fans with a few seconds of it at a Pomona show on 1/9/04, before stopping and complaining about the lyrics.

Rilo Kiley / Initial Friend EP
One of the band's oldest tracks, they hadn't played it for several years until surprising the crowd with it at a show in San Diego on 4/28/05. I think they might've done it a couple more times on that tour, but I'm really not sure.

Teenage Lovesong
"early version" - Rilo Kiley
(1st pressing)
"later version" - Rilo Kiley (2nd pressing)
There are two released versions of this song that sound pretty similar. The "early version" from the 1st pressing is 5:25 and has a guitar solo at about 1:30, while the "later version" from the 2nd pressing is 5:51 and has a keyboard solo at about 1:30 and a guitar solo at 4:10. Another confusing thing about this song is the title: it's sometimes referred to as "Teenage Love Song" (3 words), but if you check the tracklist on the back of the cd, you'll see "Lovesong" is one word.
Who's the song written about? Jenny hasn't said, but some suspect Dave Foley (actor from Kids In The Hall, Newsradio, that one poker show). He's thanked in the liner notes, and apparently he put up the money for the band's first professional recordings.
The band has very rarely done this song live.

Rained the Day / Keep It Together / "they say it rained the day your mother gave you away"
Rilo Kiley (1st pressing)
Hidden track at the end of Rilo Kiley's first cd (first pressing only). The official title is still unknown, so fans usually refer to it by one of three guesses at the title. It's kind of a goofy, circus singalong song. Jenny sings it with sort of a fake East European accent, and because of this occasionally a fan won't recognize her on the song.
No known live versions.

Three Hopeful Thoughts
The Execution of All Things
One of the two songs on Execution sung by Blake. Played live many times on the tour for that album, and occasionally on later tours.

Rilo Kiley (2nd pressing) / Initial Friend EP
There are sort of two versions of this song. Actually, they're both the same, though the one of Initial Friend is a slight edit.. with the ending fading out earlier than the version on the self-titled 2nd pressing, which goes on for a few more seconds and eventually gives birth to "The Annoying Noise of Death". It's a hidden track on the self-titled cd, but labeled on Initial Friend. They've played it live, but very rarely.

Under the Blacklight
Under The Blacklight
This song was originally a Jenny Lewis solo song, played live once at the end of her solo tour in 2006. Later became the title track for the 4th Rilo Kiley album. Has been played live.

Variations on a Theme (Plane Crash in C)
Take Offs And Landings
Short, instrumental reprise of "Plane Crash in C".

Variations on a Theme (Science vs. Romance)
Take Offs And Landings (Barsuk version only)
Short, instrumental reprise of "Science vs. Romance". Only found on the Barsuk version of the album, not on the self-released Rilo Records cd.

We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try)
Take Offs And Landings
Not played live very often.

Wires and Waves
Take Offs And Landings
Catchy ditty off their first full-length. Played live a decent number of times. Sometimes they even messed with the tempo of the song live. They've done a mid-tempo version (3/03), and at some of the shows on the More Adventurous tour, they really slowed it down a lot.

With Arms Outstretched
The Execution of All Things
Singalong favorite, sometimes known by the alternate title "Promised Land". Played live many times, often with Jenny either going into the crowd or bringing friends on stage to sing with her.

Xmas Cake
Maybe This Christmas Too compilation
This song came out on a compilation in the time between Execution and More Adventuous. I don't believe they've ever played it live.


Part 2 : unreleased songs

The Biggest Lie
Elliott Smith cover. Played live at the Elliott Smith tribute/benefit show in LA on 11/3/03. Also played in San Francisco 2/27/04. Recordings are out there. Jenny on lead vocals, Blake on backup.

Butcher's Paper
This song has been referred to as "sad fisherman song" for a while, but the actual title is "Butcher's Paper" (--at least, that's what was written on the setlist). It was played live on 2/27/04 in San Francisco. The song features Mike Bloom on guitar and Jenny singing, apparently written earlier in the day by the two. Jenny dedicated it to Blake. I don't think it's been played since. There's an mp3 of it. This song is supposedly slated to appear on Mike Bloom's forthcoming solo cd.

Cousin Cousin
Very old unreleased song. Rilo fan Michael Salter told me about see the band perform the song in summer of 1999, "The lyrics have something to do with dragging or pulling someone across the room. One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard...and when I asked jenny about it (a few years ago at a show) she sort of remembered it, but said they never played it again." No known recordings, unfortunately.

Don't Dream It's Over
Crowded House cover played live occasionally around mid-2001. Jenny on vocals. No recordings are currently known to be in circulation.

This is apparently an unreleased RK song performed 6/1/00 at the Roxy in Los Angeles, CA. No recordings are in circulation and nothing else is known about it.

Go Home
An old country-ish song they used to play live around 2000. Jenny on vocals. No recordings are in circulation.

Greetings In Braille
The Elected song played by Rilo Kiley live in 2007. Fittingly, the song was originally slated to be a Rilo Kiley song, but ended up on the first Elected album instead of More Adventurous.

I Didn't Understand
Elliott Smith cover. Played live at the Elliott Smith tribute/benefit show in LA on 11/3/03. It was just Jenny singing with no music. There is a poor quality, incomplete mp3 of it out there. A complete, slightly better quality version recently popped up. The show was professionally recorded and had been planned to be officially released someday, though there hasn't been any news on that front for a while, so we'll see.

I Love LA
First played on the More Adventurous tour. Also sometimes called "Let Me Back In". Jenny sometimes tap dances during it. Plenty of live recordings are in circulation.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Neutral Milk Hotel cover played live once at the Knitting Facroty in Los Angeles 6/28/02. There is a low-quality recording of it out there.

Let My Love Open The Door
Cover song by Pete Townsend (of The Who) that the band sometimes played on tour in 2005. Blake would handle lead vocals, and the band would often bring a bunch of people on stage to sing along on the chorus.

The Longest Summer
Unreleased song played live at least a couple times around early 2001. No recordings are in circulation and nothing else is known about it.

Song from the musical Annie played live occasionally around 2001. No known recordings in circulation.

Nutcracker Suite
Classic Tchaikovsky Chirstmas music performed at their Christmas show on 12/22/01 at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. No known recordings.

Party Atmosphere
Unreleased song played live occasionally around 2001. This might be an early version of "Love and War" (an early live version of that song included the line, "The party atmosphere sells itself").. but not sure. It was said to feature trumpet in it. No recordings are in circulation.

Polar Opposites
Modest Mouse cover played live occasionally around 2001. Jenny singing, with Blake on backing vocals. No known recordings in circulation.

Pull Me In Tighter
New song first played on the More Adventurous tour. Plenty of live recordings are in circulation.

Rise Up With Fists!!
Jenny Lewis solo song played by Rilo Kiley live in 2007.

Rock N Roll Suicide
David Bowie cover done live at most of the Jenny+Blake acoustic shows in early '04. Many recordings out there.

Room 8
Unreleased song played live several times in early 2003, usually featuring Dan from Mayday on banjo. Also played on the Summer '03 tour, without banjo, but instead M Ward on additional guitar. It was thought at the time to be a front-runner for the upcoming album (More Adventurous), but apparently the band tired of it by then or couldn't record a version to their liking, and it faded into obscurity. Recordings of it are out there, though.

Simply Irresistable
Cover played live at a UK radio session in '03 as a tribute to Robert Palmer after the band learned of his death just hours before the session. Later done at most acoustic shows in early '04. Blake on lead vocals, Jenny background. Theirs was a really sweet, whistful interpretation of the song, in stark contrast to the randy original. The UK radio version was supposed to be a b-side to the "It's a Hit" single, but was pulled in favor of "Patiently" at the last minute.

Such Great Heights
Postal Service cover done by Blake at some '04 Rilo shows. Just him accoustic. Sometimes joined by Nate Wolcott on trumpet. There are some recordings in circulation.

Woman Is The Nigger of the World
John Lennon cover done live once, 7/6/03 at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles. Jenny singing. A couple recordings are out there.

If you've heard of another RK song that's not listed here, check the mislabeled and alternate titles page.

Please email me with any additions, corrections, or whatever. Thanks.
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