Eric Avery / Deconstruction / Polar Bear
Perry Farrell / Psi-Com / Gobalee
Dave Navarro / Spread
Stephen Perkins / Banyan / Hellride
Some setlists for JA-related stuff


Deconstruction demos, 1993 [***+] 17:09 cdr
1. Iris
2. America
3. Jealous Song
4. One
5. untitled
notes- Very rough, early versions.. recorded by Eric and Dave with a home recorder and drum machine. Some weird samples, too. "One" is structured much different and is faster. Dave sings track 5 (some people say he sings track 3 also, but I'm thinkin it's Eric). Neither Eric nor Dave's vocals sound very good, but this recording is very recommended for fans like me who've pretty much worn out the album and are hungry for more Decon. The copy I got wasn't very good quality, so fixed up the tracks in SoundForge and they now sound a bit better.

Polar Bear - 1995 demo tape (w/ vocals) [****] 20m cdr {made directly from official demo tape}
1. leader
2. daytime
3. water
4. zulu

Polar Bear - 1995 demo tape (instrumentals) [****] 20m cdr {made directly from official demo tape}
1. leader
2. water
3. nu flesh
4. shafty

Polar Bear - Instrumental remix vinyl [****] 40m cdr {made driectly from the vinyl}
1. zulu
2. shafty
3. nu flesh
4. gimmee
5. leader
6. water

Eric Avery phone interview 6/19/96 [**+] 15m cdr {made from a tape I got from the interviewer himself [Adalid Claure]}

Polar Bear - 2/1/96 Blue Saloon, LA [**+] 40m cdr
1. leader [aborted] (soundcheck)
2. leader [again] (soundcheck)
3. things to do when i'm dead
4. water
5. daytime
6. shafty
7. leader
8. zulu
9. gimmee
notes- this was only their second show ever. Gimmee sounds kinda different than the CD version.

Polar Bear - 9/26/97 Spaceland, LA [***] 46m cdr {made from the master mini disc}
1. gimmee
2. face
3. zulu
4. gone
5. nubong
6. monkey
7. fryday
8. leader
9. shafty
notes- pretty decent recording. some crowd talking. the beginning of Gimmee is cut.

Polar Bear - 1998 demo tape [****] 25m cdr {made from a copy of the official demo tape}
1. friday
2. zulu
3. shafty
4. bodybag
5. flyer
notes- pretty much the same versions as from the CD.

Polar Bear - 9/5/98 The Gig, LA [**+] 41m cdr
1. gimmee
2. face
3. shafty
4. zulu
5. scoopy (hula)
6. wednesday (lick)
7. monkey
8. bodybag
notes- This is a live tape of polarbear's set opening for Banyan in Hollywood. Quality is a little fuzzy.

Polar Bear - 12/10/98 Troubador, LA [*+] 60m cdr {made from master micro tape}
1. Gimmee
2. Face
3. Shafty
4. Zulu
5. Scoopy (hula)
6. Wednesday (lick)
7. Monkey
8. Farm
9. Flyer
10. Bodybag
notes- recorded by your's truely with a microrecorder (hey, it was all I had at the time).

Polar Bear - 3/20/99 Green Jelly Studios, Hollywood [***+] 60m
1. lick
2. face
3. zulu
4. shafty
5. shark eye
6. hula
7. monkey
8. farm
9. gimmee
10. bodybag

Polar Bear - 4/10/99 Spaceland, LA [***] 60m cdr {made from the master analog tape}
1. lick
2. face
3. zulu
4. shafty
5. shark eye
6. hula
7. monkey
8. farm
9. gimmee
10. bodybag
Notes- I recorded this one, too. the first half of Lick is instrumental thanks to technical difficulties. Overall, a great show.

Psi com -1984 Garage Audition, LA, CA (Jeff Wendler trying out on bass) [A] 33m

PSI COM 8/1/84 Music Machine, LA [**+] 15m tape
Follow the Insated (?)
In the Holly Grove
notes- opening for the Cult.

PSI COM x/84 demos [***] 30m "Skin & Bones" CD
14th floor
Cat (aka in the holly grove)
Karuna (aka finger puppets)
14th floor (instrumental)
Cat (instrumental)
Karuna (instrumental)

PSI COM x/84 demos [***] 30m (different source [pre-cd], but nearly identical) tape
Same tracks as above, but I got the tape from the guy who claims the people who made the "Skin & Bones" CD got the tape from him. He claims his version sounds better, but there's not much difference to me. Some parts are better, but the tape hiss makes the CD version more attractive to me.

PSI COM 1/5/85 Mojave Desert, CA [**+] 45m cdr
1. Them
2. (intro to Cat)
3. Cat
4. (unknown)
5. Silhouette
6. 14th Floor
7. Psi Com Theme
8. Karuna
notes- This was a festival that also featured Sonic Youth and Meat Puppets. It was Psi Com's first show with their new bassist. some technical difficulties. and some tape hiss on the recording.. though i believe my version is low gen relative to most circulating copies.

PSI COM 4/6/85 San Francisco, CA (w/soundcheck) [**+] 40m
soundcheck: jam/tuning up/in the holly grove/14th floor
show: city of 9 gates/human condition/xiola/ho kay hey/greedy was the begger
notes- psi com opening for savage republic.

Hanukkah celebration at Union Square, S.F. 12/28/97 [***] 50m video (1st gen)
This isn't really a performance.. it's pretty much just Perry hanging out and lighting the big menora thing.

GOBALEE 6/7/98 Golden Gate Park, SF [***] 30m video
Starts with Perry playing percussion with some other band, later he talks while his band plays some backing music. Then they play "happy birthday jubilee" and another song apparently called "ad matai". I have 2 versions of this video, but one is shot from far away and the other is very close to the stage, so it's no contest picking which one to watch. However, if someone had a video editor, it might be interesting to mix the 2 onto one video.

6/15/98 Perry performing at Rally For Tibet, Washington, DC (C-SPAN) [***+] 10m video
Perry performing to prerecorded music. First he talks for a bit while a guitar plays (sounds like the work of Pete?), they he sings a song which I guess is called "King Z". Not bad.

Perry at House of Blues, Hollywood 6/14/99 [***] 50m cdr
1. [jubilee film] - 8:34
2. happy birthday jubilee - 6:55
3. king z - 3:28
4. to me / nua nua - 9:20
5. shekeina / percussion jam - 17:45
6. more percussion jam - 4:07
notes- I recorded this myself with a Sony WM-GX322 tape recorder. I was very close to the stage, and things got wild at times, so the recording suffered for it.. Some screaming and yelling. But it's not that bad. Most people I've traded it to say they love it. Angelo Moore of Fishbone joined in on the jam. The show began with a film narrated by Perry, featuring clips of his new music (I missed the first 10-20 seconds of it).

Perry at Coachella Festival, Polo Grounds, Indio, CA 10/9/99 [***] 46m cdr
1. intro
2. Happy Birthday Jubilee
3. King Z / To Me
4. Nua Nua
5. Song Yet To Be Sung
6. Whole Lotta Love
7. Shekeina
8. percussion jam

Satellite Party - 7/24/05 Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL, Grant Park (sbd) {45:35}
1. Woman In The Window (Jim Morrison Cover/Perry Farrell Remix)
2. Dogstar
3. Revolution Solution
4. Milky Way
5. Ultra Payloaded Satellite Party
6. Awesome
7. You Make My Hard Life Easy
8. Ultra Payloaded Satellite Party (Reprise)
Notes: awesome soundboard cdr from the DAT master.

Satellite Party - 10/11/07 Canes, San Diego, CA
disc 1: [the show]
1. Wish Upon a Dog Star
2. Just Because
3. Tahitian Moon
4. Mountain Song
5. Hard Life Easy
6. Ocean Size
7. Pets
8. Been Caught Stealing
9. Ultra Payloaded Satellite Party
10. Summertime Rolls
11. Stop
12. Jane Says
disc 2:
[part of the SOUNDCHECK]
1. -
2. Hard Life Easy
3. jam
4. Ocean Size
5. Wish Upon a Dog Star
6. -
7. Stop (with Mink)
[10-11-07 radio session, FM 94.9 San Diego]
8. Ain't No Right
9. interview
10. Tahitian Moon
[Mink (the opening band) 10-11-07 Canes, San Diego]
11. clip
12. Bowie cover
13. last song (with SP members)
Notes: the show and soundcheck (except Stop) are from my master tape. The radio session is from mp3s.

Spread + Rhimorse [*****] 79:19 cdr (rare trades only-- for respect to Dave and his record label)
1. mourning son
2. everything
3. the bed (lou reed)
4. sunny day
5. rexall
6. hungry
7. easy girl
8. angel
10. venus in furs (velvet underground)
11. cry myself to sleep
12. not for nothing
13. whore
14. mourning song (2)
15. somebody else
17. message from twiggy
18. everything (2)
20. sunny day
23. whore
24. cry myself to sleep
1-19 Spread advance cdr (98?)
20-25 Dave Navarro 'Rhimorse' unreleased album (95?)
notes- I burned a copy of the Spread album from a cdr made by Dave himself. That copy had TAO gaps between tracks (which was annoying since some of the songs blend together), so I later removed the gaps (and made some of the extra parts into their own tracks), and added Rhimorse as filler. (Note that Rhimores includes "Somebody Else", but it is the same version as the Spread album.) When it gets officially released, it will likely be much different. For one, Chad Smith is on this, but won't be on the actual release. Flea plays bass on "Everything".

"Radio Free L.A." RATM w/ Steve Perkins & Flea; + Beck (FM) [***] 60m tape
They play a few RATM songs off the 2nd album, but they sound pretty different.. funkier, I guess is the word. Then Beck plays 2 or 3 songs acoustic by himself.

BANYAN - 2/2/99 Sacred Grounds, San Pedro, CA [****] 70m cdr
I think this is one of those SSSS recordings. Very nice soundboard. Carla Bozulich (sp?) sings 2 or 3 songs, including "Drove Up from Pedro"

PERK, PETE, WATT - 2/26/99 14 Below [****] 67m cdr
Another great SSSS recording by Gary Davis (i think). Lots of jamming, plus Peter DiSefano sings "I Got A Right" (Iggy song) and "Communication Breakdown" (Zeppelin song)

HELLRIDE - 4/24/99 14 Below [***] 50m video
Shot by a friend of Steve's from about the middle of the venue. Lots of Iggy & the Stooges songs (Pete and Watt switch off singing), plus some jams and P4P songs (Pete singing). Leo plays on a couple songs.

BANYAN - 7/23/99 Mr. T's, Highland Park, CA [***+] 65m video
Shot from a tripod at the back of the venue. There's a painter painting along. I got this video (and the 7/24/99 hellride, on the same video) from a guy who got them from Stephen's people.

HELLRIDE - 7/24/99 14 Below [***+] 55m video
Perk, Pete, Watt doing Stooges songs. They close with a p4p song (meija, i think) but the battery died and it's cut short by a minute or two. Shot from very close to the stage.. right next to Peter. very cool.

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