this text used to be the "intro" on the main page. but screw it. i put it on it's own page so i won't force people to read it. it's not very interesting, i know.

Bionic Commando has got to be one of my favorite video games ever. [This page is for people who already know/love it, so I'm not gonna explain the game or anything here.] The Japanese version (aka Top Secret) is even better.. pretty much the same game, but you actually get to fight Nazis [not imitation Nazis] and there's more neat stuff in it.

Anybody speak Japanese? I would love to get a translation.. since there are a few "scenes" which aren't in the US version.. and I'd love know what they're talking about.

Here's another question.. the date at the end of the game, 2010.8.2 you think that means August 2nd, or February 8th? I know different countries use different order sometimes.
If you check out the "photo" of the men celebrating when you beat the game, the date is 1989.4.7
so maybe they made it to be the 4th of July since that's obviously a special day for Americans. So then I guess the end date would be February 8th.

I've played/beat the NES game so many times now, but it's still lots of fun (as corny as that sounds). Hell, the music is so cool that sometimes I'll just sit there and listen without playing.

I played the Gameboy version for the first time recently. It was pretty cool. but couldn't match NES.
And then I played the new-ish BC game Elite Forces for Gameboy Color. That was pretty cool too. And many many years ago I played the arcade version a couple times. It was cool but all I really remember is swinging around in trees and getting killed a lot. Now I just recently played it again thanks to emulation. I still suck at it, but (again) thanks to emulation, I was able to finish the game. It's cool to see the similarities and differences between the games.
I don't think I've ever played the original computer/Commador 64 version, though. From the looks of screne shots I've seen of it, I'm not missing much.
But who cares... This page is only concerned about the NES / Famicom (Japanese NES) version of the game.

Ok, that's the intro. I hope you enjoy my crappy little BC webpage. It'll hopefully get better as time goes by and I add stuff to it.
The Bionic Commando Headquarters and Bionic Commando Database sites pretty much cover everything about the game, so there's not a whole lot left for me to do. And I'm not the kind of guy who likes to repeat stuff that's already out there, so a lot of this site is just stupid stuff that a big BC fan like myself might get a kick out of.

If you'd like to drop me a friendly email about my site, please do.. gavin7 [at] gmail [dot] com

take it easy,

RAMBLINGS : PART 2 (the sequel)
this text was posted to the Bionic Commando message board in August 2008, and I rambled so long that I decided to include it here.

The trailer for Bionic Commando: Rearmed looks pretty cool.
but what's really exciting for old school fans is that Capcom is putting out Mega Man 9 as a downloadable game for Wii next month, and I just saw the trailer and it's basically a new NES game.. same graphical style and gameplay as the originals, but with all new levels and stuff. So here's hoping that game is a success, and the new BC game is a success, and maybe just maybe Capcom will consider putting together a similar new/old game for Bionic Commando. Hell, I don't even own a Wii, but I'd have to consider getting one if they did.
Am I alone here, or do other people who bother reading this particular message board feel the same? What would you guys most like to see? Me.. Nothing too fancy, just a straight "Bionic Commando 2" as it would've been if a sequel had come out (in a perfect world) circa 1991.. with the same exact dude with the same exact bionic arm, but with fresh areas to go through. I'd like to see a lot of the same enemies back, but some new ones would of course be cool (And if the bad guys could be the "real" bad guys, not "BADDS" or whatever, that'd be a plus). Maybe some new weapons you could earn and other new stuff to spice it up, but again, not straying too far from the original NES game.
Sorta like how back in the day Capcom made Ducktales, and then Ducktales 2 (which I believe came out in the waining days of the NES, so it didn't have much chance to be a hit).. I always felt a little cheated they made a sequel to Ducktales (not to mention all the Mega Man's), yet never BC (and no, I'm not counting the Gameboy "Elite Forces" game because that felt more like an imitation than a continuance). I haven't really played Ducktales 2 much, but seems like they tried to cram too much new stuff in it and made it confusing. I just want to find treasure and smack stuff with my pogo stick cane!
I've been hoping The Almighty Guru would someday work his hacking magic to create a new BC game from the data of the original, but I may have been asking too much out of the guy. He's got a life, after all! haha
oh hey, btw, my Bionic Commando Commandzone fansite has moved to
I know it pales in comparison to The Bionic Commando Database and The Bionic Commando Headquarters, but it's like the dumb little brother of BC sites, focused more on silliness than info.
anyways. thanks and bye.